Hello From #hamOnt!

Thank you so much for reading.

Not to sound cheesy it’s cheesy but I’m so grateful to have this website as an outlet because I am trying to offer something that would have appealed or would still appeal to me as a reader.

I think we are all alike and many of us go through times in our lives that are relatable, hence the whole social media craze which has significantly affected the way we work, interact and live both locally and globally.

As a kid who grew up with a disposable camera, a qwerty flip-phone and dial-up internet (after having to go to the library for any information!) – I think this technological era has made the biggest impact on our lives, at least since I’ve been alive!

I’ve had such a long week at work with my changing departments as I’ve been tying up loose ends where I’m currently placed.

What do you do? How long do you work? Are you retired? Are you happy?

If you’re new here, I work as a mechanical maintenance planner at a steel manufacturing company in #hamOnt and enjoy spending my free time with my husband and daughter.

I created this website to talk about things that were on my mind and also to advocate for mental health sufferers like myself – PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts – and to demonstrate what turning towards more of a spiritual (not religious) life has done for my life situation.

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere on my website but I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Brock University in St. Catharines, ON in 2012.

After that I went to Mohawk College to take the Industrial Mechanic Millwright program and became employed at a steel manufacturing company full-time upon graduation.

I thought it would be nice to re-introduce myself before I get on with the blog as I’ve had many people follow me here from social media – if that is you, welcome!

Initially I wanted to write a book but this makes things so much easier.

Plus, it is more fluid and flexible as I can edit and update this website as time moves forward – which is great!

Once upon a time, I was afraid of both power and hand tools and also measurement because I didn’t know how to use tools or was proficient in any kind of math until college.

Now I use both daily and during the evenings I spend time writing tarot readings.

After I graduated from high school, I chose my university program based on the fact that my friends went there and not because I had any plan set in mind.

On one of my final exam days at BrockU, I sat in the parking lot and my mind literally went blank – I couldn’t remember a thing so I cried hysterically and called my doctor.

“There is something wrong with me I can’t go to my exam right now I feel like I’m suffocating and I can’t remember the course material.”

She told me to come there right away after hearing the panic in my voice, so I did – and that was the beginning of my medication journey taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.

Eventually when I went to wean off I suffered a seizure of some sort and then developed Vasal Vagal Syndrome which causes me to faint during some intense physical situations – cuts, burns, anything somewhat “painful” – and mimics a seizure.

It was scary and they sent me for a lot of neurological tests to ensure I was okay.

After my mother died I decided not to go back on these medications but instead, after a moment of enlightenment, I started to heal naturally using yoga, food, mindfulness techniques, energy medicine, research and more – which is another purpose of this website.

I wanna save people some time lol.

No matter what actually happens when we die, I think each individual has an effect on other people and the future and in that respect I think we live on through the lives of others and what we do while we’re here, therefore I want to make a positive impact with my life.

When I met my now husband in 2016 I was in the best spiritual shape I’d ever been, and three months later I became pregnant with our daughter.

He’s so good to me and I never thought I would be seen by anyone fully besides my mom, yet we instantly connected and have been together ever since.

If you look up twin flame – which is becoming more popular as I see on social media – you can find out a little bit more about what I experience in my relationship, but I must say that I’m the one who determined that we were this type of couple and though it’s rare, I think it can – and did – happen.

I was halfway into reading about Buddha when I met Tim and not only did we communicate naturally and instantly, but he would bring me delicious vegetarian food from Toronto where he was living to share for lunch, lighting up as I enjoyed it.

I felt like a princess and that actually became my nickname for a while lol.

One of the first things that he said to me was “I’m not looking for a wife, I’m looking for a teammate” and immediately I was drawn to the way he looked at life.

He just gets it.

On one of our first dates in Toronto he brought me to a little witchy shop where I purchased my first Tarot deck.

It wouldn’t be until now, almost three years later, that I am able to read cards for others but it was well worth the study and understanding.

And I still value that first deck, three tarot decks later!

I highly suggest Biddy Tarot as a resource if you’re interested in learning for yourself – paired with your own intuition.

Tim catapulted my spiritual learning and now I’m blessed to be able to relate this information to you through purchasing this domain and finally taking the steps I’ve wanted to for years by writing for others.

So far I’ve received some pretty good feedback regarding my intuitive tarot readings, so even though I’m slow as hell in getting them out, I still really enjoy reading for other people from across the world in my leisure.

We have more in common than you think – deep down we’re all spiritual beings having an experience within a body.

Typically my work week is forty-hours long and I still love my career after entering the skilled trades six years ago.

What I enjoyed most about school was learning how to use precision measurement tools like micrometers and figure out how to eyeball lengths.

If you had’ve asked me what an inch was before I started trade school, you probably would have been met with a blank stare lol I literally hated math before.

And I thought tools were masculine, but really I was just intimidated I think overall.

If you have any questions about me, my apprenticeship or the job I do – feel free to message me using the contact link above under “Kaila A. Notto” in the menu.

Another reason I wanted to create this website is because I want to show that you can be yourself despite stereotypes or what other people think – I’ve had people tell me to stop using the #millwright hashtag and some days I feel as though I don’t fit in with any community at all.

But what I do know is that I’m very happy and loving my life as a mother and tradesperson so I will just keep doing what I love and write away.

We owe it to ourselves to take care of the life we were given and it doesn’t matter what you choose to do so long as you’re happy (and not harming other people lol).

There are so many influences that act upon us both internally and externally.

The mainstream media seems to present a darker side of humanity like murder, home invasion and in #hamOnt recently: a covered-up sewage spill over the span of four years.

Social media instead offers popular hashtags such as #glowup #selfcare and #mentalhealthawareness which I have used in the past – it all affects us and we ought to be aware of these forces that are present in our daily lives.

There are also a series of algorithms that show you what the app thinks you want to see based off of data collection and the media presents fear inducing programs to scare you and keep you coming back for more.

Fear and dopamine (“likes”) are addictive.

Not to be mistaken for discrediting these sources of information – we rely on them to keep informed about what is going on in the grander scheme of society around us but we have to be critical of what we are watching.

So if we can take the message from these cards it would be to discern what messages are coming through and from where.

Are you listening to yourself or are external influences directing you every move?

One of my favourite roles in life thus far is being a mother.

When I first started work as a teenager, I had no idea how to save money and eventually ended up well into debt.

I was financially stable when I met Tim, but his proficiency in accounting and outlining a budget has transformed my financial health.

It’s easy to become blind to things we don’t want to see, like how much money is actually going out day by day when we get take-out beverages like coffee and tea or eating at expensive restaurants weekly because it’s what your friend are doing.

We’d much prefer to hang out at a person’s house and order pizza, drinking beer we all pitched-in for and I don’t spend my money frivolously anymore.

Especially because material items became of lesser importance to me after Mom died, I mean, you can’t take it with you and who cares as long as you’re happy inside.

So if you really want to go out then go out, but if you are having a difficult time managing your money and it is affecting your happiness, think twice about what that girls’ (or guys!) night out is doing to your psyche.

Something I found useful was to write everything down, what I purchased and how much it cost me.

To see things added up into monthly spending habits forced my eyes open to the vast amount of money I was basically throwing away for things I could drastically save on.

Like how I purchased a thirty-dollar coffee maker off of Amazon and brought it to work so I didn’t spend anymore on take-out coffee, only having to re-purchase coffee and filters.

It’s saving me money plus I get hot, fresh coffee made to my preferences all day, and usually I buy McDonald’s or Starbucks and I’m still saving the big bucks doing that!

It’s not all about giving things up, it’s about breaking things down and seeing if there are other options available to you.

When I was younger I had terrible skin.

If thirteen year old me could see me now, she’d literally have a dance party because future me figured that shit out lmao.

Honestly, I used to cry all the time because of my acne and I went on Accutane which I think really helped despite the terrible side-effects like severe dry skin, depression and potential liver damage.

What really changed the way my skin looked was becoming a vegetarian eater with emphasis on protein, vitamins, minerals (especially iron and B12) intake and overall upping my bodily health knowledge base.

It works for me.

And I drink a lot of water than I used to – I used to drink tons of juice and sugar but now I drink water or coffee and only take milk in the latter.

Financially I started keeping track of what worked and what didn’t as I purchased products and narrowed my skin-care routine product list down to a minimum amount of items that I frequently re-purchase when on sale.

When I used to have like mini-meltdowns I’d always do something drastic to my hair but it’s been growing for almost two years now naturally and I couldn’t be more happy with it.

I used to hate it because it was “mouse brown” and my mom used to tell me that I’d be bald by the time I was thirty – and she was right lol I fried it all off after I had Mila and had to get it shaved off – she will be two in May of 2020!

I just want to care for myself so that I’m around for her when she’s older and hopefully give her a sibling in the future!

It’s important to take stock of where we’re at and honestly, using a journal has been super helpful for me in that area.

Even if I only manage to get some kind of point form down of my goings-on during the day, at least I have some kind of record to reflect on which has helped me out at times.

Accountability and conscious growth are tools for success and moving forward positively.

It makes it nice to see your progress on paper, too!

Again this adds to the notion that maybe it’s time for you to get some kind of budget or plan down on paper – things are just starting to get going for you and with the energy of the Seven of Wands and all that’s coming your way, you should be doing your best to be prepared for all you’ve been waiting for.

You can handle this!

Here I take a moment in the sunshine to breathe.

Again, I’ll poke into my skin-care routine which used to cost me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year because I was a frivolous spender.

Like the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer I love…

I choose products that act as anti-aging or whatever other benefit I can use while doubling as makeup.

And I re-purchase what I like and will change my list as my needs change, but I don’t often go spending on useless shit just because it’s on sale.

Becoming more of a conscious consumer has changed the way I look at my finances and I hope to extend my understanding of money to my daughter as she grows.

My parents tried so hard to teach us about money but I didn’t really listen at the time, nor did I know what questions to ask.

They handled most of it for me and it wasn’t until adulthood where I became informed about spending, income, taxes and overall financial health.

So I encourage others to look into their own situations because it can affect our mental health significantly if unaware, and choose a career option that you not only love but something that will keep you in the financial position you hope to be in.

Money doesn’t come easily and when I saw the potential in income that entering the skilled trades could provide, I was intrigued.

It is also rewarding to work in the skilled trades because I feel as though I am constantly learning and evolving as a tradesperson and intrinsically which makes me feel satisfied with my choices.

That’s all for now as I restructure my website to dive a little deeper into my life and maybe offer a tarot and oracle reading to show what I offer when you book a private reading with me.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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