2020 Overview Tarot Reading

Happy 2020!

Tarot and oracle cards are tools that helped me communicate with the energetic side of our complex human lives, and divination allowed me a means to understand life more deeply and give substance to my afterlife research. Privately booked tarot and oracle readings are lengthy and there is no limit to the number of cards I pull; I just keep going until I feel like the message has been achieved.

As posted on Instagram and below, I have drawn three rows of cards.

Please select the group that you feel most drawn to and check below for your reading.

Next we will see all of the cards turned over. I’ve asked for a 2020 Insight Reading and we will also be taking a look at what was left behind in 2019.

I would also like to remind you that I never filter spirit; what I intuit I will write freely and often I don’t even remember the reading after lol; feel free to read the entire series as a whole if you can’t choose a single row.

Anything goes!

Guided writing offered me a unique therapy in that I would start journaling and messages would come through; so I combined that with tarot and oracle reading and it all came full circle.

In this series, I’ve pulled three rows of four tarot x two oracle cards each and will read them as left to right 1-3. Below we can see the three groups wherein I have placed a crystal/rock token in between each set of four tarot cards. Two oracle cards can be found at the bottom of each set and will be interpreted as well.

Please also take a look at the cards and intuit anything that comes through to you specifically ie. “that reminds me of my dog! The Moon” or “that looks like me working away…Eight of Pentacles” including the literal oracle messages “I can be trusted” as I am giving the general reading and leaving the basics out for length.

Group One: The Lone Wolf

Group Two: The Elder

Group Three: The Romantic

That’s me with one of my little rock/crystal pieces which I forgot to take the tag for when I purchased but love it all the same.

Group #1: The Lone Wolf

Seven of Swords
Page of Swords
The Emperor
The Moon

Amenti Oracle
I give blessings
I listen to opposing opinions

2019 may have been particularly difficult for you, as I see a lot of time bearing heaviness without “burdening” others with your secret struggle. You’re a social person who likes to go out and have a good time; you may even be the life of the party. Perhaps you work in the medical field (nursing) or social work; the career path you choose or would benefit most from is in helping others overcome familiar struggles.

Perhaps guest speaking or creating an outlet for your journey will help you and you may even be able to turn this into a business venture. Please take this sign from spirit that it may be time to reach out to someone and talk out the tough stuff; you are such a positive person and may fear that it’ll dim your light, however others won’t think any differently of you for sharing what you’re silently holding on to Seven of Swords. What you say has an impact on other people Page of Swords and you tend to take things upon your shoulders with a brave face The Emperor sometimes listening to what doesn’t necessarily resonate with you yet appreciating the opposing opinion in stride I listen to opposing opinions.

Your stoicism is recognized and when asked what the new year will bring, if you can get out some of that stuff that is keeping you up at night The Moon you will see yourself appreciating the rewards in what looks like offering other people help where you once needed it. You’re going to turn struggle and passion for healing into an art or a business; either way you’ll be growing much stronger as an individual after realizing all you’ve overcome and how profoundly positive you affect others and the world around you I give blessings.

2020 is seeing you as an empowered person finding ways to show others how to heal using what you have learned along the way. You might be working in a self owned business or small shop but you’re going to see an increase in growth in that area; you may even have an “aha!” moment and all of a sudden everything will become clear for what is required to go forward. You may be a lone wolf doing all of this “by night” The Moon but you’ve got all sorts of spiritual energy rooting for you behind the scenes!

2020 will be kind of a restructuring and lift-off for you, and it’s a sign that you’re headed in the right direction so keep doing what you are doing; just remember to get some rest!

Group #2: The Elder

Three of Wands
King of Pentacles
Six of Cups
The World

Amenti Oracle
I am peaceful
I can be trusted

This row shows someone who may be more of a homebody or family person; much preferred to go to work every morning with a routine and keep a close knit group of friends and still offer what you can to those who surround you with what abundance you work for or receive Six of Cups. You work hard.

You’re someone who is looked up to I can be trusted and it is evident that you have mastered the art of patience in accepting life’s flow, perhaps taking time for some self care like yoga or exercise; eating well and drinking water benefits you and you take care of yourself diligently I am peaceful. Dedication and patience allow you to acquire the skills needed to grow and 2019 is seeing you leave behind some of the things you thought were going to be around forever Three of Wands please know this change will see you better of in the future even though it might have stung in the beginning.

What might feel like an “uprooting” of sorts will see you planting new roots in a much healthier and happier environment. Your options are opening up and there will be opportunities that come from what you might have thought were closed doors The World you have plenty of support and 2020 will be seeing you prosper, especially when it comes to a job promotion or increase in finances; maybe paying off some much needed debts! You are slowly becoming the master of your surroundings and this is going to be a good year for you if you can continue with the steps required for growth.

It might seem difficult and hard at first but all of your work will pay off for you in the end, you’ve got some wisdom to use to your advantage. This might even bright you closer to a new position at work (promotion) or moving towards completing a degree or diploma King of Pentacles. You’ve been putting a lot of work into building financial abundance and it will all seem to come together this year for you…exciting!

Keep moving forward, it might seem as though there isn’t an end in sight but before you know it you’ll be passing the finish line; 2020 has good things in store for you because of the effort you have been putting in to reach those goals of yours.

Group #3: The Romantic

Five of Swords
Eight of Pentacles
Nine of Cups
The Lovers

Amenti Oracle
I converse with awareness
I praise the goddess and the god

Ah, this row is for the romantic. When I saw I praise the goddess and the god and The Lovers pop up in this row, I could feel the divine feminine energy radiating as opposed to the more divine masculine energy of the first row and the balanced energies of the middle reading (ironic lol). This is a person who is in tune with their emotional self and chooses relationships that are fulfilling and emotionally beneficial; you say what you mean and you mean what you say I converse with awareness.

Perhaps you’ve been asking for some kind of sign or have been praying for someone to pop into your life now that you’re ready to team up with another person I praise the goddess and the god. Relationships are high-value for you which comes through in several of the cards pulled here.

You may work an average profession but what you do, you do well.

It seems you chose your career with knowing that being happy at work matters to your long-term mental health, so you’ve chosen a route that provides financial abundance and emotional stability Eight of Pentacles. After what you’ve been through in 2019, you’re kind of fed up with other people gaining credit for your ideas or your work and this is mainly because you choose to remain focused rather than get caught up in creating drama, even if it would have benefited you for raising an alarm Five of Swords. You choose to take the higher road and also keep those around you who think the world of you and see the progress you’ve made in your life.

You appreciate those who know how far you’ve come and it might even be tough to become acquainted with new people as they don’t really know you and you remain a little closed to anyone who hasn’t been around for the long-term Nine of Cups. This could be spirit suggesting to open up a little as your energy draws people near you, though you may feel burdened by this at times.

Grocery store or retail store lines, people seem to strike up conversations with you as they are drawn to your energy but you aren’t entirely comfortable with that so you may even turn towards online shopping rather than having to endure the social niceties in a shopping mall. You prefer meaningful conversations I converse with awareness and your best friend might even be your spouse The Lovers; the ones who know you know you very well and those who aren’t truly allowed access to you only see but a glimpse of the facade you diligently put on.

2020 will see some changes as life continues on for every human in the world, however there is something fresh and exciting about a new decade which brings some much needed shake-up of the normal.

Well…I hope you all enjoyed your reading!

Cheers to another decade. To find me on Instagram, click here.

To end things off, I thought I’d do a little summary of where I’m at in my life right now for those who may be interested. I’m really enjoying watching my little girl grow up and she loves to eat just as much as we do. We take her to restaurants such as Saigon Lotus, Buddha’s Vegan Chinese Food and Touhenboku Ramen in Toronto where we used to live. We still own a condo in the core which we rent out to a lovely tenant and have recently purchased our forever home in Ancaster where we look forward to making even more memories with our growing family!

Tim and I also love some local food from #hamont which include deadly eggplant parmigiana from The Parm House or Mario’s Pizza which is a hidden local gem for a good Friday night veggie pizza. We are a family of vegetarians except for Oreo the cat and Fred the dog; Fred eats raw meat from Raw Performance which “cured” his terrible breath and bad skin which was evident when I adopted him some years ago.

Looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings and appreciative of all the medical staff that took care of my dad while he was in the hospital over the holidays. If you have any questions feel free to leave one in the comment section otherwise I look forward to doing private readings and more on here as well.

Talk to you soon!

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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