Thank you so much for your interest in a free tarot reading.

After receiving over 350+ submissions I have made the decision to temporarily disable the application page. Currently I have people still waiting on readings from March and April, and those who haven’t heard from me will be hearing from me via email soon. The surge in inquiries and sensitive natured readings have humbled me but also caused me to feel pressure, so to be able to continue I must temporarily pause the applications.

Applications will become available as soon as possible.

Thank you to those with whom I have connected via tarot, your positive feedback is the reason I am happy to continue to offer this service. Your patience is appreciated.


Kaila A. Notto
The Mindful Millwright

Why are your tarot readings free?

I am grateful to have worked toward a career that offers me financial stability. Tarot is the divination tool that I prefer to use to communicate with spirit and translate their message(s) for you. It is my personal choice to read for free. This does not mean those who charge a fee are frauds. Spirituality is commonplace and commodified in our modern society. Discernment is strongly advised when seeking out spiritual healers.

Research and respect towards the nations and cultures from which new-age themes are derived, themes such as (but not limited to) Kundalini, Yoga and Enlightenment is imperative and strongly advised.

Why do you call yourself The Mindful Millwright?

My career is in the skilled trades. My identity is not limited to my career. My views do not reflect that of my employer. All my views and opinions are solely my own. I enjoy my career and advocate for skilled trade work. My experience has been positive and I enjoy answering trade-related questions. We are more than our bodies and these titles.

Why is my reading taking so long?

To be able to read properly I must be in a good state of mental health. Conversely, I suffer from anxiety and depression which significantly hinders this process at any given time in my life. The days in which I am able to perform readings, I do with every ounce of my gusto.

On the days I cannot, I do not.

I have learned over the years that attempting to do everything is only setting oneself up for failure.

Therefore, to best offer this service and especially free of charge I must first and foremost tend to my mental health. If we have spoken about you receiving a reading, you will get one. Guaranteed.

What can I expect from my reading?

You can expect compassion, support and comfort as I channel your loved one or higher self via tarot to deliver their message(s) to you. I do not offer false hope or expectations.

The bottom line is that we live and die and are reincarnated into one form or another. Energetic conversation is as natural (and invisible) as breathing oxygen is.

How do you contact me?

Because of the number of fraudulent social media accounts who attempt to impersonate people, I have decided to communicate with you using the following steps.

If ANYTHING seems off-key do NOT proceed with the conversation or sale with this person. I will never ask you for ANY amount of money, not EVER.

Gratuity is optional and I would never ask you to donate to me. This is a tip option for people who have received a FREE reading and wish to offer money towards their service.

I will NOT DM you unless you have filled out a form on my website first. I choose recipients via email submission form and proceed from there. See below for update on this application form.

1. Fill out a submission form
2. Wait for me to contact you via email or IG
3. Receive your FREE reading


If you receive a DM from ANY other account it is NOT me.

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