I am pleased to witness both the witchcraft and women in trades communities becoming more dominant on social media.

Recently I observed a meme that said “witches are the new influencers” and I believe that to be totally true.

It seems we are popping up everywhere!

And back in 2012 when I first started a public account on Instagram as KailaTheMechanic I would often search but no fellow tradeswomen were to be found on the platform.

Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of posts using various related hashtags and I’m both surprised and excited to watch this community grow!

* * *
I deactivated KailaTheMechanic on a whim one day to take a social media break– this account had thousands of followers, friends and contacts of mine including photos of me working on the floor as a millwright apprentice – but I was unable to recover it when I went to reactivate it and all of my questions to Instagram went unanswered.

That happened in early 2017 and it caused me to leave social media for almost an entire year afterwards – the year I was pregnant with Mila – because I had to grieve the loss of that account.

* * *

I see that Tarot readers like myself are becoming prevalent as we extend our practice for offer on these very public platforms with less fear of backlash from our progressive society.

It’s like all of a sudden we’re exposing ourselves in droves.

I credit our confidence in exposure to the widespread normalizing of acceptance of diverse perceptions, values and identities in our society – and our place in it – which can be seen as the various labels battle it out in the media for validation and acceptance.

I dislike rigid association with labels but I also think labels are imperative for understanding ourselves – we simply mustn’t attach ourselves with each label definitively.

I’m just as much Mom as I am Wife or Tradesman or Witch, so to say I’m definitively one or the other is impossible for me to do.

It is distasteful IMO to attempt to force language upon others – and I especially think that our language is too limited to properly perfectly define someone anyway.

I just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about my perceptions or beliefs.

We are human and that is that.

In this entry I’d like to describe some self-care including a list of some of the products that I personally use regularly to combat the dry, seasonal weather and the especially dry environment of steel-making.

I’ve always had especially sensitive skin which doesn’t fare well in dry environments.

When I was in my youth I suffered from acne something terrible.

I went on the medication Accutane and have upheld a strict beauty regimen since I was around ten or eleven years old.

Growing up I was extremely self-conscious – even before puberty – and had zero self-esteem until my late twenties.

My confidence was so bad that I would often cause my mother to cry because of the mean things I’d say about myself – she’d proclaim I was beautiful inside and out and I’d reply with how ugly and fat I was.

Sorry Mom!

It took a lot of time and patience but I am over the age of thirty and I am at a place of confidence and acceptance with my vehicle and I couldn’t be more proud of my progress in that respect.

Consciousness, mind, spirit – Those are separate bodily vehicle maintenance and I’ll get into that in a subsequent entry.

Becoming a conscious eater and mindful person made all of my “problems” such as carrying extra weight and acne but also improved my mental health.

I simply enjoy maintaining my vehicle because I expect to keep it for some years to come.

Preventative maintenance is imperative to reliability!

This statement holds true both regarding the machinery I repair at work and the big organ we walk around in called the body.

We are complex beings and with reference to a point made by Mind Field host Michael Stevens – we are essentially these futuristic “cyborgs” without our even realizing it.

We are the people of the future!

If it weren’t for our technology and advancement – especially in the medical field – we’d likely die before the age of thirty.

Now I can totally see myself living healthfully until one-hundred!

And that’s insane!

Unless something gets me – I plan on leaving my body consciously when I’m old and spent – and before Tim and my children.

That is my wish.

I envision myself enjoying my grandchildren and teaching them all about Tarot and Spirit – if I so happen to have grandchildren!

I just want my kids to be happy and healthy.

In this post I’d like to tackle self-care and highlight the need for balance – a concept which I personally found more challenging after I became a new mom.

I was used to working full time and being a millwright apprentice is akin to being a student – so it can take its toll both mentally and physically.

Add toting a toddler around and it’s a whole new animal!

I got used to our new routine fairly quickly but I was wiped out at the end of the day most days when I first went back to work.

It takes time to calibrate to higher levels of energy.

Now I manage to maintain a clean home, work full time, take care of my daughter and work diligently on my website as a side project.

Mind you I’m in bed by eight or nine o’clock each night but it makes for a well deserved sleep.

If I get insomnia it is usually indicative of overthinking -typically the norm – or I’m not working my body or mind enough to warrant a good night’s rest.

If you’re tired – you’ll sleep!

Often I compare my career to my previous student career.

I’m constantly in fluctuation between performing a job or learning all of the mechanics behind one.

I’m learning all about the building and infrastructure of the mill I work in which heavily focuses on roof and piping repairs rather than asset equipment.

When something ruptures – like a 4” pipeline on the roofthe first person who is contacted is the Equipment Specialist I work under.

I’m his mechanical maintenance planner and I’m vying for his job because he is retiring soon – even though I know I’m a rookie and it’s a long shot.

I dream big, okay!

Plus – even if I don’t get his position upon his retirement – I’ll have learned a shit ton of information about our mill that I value.

Plus, I thoroughly enjoy working with my mentor and soaking up his 40 years worth of knowledge in the mean time – he’s good shit!

And that makes it easy to get up for work in the morning.

I don’t take that for granted.

I also don’t get too hung up on what will or won’t happen – it’s not in my control – and it’s not a big secret that I want his position or I wouldn’t write it here for public viewing lol.

At the end of the day I’m super grateful for my career and would be just as happy staying right where I am as a planner.

Here are a couple of photos I took where I was photo-bombed as I tried to photograph myself with our office plants.

I’m literally ugly laughing in the second photo because he makes me laugh so much during the day!

When you follow your gut – even if it sounds crazy at first – you’ll be lead to great things.

Your vibe attracts your tribe is not just a saying – it’s a mantra!

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from several amazing tradesmen and value the information they relay to me.

I literally kept asking questions until I “got it” and it’s a lot like going into a foreign country and expecting to learn the language and the norms – it doesn’t happen overnight.

Because I am currrently travelling between office and steel making plant while maintaining a busy lifestyle my skin quality takes a hit.

Especially in the Canadian winter and fall months.

Hereafter are examples of my work environment before I get into the skincare aspect of this entry.

I’m including photographs for context to my “story” without offering explicit descriptive location or purpose to keep my workplace anonymous.

A pump is a pump and a motor is a motor.

In the above photo you can see a “tee” that we scoped which is leaking out steam at a high-rate PSI.

A person could be seriously injured and burned if they come in close proximity of this leak.

This is why it is important to quickly act on leaks and when they are on the roof that could mean potential roof damage or worse: damage to the asset – or people – below.

I plan it all up and the trades – pipefitters in this case – execute the work to repair the tee.

When I first started as an apprentice I remember a tradesman asking me to “take a look at the pump” on part of the line I was working at.

The arrangement was similar to the above photo.

Please note it is actually the gearbox under what I labeled “pump” but it is an integral part of the drive assembly.

Same company I started at – totally different part of the mill.

I responded to that inquiry with “which one is the pump?

It all looked like a sea of monochromatic grey to me and I couldn’t distinguish what was what.

It wasn’t until much later when I began to work on pump and gearbox rebuilds that I fully began to understand the process.

I think it’s imperative to learn the guts before one learns the install and removal of equipment – it helped me SO much.

When I became exposed to more dirt, dust, grease and fluctuating temperatures in the steel-making environment my skin started to suffer but I couldn’t exactly go “hey buddy! what moisturizer do you use?”

Okay lmao – well actually I did – but I came to find out that it was either “what my wife tells me to use” or the stuff that is provided in the bathrooms.


Guys just have great skin – I swear!

I didn’t want to interrupt my quest for acceptance as a tradesman by asking fruity questions so I did what anyone else would – I experimented!

Sorry not sorry for calling my quest for skincare “fruity” lol I honestly don’t even know what is “allowed” anymore in this society in terms of language and I don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

Feathers are especially ruffleable these days lol.

So anyways, I tried a whole bunch of shit and quickly found a short list of items that were acceptable for daily use.

When you’re working at a job where you sweat – a lot – having makeup and stinging skin cream slide down via sweat into the eyes is a bastard.

I’d be pulling a wrench and breaking a sweat and then feeling like there’s a fire in my eyeballs – not good for productivity I tells ya.

I also found out that men’s wash products – especially Axe brand – leave a delightful scent behind a lot longer than I noticed the more female directed products I tried.

I swear by Axe body wash and antiperspirant.

And low and behold some of the best compliments I’ve received about my “scent” since I started using these products are from women!

So I’m going to get right in to a product list of items I personally use and though I’m not endorsed – yet lolol – I use these products on the regular to keep my vehicle maintained!

Here’s me with my witches broom lol!

I love the Milani lipstick and Olay glow!

Voluminous was Mom’s favourite mascara and will probably be mine for my life too.

The George headband was so pretty to wear!

And here is me offering a cheesy smile because I’m just so happy!

I may or may not have raided Walmart yesterday:

I wanted a couple of cute headbands [George] and some other beauty related products I’ve been saving up for.

I am loving the Crest White Charcoal Toothpaste for bright and white teeth, the Olay Sleep Facial Mask which has left me with glowing skin at my 5:00 AM wake up call every weekday, OGX Coconut Oil hair treatment, Jergens Original Scent Lotion which I’ve purchased since I was young, L’Oreal Voluminius (also since youth) and Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, George pantyhose and three Milani Cosmetics items including concealer and three lipsticks.

Safe to say I’m in love with Milani Cosmetics and highly recommend!

I hate anything sticky and the concealer didn’t cake after hours and the lipstick felt like velvet softness on my lips all day.

The Olay Vitamin A Firming Sleep Mask is literally one of the best treasured finds I’ve gotten my hands on in a long time!

I literally looked in the mirror twice not believing that glow was coming from me at 5:00 AM – it was!

And the hair serum is always a must along with Jergens Cherry Blossom Lotion which simply smells like heaven.

And for something new I decided to try one of my fave brands – Physician’s Formula – face oil stick and let me tell you!

Ahhh. Mazing. Incredible. Must buy.

For real.

It made such a nice under layer to my Olay Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Touch of Foundation.

Those are repeat buys and I get them off Amazon along with the 7 Benefits SPF Day Cream by Olay.

Olay, Olay, Olay, Olay.


Personal Fave!

Here’s a photo of the Milani Cosmetics products I purchased:

I couldn’t decide on a lip colour and these are all beautiful choices.

The headbands are the cutest metallic ivory and rose gold so I couldn’t pass them up.

Totally didn’t realize I photographed the French side but here’s the Sleep Mask that I’m in love with along with OGX Coconut Oil Hair Serum which makes my hair feel incredible.

PS. I’m growing my hair out from scratch after dying, frying and shaving it all off shortly after Mila was born.

It’s the healthiest it’s ever been.

And finally, the Physician’s Formula Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil Stick which I am more than impressed with:

So that’s where I’m at as far as preventative maintenance for my bodily vehicle this winter as a tradesperson!

I’ve been working on my core strength and thought Mila’s little hand was funny whilst trying to photograph for Instagram.

I took this photo a couple minutes later:

This is Mama after Mila goes to bed.

Not every night lol.

Just tonight – and some nights – because I happen to have some Steamwhistle kicking in the fridge.


Tim does Kendo and I do a lot of yoga and mindful housework to keep in shape.

Before Mila we used to go to the gym together!

I’m sure we’ll get back into the groove of working out together again one day – especially since I want to be in tip top shape before we decide to try for a sibling for Mila.

This is us when I was about four months pregnant with Mila.

He is my best friend and supports me through and through like I do him.

Working with him as a couple and as a team has been natural from the start and I remember just having this knowing when I met him like I could listen to him speak all day yet somehow have known him forever.

I can still listen to him speak all day!

And to get to look into those green eyes – I just. Lol.

Sorry if that’s embarrassing Tim haha!

He knows I’m crazy about him.

And I know he is about me which is evident in the way he treats me.

I remember one of our first dates in Toronto – where we ended up first living together – he took me to this occult shop because he knew I was into that kind of thing.

I purchased my first Tarot deck on that date – with zero clue as to what I was doing – and I still use it to this day!

This is a photo of us with me with blue hair shortly after I had Mila:

Haha I always used to do something crazy to my hair when I was feeling insecure and now I’m just letting it grow free and naturally.

Pregnancy was wild lol.

I was so addicted to raw salmon that I would walk – by myself – in Toronto for 40 minutes to sit down for all-you-can-eat sushi and consume like 40 pieces of salmon sushi on my own LOL.

It was crazy!

I also suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum which messed with my entire diet but I’ll get into all of that – and my straying from being vegetarian briefly during pregnancy – another time.

Ugh my whole heart.

I’ll wrap this up by saying how grateful I am for having a supportive partner by my side through the thick of it all and a wonderful role model for Mila to grow up beside.

It is possible to be all that you want to be and I hope that my life is proof of that.

I’m off to perform more intuitive Tarot readings and I couldn’t be a happier person with the way my life turned out.

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to the next entry.


Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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