Tarot vs Flu

Holy fuck.

I had a half-written piece that I had started Thursday night.

It was pertaining to how the week went by too quickly and a bunch of other shit.

And then I got the flu.

I spent a lot of time cleaning my home on Thursday night after work.

I thought I was extremely sore from the speed-cleaning I had done and tried to chalk up the feeling that I’d been hit by a truck to the bending and twisting I’d done during that clean.

I mean, I’m always cleaning or bending or twisting so I wasn’t too sure why this episode made my organs feel like they had individually been beaten by a savage stick-wielding killer, but hey.

I was talking to the guys at work around noon and excused myself to go outside for some air because I couldn’t shake the creeping nausea.

Then I started to vomit and couldn’t stop.

For. So. Long.

Like, nine hours long until Tim got home with Gravol.

I felt like I was dying.

I said my prayers and “okay Mom…you coming for me now?”

*Insert crying laughing emoji paired with an eye roll*

It hurt that bad and I’m also totally overdramatic when I’m sick, lol.

In all honesty, I was thisclose to going to the hospital or dialling 911.

The experience gave me a fresh perspective on the sick.

Fuck. I am going to add prayers for the sick to each meditation because I know people experience worse but I haven’t been that sick in over fifteen years and it shook me into some knowing.

Goddamn. Okay….

So, I had written a fruity little piece about the Tarot cards that I drew and photographed, and it’s funny, because I kept thinking “pfft this sounds so vanilla” as I wrote and that piece of writing was interrupted several times.

Now I know why.

Y’all guides didn’t have to almost kill me, though. Lol. Jeeze.

I have given birth and let me tell you I think I’d trade what I went through yesterday to give birth again.

Ya feel? Lol.

I’ve got a lot on my plate and I hate to disappoint people.

I have about ten readings to do before Sunday that I offered for free readings October and with my career, being a mom and now the flu, I’ve had zero time or energy to do anything other than those things.

If you’re one of those people, please know it is coming. I appreciate your patience.

I pulled three cards to photograph for the blog reading I was trying to do on Thursday so instead I’ll re-interpret them here with my newfound perspective plus the photos I’ve already uploaded to Instagram.

So let’s get into it.

The reason I started a blog or a website was to provide the information I went looking for both as a tradesperson and as a spiritual healer.

You don’t have to be either of those things to enjoy what I’m writing about, though.

If you are living then this blog is for you.

On my way to work Thursday morning, the sky was so beautiful that I had to snap a couple of photos to share with you.

Please enjoy.


I work in a steel mill which can be dry and dirty, so I make sure to take good care of my skin both inside and out to maintain the utmost health while at work.

If you are a person with some fears about entering the trades, I’m totally your girl for quashing those fears.

Ask me anything, trust me, I’ve been there!

For now, I’ll leave it at my Olay and Almay product love affair, lots of water and a good vegetarian diet which includes iron supplement and consistent tracking of protein, mineral and overall intake.

You are what you eat!

I also noticed a huge increase in glow and my teeth got whiter without having to use any whitening products once I went vegetarian and started eating consciously.

I think Temperance is a good fit as I interpret her to be all good things in moderation.

For example, I am pretty strict with my diet but won’t say no to birthday cake or Halloween candy, lol.

It’s all in the balance.

…And I got several pimples from the candy so it reminds me just why I stay clear of sugar most days lol.

Knight of Cups reminds me of my husband, whose feet are in that photo we took as we pre-drank in the park for Electric Island. Lol.

This guy is in tune with his emotions and knows the charm he instills on others. It’s a reminder that there will be your knight in shining armour but you have to be patient.

When we go seeking for these things, they almost always repel from us.

Truly, I was not looking when I met Tim. In fact, I resisted him because I thought I was drawn to him for his looks only to find out his personality hit it out of the ballpark when it comes to human beings.

It’s like finding an alien that you thought never existed then you come face-to-face with said alien and he looks like Jon Hamm for Christ’s sake. Lol!

Really though I was so very happy to have found him.

And I love me some Mad Men.

It’s a message not to give up. The first person you must love is yourself, and others will follow easily after that.


I thought that the Page of Wands (Left) and 7 of Cups (Right) paired perfectly. See, even though these photos are two days apart, they hold meaning when read together.

I just go with my intuition when I read.

The Page of Wands is that new idea you’ve come up with to get yourself in a better place for the future. It might be something completely out of the ordinary for you or a change of pace, but you’re ready.

I thought I was in over my head as a Tarot reader, thinking “am I able to juggle a full-time career, motherhood and clairvoyant healing all at once?” and the answer was damn right!

Sorry I swear a lot. Lol.

You’ve got several options available to you, as the 7 of Cups suggests here. It’s time to pick the one that best suits you.

The Hierophant (Right) and the Page of Cups (Left: Well it’s the Knight but it’s supposed to be the Page haha) pair nicely together.

These two reinforce the above cards suggesting you’re on your way to something new.

The Hierophant reminds me of my own spiritual journey and just how far I’ve come.

It suggests to me that you’re feeling the way I once did, with a lack of trust on your big dreams. This is acknowledgement of the fears going in but when you lead with your gut and your heart, you will never be led astray.

Well, I’m off to a hot bath since taking those photos damn near killed me haha.

I should have just relaxed today with it being the second day of the flu but I couldn’t help myself with the new Rider-Waite Tarot deck I got.

On Halloween I am launching a giveaway contest to say thank you for your support.

One of the prizes the winner will receive is the deck featured in the photo (where I’m in blue jeans!)

See the blog post before this for more details or visit my Instagram @TheMindfulMillwright

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Talk to you soon.

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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