How are you doing?

I created this website to represent who I am and what I stand for yet I have been reluctant to share much about the “controversial” topics that I engage with regularly.

I think this is a good place to start.

As I write this we have left Mercury in Retrograde and it has gone direct after almost one full month.

I started tracking myself in conjunction with the planets – retrogrades and moon cycles – so long ago that it is second nature to feel through these experiences with the added insight of knowing about the underlying planetary effects.

For example, with Mercury going Retrograde under Scorpio this month – and it’s really hard to describe in words lol – I could feel that it was going to be ever-the-intense period with the attributes that come along with this phase.

And sure enough – the day after Mercury went direct – an entire cycle came to a close and insights have been revealed to me.

This is kind of where “woo-woo” meets mundane – again – because the whole point of me sharing this with you is that spirituality affects daily life and we live in our ordinary lives most of the time.

Of what use would spirituality be if not to benefit our ordinary lives?

I tend to refrain from saying certain things publicly because of the fear of being judged by even the ones closest to me.

Everyone awakens at their own pace.

I cannot filter reality for the convenience of the blissfully ignorant any longer.

Spiritual knowledge has helped me so significantly that I feel confident in sharing this information with you while I am still alive for your benefit.

If not for you then for my kids when they are older.

Someone’s got to say something.

OK let’s get into it.

Let’s start with how the planets are fucking with things lol and how I am adapting to these sudden and unforeseen changes.

Out of nowhere I was told I was moving departments at work.

It seems as though the job I thought I was going to inherit is no longer within my grasp and I’m back to planning full-time.

It is less work in the long run, but I worked for two years to learn the infrastructure and piping of this particular mill so I feel super discouraged because of all of this.

I bawled my eyes out when I was told I was leaving.

Although I was immediately disheartened – and I’m still bummed – I can already feel the threads of the positive side begin to surface using – and trusting – my intuition.

Now, I welcome the abrupt change knowing that the ultimate reason will reveal itself in time – and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Therefore spiritual healing has allowed me to more easily adapt to these changes.

I am also way more equipped at dealing with things when they don’t go the way I had planned – like this.

So mote it be.

Now, let’s get on about some of the topics that frequent the media today.

I will be discussing sensitive topics and I appreciate you reading with an open mind knowing full-well that I do not mean any harm whatsoever by my words – I am trying to inform you – and I encourage you to check out the end note resources at the end for yourself.

The government has lost its foothold in religion as a scare tactic.

I can see that there are significantly less people identifying with a particular religion, even though most of us were brought up with it, including myself.

The government had to do something else to get people worried…

It’s called “global warming” or “climate control”.

I think I’ve said this in posts before – we need to care for our planet because it is our home and we ought to respect that – but what is currently being raised as an issue is actually a natural phenomenon that has happened for the past twenty thousand years and will continue to do so according to respected astrophysicists and climatologists.

Then why do governments fund these climatic extremists or promote politicians who say they will incite major opposition to climate change?[i]

Because they need something majorly concerning to control you – and we are moving out of religion which was the way it was done in the past.

You can unpack all of this if you watch John Stossel’s video – which you can find in the link below.

I tend to keep quiet on issues that might see me attacked – cue the environmentalists – but fear is yet another form of control so I’ve really got to let that shit go and join my voice to those who see things for the way they really are.

Sadhguru [ii] tells us to see things for the way they are.

Now that I see things the way I do it would be impossible to go back to the way I used to view the world – and I thank GOD for that.

Metaphorically, of course.

I’m going to discuss some things that some readers may find difficult to digest, however I highly encourage you to do some research for yourself if you feel personally perturbed by the words that I’m about to say.

It is a scary time for us because we’re asking for more socialism among other things – which will only help to deteriorate us as a society – Take note of what happened in Venezuela.

Please remember I’m a social sciences graduate so I’ve heard all the viewpoints – I’ve sat through all the lectures.

Capitalism is necessary for the growth of a people and the best thing about it is that if we don’t like a business or a company – for whatever reason – if we collectively agree it is undeserving of our support we can stop shopping there and then that business goes under.

And then the ones we want to survive will thrive.

When governments give hand-outs and fund people or businesses – these people lose their work ethic and will likely remain dependent on the government, which will in turn keep the government in control of the majority of people as a direct result of this dependence.

It’s the same as people who freeload off their parents until they die.

Why work when the money comes in freely?

As you can see, hospital and educational funds are being pulled as we speak but where the fuck is this money even going, then?

Think about it.

It is going into the pockets of people.

I have worked diligently at trying to distinguish exactly where my taxes are going as a person with a career – because I am now paying in taxes what I used to make as income bi-weekly while working as a teen/student.

When I was working for minimum wage, the fifty or sixty dollars I’d pay in taxes didn’t really seem to bother me when they got removed from my paycheck, however once I began my career and would see upwards of three to five hundred dollars per pay go to the government, I was like…

Hold. The. Fuck. Up.


Yes, it took me a good gouging to really take a look at the actual practice of taxes but I sure am glad I looked into it.

Some of my income goes to health care, some to garbage removal, some to schools, etc.

However, if I were to conserve this tax money myself – I would likely be able to save sufficiently enough to send my children to a school I choose privately, fund my health care costs as they come and I would take extra preventative measures -like increased savings – knowing this – all while wanting to donate to organizations that do public service like garbage removal, road salting, helping the less fortunate, etc.

The cost of private school or health care would drop dramatically because of this free choice – without government funding we would be actively choosing these services by affordability and excellence – and by choice.

The thing is, the more money you make, the more our governing body takes.

And that is not okay.

I was *okay* (barely the appropriate word) until I heard they wanted to hike our taxes up by nearly 5% next year.

Cost of living doesn’t go up by much than 1-1/2% per year and I don’t get a 5% raise at work, on top of the fact that most of this increase is climate based – which is entirely false in itself.

We are paying emissions taxes – but if we remove emissions we not only revert to the “stone ages” – the time before the revolutionary industrial era – but we barely make an impact on the inevitable, natural change in climate. [iii]

Because this “warming” is happening naturally and humans will adapt – as we have for thousands of years.

So if you’re freaking out that the world is heating up – and I’m sorry Ms. Greta – this is a message to relax and a heads up to re-think what you are conditionally taught.

Talk to the astrophysicists.

Talk to the climatologists.

The “scientists” that support this movement are funded by the government.

Look at the government data which has documented weather patterns for years which shows steady fluctuation and change – regardless of what we do.

We need some kind of managing body but our government is so fucked up honestly I don’t even have any suggestions on that – and I know what critics may say here about me “hating the government” but the opposite is true – I think they’ve got a fantastic platform for leadership – even some individuals with the right “idea” – but it is currently polluted by the greed of sole individuals.

Have all the discussions and open up your mind.

Control methods are excellent because they create a divide that is palpable and gives individuals the ability to control certain groups.

Let us discuss another topic that we see in our media almost every day – gender identity and sexual orientation and the struggles of these sub-groups within our society.

It is important to be inclusive towards all human beings regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other differences.

From a spiritual standpoint, it is my belief that people who struggle with being in the wrong body today are having a hard time adjusting to their current-lifetime gender and have a strong spiritual memory residing within them of a most recent past life – perhaps of the opposite gender.

So strong that it is impossible to identify with the current bodily sex and thus measures are taken to reclaim old preferences – which should of course be accepted by others!

Who are we to care if they want to continue to identify with their beloved gender regardless of the biological sex?

After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We ought to support these people and help them along their path of self-understanding.

Each biological sex offers us unique lessons to learn and each of us come equipped with both the divine masculine and divine feminine.

As a woman who is attracted to both males and females and who works in a traditionally male career, these issues are very close to my heart.

And if my daughter all-of-the-sudden said she wanted to be a boy, who am I to judge as her mother while she unravels her individual self?

It doesn’t matter who you are – you should feel loved and included by the people of the world.

When I asked my mom what she would do if I brought home a girl on a date – she said she’d love me just the same and said “she better be pretty!” – she was joking about the physical appearance of course but knowing her love had no bounds meant the world to me – a gift I’d like to extend to my own children and others in the world.

When I first became a trades-person, I was embracing the divine masculine within but had a hard time navigating it while being in this petite female body.

I wanted to be “one of the boys”.

I stopped wearing makeup and cut off all of my hair to buzz-cut short and would act more like a tomboy around guys at work using language and mannerisms that I perceived to be masculine.

However, I felt like I was compromising a beloved part of myself to try and identify with the heavily masculine culture that surrounded me.

It was a confusing place to be in the beginning lol.

Later on I chose to grow my hair out like I’d wanted and fully embraced the fact that I am a woman who enjoys being a woman – while working a traditionally male role as a career choice.

Some people accept me and others simply don’t – and it is not my place to judge them either way.

Each person comes equipped with years of personal experiences and interactions which have shaped them into the person they are today.

If I am an affront to what they are used to then I can totally appreciate that.

This can be a lot to unravel if this is new information for you and I know I’m getting into some pretty heavy stuff now.

I just want to do a couple of things before I leave this life.

Save you some headaches and maybe some money, too lol
and help make the world a better place for the next guys.

As a “millennial” – and I hate that term – we as a group are quickly becoming the majority within our population and the norms of our parents and grandparents generation are slowly changing.

Where they were concerned with religion, we are concerned with climate change.

Where they were battling acceptance between races, we are battling acceptance between gender identities.

And we’re still not there progressively with the racial and cultural acceptance – people are still being killed because of the colour of their skin or the culture they identify with and that is not okay.

We are going through a mass awakening and it has snowballed so quickly over the past six years that I am confident that the new sneaky tactics which are being thrown our way will only give us more reason to change the way we think as a society.

We have social media and the internet as a means of mass communication and that is fucking phenomenal.

So…what is my point?

The point of my existence is to have you take another look at what you have been taught, what you are teaching your kids and to take a look at the world for what it is.

I thank the universe every day that I am fortunate enough to wake up in a warm bed and am able to have a hot shower – and I think of those who are less-fortunate who cannot and I pray for them.

I also worked very hard to get where I am financially and personally.

It is not that spirituality is in competition with religion or the government.

It is that religion and government are in direct competition with humanity – and spirituality is the bridge that can allow a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the groups that directly oversee our society.

The hardest thing I ever did was become financially independent of my parents and learn to manage my money without spending it recklessly – which I have done in the past – and by sharing this with you perhaps one day you will become independently free from whomever you depend on to survive.

We have to work for what we have fam – there is no such thing as “free”.

Instead let us help each other and we can see that each person has a talent or creative idea that is unique – let us support one another and let the ones who are power or money hungry starve.

I feel obligated to share my position within my society and clarify a few details before ending this post – I can hear the questions.

I don’t hate the government or religion – I think they are misused.

I think humans are wild to believe that the world won’t kill us before we kill it.

The world created us – it will destroy us before we destroy her.

Our biggest threat is the misguided use of power held by certain individuals and the fact that one word can send a nuclear weapon across the land which will see the end of us all.

I’m not trying to scare you lol.

I am trying to inform you.

So that’s where I’m at insofar as some of the most heated topics within our society today and I hope you read them with objectivity and choose not to attack me if you disagree with me.

Life’s too short for that shit lol.

Well…That’s it for now I suppose.

There are so many facets to this life and I strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in the conversation rather than blindly accept what is told to you.

We need change and leadership – but we’re treading some very dangerous waters right now.

I choose to be aware.

Talk soon…

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2019. All Rights Reserved.




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