Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I wrote to Ellen DeGeneres recently and shared my story with the show.


Mom loved that show and I’ve received so many signs recently that I felt compelled to do that even though I know there’s a slim basically zero chance anything will come out of it.

I think out of any public figure she is a favourite of mine as she was for Mom because of her kind heart and inclusivity.

I’d love to be a guest on the show and be able to share my story with her and the world collectively.

Both as a tradesperson and as a clairvoyant.

I think eventually I will somehow merge the contents of this blog and create some kind of book out of it.

Something to share with the kids later on.

Something tangible!

I’m going to interpret a couple of cards for you and thank you in advance for reading.

I hope you enjoy this reading!

What I do is ask Spirit to come through with a message for the reader, conscious of the fact that there may be several different individuals reading this post.

What happens is the strongest messages come through and I just write what I get, so if you resonate with this I hope it is of use for you.

I’ll be doing more readings for people this weekend and if you’re a person who’s booked and waiting, I’ve appreciated your patience and look forward to sending it to you soon.

Perhaps this will tide you over till then!

Okay, here we go!

Thank you Spirit for coming through to us with a message and we are grateful for the communication today.

I ask that anyone come through either specifically for a reader or generally for the collective and I ask for clarity in the message please.

Page of Wands

What I will be doing is pulling additional cards as I write which will not be pictured.

This is similar to the way my readings are done when you book a personal one – only you get a photograph of all of your cards pulled during your reading.

If you want to physically see the card simply type the card name and “Rider-Waite” – ie. “Rider Waite X of Pentacles” and you’ll be able to see the card itself.

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The Page of Wands tells me that you’ve reached a point where you can sit back and take a look at your progress so far, you’ve come a long way and you’re more confident than ever before.

That’s some good news from Spirit!

It’s been a long journey and you’re reminded to put down everything you’re carrying, at least for a little while, and relax [VII of Swords].

The VI of Cups tells me that if you’re single, someone new may be coming into your life that can see the new you and all of your hard earned worth. They see that confidence and this new, higher vibrating you is attracting this person effortlessly into your life.

It may also be a reflection of self love and acceptance or you have finally reached a point where you’re accepting of your flaws and understand that they only colour you as an individual rather than scar you.

You’re looking into the mirror and seeing the vibrant life energy you are, and it almost seems as though the old ways wouldn’t work if you wanted them to.

You’re choosing health, happiness and self respect over caring about what other people think of you and that’s fantastic.

If you’re in a relationship this tells me that you might need to be delegating some efforts to your partner because your load is getting too heavy.

I pulled III of Pentacles which tells me that your other half might work long hours – maybe as a labourer [hi fellow tradesperson!] – and they’re so tired they don’t even notice that you’re struggling.

Make sure you’re expressing yourself to this person and they will be there to help you VI of Cups.

They love and care for you and might see you as some kind of superhero in your own right, thinking you’re able to handle it all because you do so without a complaint.

Once things become a little more balanced and you get some time to sit back and reflect [Page of Wands] you’ll be happy to see that all of that hard work was worth it – and it’s only getting better from here.

When I pulled the IV of Cups a second time in a row in two days, I was exuberant.

I received many signs from Spirit the other day on what would have been Grampa’s birthday.

I was happy to hear from him and my other guides that day, and the signs that came through were phenomenal.

I don’t really feel like disclosing them because they’re personal and hard to explain, but it gave me enough validation that I’m on the right track and that’s the message I am choosing to share with you.

I’m going to now pull two cards and ask that Spirit comes through to me with a message that will incorporate the IV of Cups as well.

*Shuffles Tarot Deck*

Hmmm. Interesting.

So the two cards that popped out were VII of Pentacles and VII of Cups.

Seven and eight are numerically significant to me and these cards reinforce the above cards that you’ve been working hard, my friend.

The VII of Pentacles depicts a person working away while the VII of Cups shows me that you’ve got many options at your disposal.

Every way you turn you’ve got a path you can take now, but they are all so different you’re having a hard time choosing one.

Nice! I pulled The Wheel of Fortune after asking “what should they do?” which tells me that the direction you take is going to lead to something wonderful!

You’re finally looking at what you want rather than what others want for you.

Finally, The King of Pentacles tell me you’re going to be in a position where you’ll be feeling freedom financially in your life because of this choice, too.

Congratulations in advance!

This is a message from Spirit IV of Cups that it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet and that you may not even realize it now, but you’re on the brink of success and you’ve just got to hold on a little tighter.

After all, what you’ve achieved now once seemed an impossible feat but you’re already this far!

And finally, I was guided to pull one more which lead me to pull Death.

Mhmm. Big changes are coming.

It’s going to be a major life change and it could also seem heavy at first, but you’ll quickly navigate this new normal easier than you expect to.

The IX of Pentacles x II of Cups tell me that you’re either in a relationship similar to a power couple where you’re working as a team and reaping the success of your pairing, or that you’re celebrating personal success and couldn’t be in a more secure place emotionally or financially.

Not gonna lie I actually pulled a few cards again that were the same as above but I don’t want to keep repeating the message lmao.

I gave up because the fourth one – and fourth replica pull after extensive shuffling lol – is The Wheel of Fortune.

I also pulled The Tower.

This spread overall with Major Arcana popping up like that – especially the ones that did – say major changes are coming for you.

You’re going to feel like it’s all going to shit for a brief time because you’re terrified of what is going on, but rest assured you have the people around you and behind the scenes [guides] that are going to help you navigate through all of this.

Ugh lmao II of Cups is being persistent.

It signals that it’s going to happen rapidly and all at once.

Sudden upheaval.

I asked what the outcome would be or if there was a “light at the end of the tunnel” and I pulled The Fool [Major Arcana, too] who tells me that yes, indeed there is.

Reinforces the notion that you’re going in blind but don’t worry, there are people looking after you and willing to step up to support you through these changes.

And finally, wow, The Magician.

I rarely pull this many Majors in one reading so I’m really excited about all of this.

You are the curator of your life.

Not your parents or your spouse, friends or children.

Keep those around you in the back of your mind, I mean don’t actively seek out hurting anyone with selfish decisions, but if you’re feeling strongly to make a move that people just don’t seem to understand, examine your options and ensure it’s the best possible one and take the leap.

They will understand in the long run.

I think back to the time after I graduated from Brock and said I wanted to be a millwright and everyone looked at me like I had three heads.

Okay, the girl who’s changed programs a zillion times, go ahead and be a tradesperson.

Well, I researched the heck out of that decision beforehand and took the right steps forward and now I’m in a lifelong career that I’m passionate about and prosper from.

This looks like a good spread overall so it might even be that you are looking for a sign and becoming impatient that it’s not going your way.

Take care of yourself and let go when you seem to lose the reigns.

Some of the best things happen after the chaos of the unknown but the more you resist the harder it will be for you to see the positive side of the major changes coming for you.

Have a wonderful day/week/month wherever you are!

As I write this it’s November 02 2019 and Mercury is in Retrograde [in Scorpio] so there’s a lot of intense energy but I’ve benefitted from the planetary chaos.

Some days I feel like I’m 10 people at once. Mom. Wife. Tradesperson. Mental Health Advocate. Witch. Intuitive Tarot Reader.

Please enjoy a couple of photos that reflect the tradesperson within!

Duality, fluidity and acceptance of diversity will set you free.

Talk soon!

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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