Sunday Bloody Sunday

How has it been almost twenty years since it turned the year 2000?

I remember the 90s and early 00’s -the “early aughts” – as they are called.

I remember unplugging my computer on December 31, 1999 because I was terrified of Y2K and the doom that was supposed to unfold.

Ah, my first taste of societal terror.

Gotta love it!

I’ve been alive long enough that my daughter will think that the technology and norms surrounding my upbringing are strange.

When I was a little girl, before bed, Mom and Dad would take turns either reading us a book or telling us a story “about the olden days” [where they were from].

My favourite stories were from “the olden days” and I’ve kept them locked in my memory and heart.

Now I’ve got tales of my own to tell.

We have grown increasingly complex over the past few years.

I don’t watch television or media unless it is for a specific purpose.

Even the anime I consume as a means to relax often references some form of spirituality – Angel Beats is one I’ve watched recently with underlying spiritual themes.

Because we are made of energy, it is easier for spiritual beings to communicate with us through media and radio due to the varied frequencies.

I think that our media is a strong reflection of where we are “at” consciously as a society.

Anime is gaining popularity with me because of the draw of the fantasy surrounding ordinary life and the playing out of potential spiritual scenarios through the artist and writer’s interpretation that comes alive in the storyline.

I also do not find it a coincidence that my favourite cartoon growing up was Sailor Moon.

I literally wanted to be her lol.

And now I kind of am!

“Maintaining machinery by daylight,
healing souls by moonlight,
Tarot reading cause I’ve got the sight,
she is The Mindful Millwright.”

Haha well I made myself laugh lmao!

Sung to the Sailor Moon theme song tune!


Moving on!

I always pull this card when I’ve been beating myself up about something.

The Hanged Man symbolizes being ones own worst enemy and I can share an experience that happened to me while watching an episode of Mind Field on YouTube the other night.

It pertains to my mental health struggles with anxiety and PTSD.

Tim and I were watching an episode on electricity in the brain and a patient whom was at first considered brain dead was actually suffering from Locked in Syndrome.

This man was almost pulled off life support until medical staff realizes his eye movements were intentional.

I started to panic because I thought oh my god what if Mom had that.

I had to relive the experience and go over in my mind that she never actually woke up even though they tried to wake her several times.

It was only until I was absolutely sure that I was able to calm down and then I was disappointed that I had to feel that way for fifteen minutes.

It was not a pleasant experience.

In relation to The Hanged Man what I normally do when my mind begins to wander down the road of “what if” I will say “no” and refuse to entertain the path my thought is taking.

This one got me and I think it was because it was so new and eventually I managed to recover and enjoy the rest of our night.

So don’t beat yourself up about how you could have done something differently and instead realize that the past is in the past and the best way forward is doing that – moving forward.

The IV of Cups is like a little “hello” from Spirit and you can see that as the man in the photo sits while an extension from seemingly a cloud offers him the final cup in the photo.

I pulled this card several times in a couple of days as you can see by the outfit changes!

Some days I find this reflective of myself when I pull it as I sit and wait for a sign, sometimes impatiently, and it’s like Spirit is saying:

Look, we’ve been giving you signs all along they just look differently than you expect – therefore you’re thinking you are without. Open your mind to a new perspective and enjoy what messages we are sending to you.

The III of Wands reminds you to reflect on your journey and where you are at now.

Are you happy with what choices you have made?

What can you do differently to make your life better for future you?

Are you taking ownership of your situation or putting others to blame for your misfortunes?

Am I pleasant and communicative or withdrawn and angry when provoked because I don’t feel heard?

What can I do to make my environment better for the sake of myself and others?

These are some questions I ask myself often to check where I’m at.

Soon I’ll be off for some last minute groceries to prepare for the upcoming work week.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this day of self care which has included a hot bath c/w facial mask, hot coffee and lots of delicious comfort food – and am preparing for an early bedtime to rest for the busy work week ahead.

That’s water in the photo lol.

It’s so rewarding to come home to my girl and see all the progress she’s made, whether it’s picking up a new word or mannerism.

She and I are going to have such a beautiful life together and I enjoy cleaning and maintaining a warm and inviting space for us to roam around as a family when we’re here.

I’m grateful she chose me as her Mom and I am so honoured to wear that title.

This is a photo of Mila having a blast taking a seat on poor Fred dog haha.

25lbs vs 75lbs!

I’m also stoked that she and Fred get along so well.

I mean I knew they would but it still melts my heart each time she goes to give him a bone – or her food lol – and he just happily accepts it.

He’s been good to her since day one.

Since we are a vegetarian family and I think we eat pretty good now that we’ve figured out how to incorporate delicious taste and texture into maximizing our daily nutrient, protein and mineral intake here are some foods we enjoy regularly as a family:

Anything by Gardein – we purchase their products by the boatload because not only are they absolutely delicious but affordable vs meat and are made of ingredients we are proud to serve ourselves and our daughter on the regular.

Yves products like veggie dogs and sausages are amazing on the grill and then loaded with fresh veggies, too.

Olive Garden Salad Dressing from Costco will make you want to eat salad every day – like I actually do now lol.

The secret to a fulfilling salad is to add some fat – I use cubed cheese – and crunch – hello croutons! – and voila – delicious and nutritious.

My skin thanks me for that change and for adding an abundance of water to my diet.

Tim and I choose to be healthy and have different ways of expressing it – he does Kendo while I do yoga – but we both give thanks to our bodies by sharing similarities in diet.

He does the cooking for the most part because he’s really good at it and he is the one who taught me that I could be a vegetarian tradesperson.

At first I thought I couldn’t because I was starving all the time and thought meat was the only way to satiety.


I’ll dish – no pun intended haha! – on some of our favourite meals below.

All I’ll say is look up conscious eating if you want some justification for going meatless.

I’m not a huge fan of some items like Pizza Pizza’s new “meatless chorizo” – it’s too meat like/bbq for my tastes – but I love their vegetables and pizza altogether so there are plenty of options.

And they do a great vegan pizza as well!

If you think you’ll be missing taste or texture by going meatless, I promise you will adapt to the small differences over time and begin to reap the benefits subsequently allowing your body to crave more of these foods.

Today I’m making Mila and I “beefless meat sauce” pasta using the leftover fried “ground beef” that Gardein makes. or @gardein on Instagram for more!

So last night we had Taco night and fried up the beefless ground in coconut oil, green pepper, taco seasoning from an Old El Paso kit, and onion [see below photo from Google]:

The tacos were amazing – haha.

We use the hard and soft taco kit and chop up vegetables to add as toppings.

And cheese.

Lots and lots of cheese!

So I cooked up some penne and warmed up sauce [Victoria White Linen Collection Marinara Sauce from Costco] then tossed it all together when the pasta became al dente.

So. Good.

And I still leftovers for a day or two!

These are SO good:

Another product we use extensively is the Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n which we usually pair with a vegetable and rice.

We recently invested in a Zojirushi rice cooker and it is game changing lol.

The key is to fry them up nice and crispy beforehand and then pat dry and simmer in the sauce until golden and sticky.

I add Frank’s Buffalo Sauce to mine and it’s like boneless wings!

Up next…

And if I’m mentioning favourite dinners [besides their meatballs simmered in sauce for spaghetti and meatball night] I must mention the Turk’y product line they have going on.

It’s SO good.

Every Sunday we typically have a big meal which includes a vegetable like corn or carrots, Tim’s famous mashed potatoes – that taste like Mom’s used to – no lie! – and both of these Gardein Turk’y products – the lightly breaded cutlets and stuffed turk’y!

We also have cranberry sauce on hand and it’s like a holiday meal every Sunday that I thoroughly look forward to.

Tim basically does all the cooking and he knows I’m grateful for it – I clean up!

Though he cleans too so I know how lucky I am lol.

Anyways, it is totally possible to enjoy delicious meals that taste like comfort food without sacrificing health or missing animal meats.

And finally…

Here is a list of some influences that I’ve found personally helpful:

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – Inner Engineering Author

Rudolf Steiner – Lectures

Buddha – Various literature

Various Religious Texts – I do not identify with a particular religion but find each to offer a unique perspective of which we ought to value

Mind Field on YouTube – Interesting scientific perspective with emphasis on psychology/neuroscience

Conscious Parenting – From Santa Claus to raising a vegetarian child
Hashtags #womenintrades or #tradieladyclub on Instagram – for positive female influences within the skilled trades

Biddy Tarot – A jumpstart in learning to read cards for yourself and others

And more!

I hope that will get you going and look forward to writing again soon!

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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