2020 Predictions

For as long as I remember I have enjoyed reading psychic medium predictions for the new year.

When I write readings for clients this is generally what it looks like only a lot more personal.

I try my best to explain to you what I’m doing as we go along and I write down the conversation between Spirit and I as we navigate the cards drawn.

Recently I’ve added Amenti Oracle cards to my readings and have loved the results; the contrast of the modern images pair wonderfully and the messages are always so connected to the tarot; together they’re like peanut butter and jelly…good on their own but delicious together.

Without further adieu, let’s see what Spirit has to say about 2020!

Thank you Spiritual guides for connecting with us on the physical level as we are blessed to enter a new year; we live in a very progressed world and appreciate those who came before us, especially you our ancestors who shaped us into who we are today.

I ask that any guides please come through with any information you deem purposeful for others to know as we enter into a new chapter on edge.

I will now shuffle my tarot deck.

As I was shuffling, two cards popped out. These cards were Death and The World and I nearly fell off my seat lol.

I asked Amenti Oracle deck for some support while asking “Guides, please be specific in the overall message of the previously drawn cards…thank you.

I pulled I Consume Only My Fair Share and it’s fair to say it offered insight into those very contrasting Major Arcana cards.

In the broad scheme of things, 2020 will be one of the most pivotal years in relationship to societal changes and movement towards a new way of life as we know it now.

We are already seeing significant shifts through increasing protests and groups advocating for specific rights while we embrace the eye of the storm as far as cycles and patterns go in human behaviour and forward progression through history.

For those who follow astrology will know that where our planets are aligned and where we will experience them aligns with past experiences; I’m not proficient in astrology so I won’t even begin to go there but I encourage some research if you find that interesting.

Climate change, fires in Australia, threat of war, species extinction; all the newest themes that aggravate our fear response which is definitely not an easy way to enter into a new decade.

With Death x World crossover I see that we won’t extinct ourselves but what is happening now within our political and global worlds insofar as crises will see us living life very differently in the near future; this is the year a lot of new products (especially self care and care for our environment) will be introduced and our old way of living slowly phased out.

Death x I Consume Only My Fair Share supports the trend we’ve been seeing for the past little while now, especially within the last decade; online shopping and small businesses with focus on customer care and specialty products are becoming popular while large shopping centres are phasing out and becoming few and far in between.

The major ones are managing to survive, for now; but this trend will continue and the way our children and grand children will shop will look nothing like what we grew up with.

Think arcades in shopping malls if you’re from the 80’s or 90’s like me…some kids have never seen that in action!

Children are being introduced to technology earlier but this also provides an opportunity to remind all parents of the darker sides of social media and the internet; we will see platforms introduced in regards to this due to major exposure of experiences as those who were first introduced to technology like this as children are growing into young adults wishing to voice experiences and raise concern for the kids that come around next.

The ever growing trend of self-care and spirituality will continue to do so; businesses will be devoted to well-being and providing services that remain underground and in development at the moment.

If you are made uneasy by all of the war discussion lately; time to maybe unplug from social media for a while and relax as Death has suggested in its flag (as seen in the photo) that life prospers.

Death holds a flag up with a flower visible on it; that tells me that though there will be lots of work ahead, life will prosper eventually and the cycle will see us moving forward with great possibility.

The imagery in I Consume Only My Fair Share also suggests that we’re going to become closer after all of these harrowing crises and see change in the way we interact with one another in our daily lives and on the internet.

Negativity continues to decline as peace and sanctuary are sought within societies all over The World.

The circle wreath in The World comes together with a knot at either end telling me that we’ll be seeing resolve for many issues and by the end of 2020 we are a lot more settled down and relaxed.

The image of connection and third eye symbolism in the Amenti card once again supports the notion that people are going through dramatic change that will bring them closer together through shared experience though many will feel grief and sorrow as especially felt after the devastating crash of the passenger plane of Tehran.

May the souls of each victim find peace upon their untimely passing, especially the families left behind and may karma care dutifully for those who carried out that malicious act with appropriate and swift response.

Now I’m going to move into some more cards; I shuffle and feel drawn to pull five cards.

I ask Spirit as I draw to allow us insight into what will be happening overall to us this year; what can we heed and what can we look forward to?

I pull

The King of Cups – The Chariot – The Eight of Cups – The Four of Cups – King of Wands – King of Swords

Very interesting that I pull Kings from almost every suit!

The pentacles suit is noticeably absent from this spread so I want to point out that this may reinforce the notion of the above cards that we will be consuming less and refocusing the way we look at money.

Things in that area are still being smoothed out as we become more financially healthy and less inclined to purchase things we don’t need.

People are going to be doing a lot more research and understanding truths rather than blatantly accepting what they read or hear about; The Chariot tells me that people are becoming more independently intellectual and opening their eyes to the way things actually are versus the way we’re told they are.

We’re also going to be leaving a lot behind in 2020 with refocusing on our emotional selves as The King and Eight of Cups together suggest; the concepts of divine masculine and divine feminine become more popular and people begin to embrace both sides regardless of biological sex.

We will see gender roles becoming more balanced within work and home lives; men and women begin to work together to understand each other more deeply and begin to develop more progressively together.

The Four of Cups is a reminder that Spirit is always around us; they are like air that we cannot see yet can absolutely feel if we use the appropriate sense organs.

Spiritual development will see an increase (as already mentioned) and more people will be opening up their natural gifts and abilities as we develop a collective database of individuals who are quiet enough to hear those on the lightest frequency.

The King of Swords says that there will be reform in the world of politics and the strife that’s going on in America may see some resolution; there is a person who is going to say something revolutionary after spending a lot of time behind the scenes collecting data to make sure they have clarity in making this bold move — there’s going to be a storm brewing upon the delivery of this shocking news.

The King of Wands tells me that there is someone coming into the celebrity or media spotlight who shines bright in a different way; and this person has a strong idea that will eventually lead to advancement into a position to lead with confidence and maturity.

There are many animals in The King of Wands photo so I am inclined to think it has to do with the Australian fires and prevalent earthquakes…as seen in the card the land looks dry but there are leaves sprouting on the King’s wand; a symbol of hope and regrowth for the affected countries.

The King of Cups sees people reflecting on necessary self-care and ensuring to “water thy own garden” so to speak; people are moving toward living more naturally and understanding the complication connection between ourselves and the nature we feel so distant from due to the rise in technological advancements.

Though technology is a miracle; we begin to weed out what’s required versus what’s hurting us and focus on rebuilding ourselves as complex beings of mind, body and soul.

We might also see a rise in healthcare professionals who specialize in practice that combines both advanced technology with natural health techniques as implied through The Chariot and the cross he bears on the front of his ride.

Many of these techniques will be natural and/or traditional and handed down for generations.

Overall we can see fluctuations in environment between the cards which tells me there will be many cycles starting up and coming to a close very rapidly; change is going to be happening and it’s going to happen fast.

Okay, now on to the Amenti complimentary cards!

What stood out to me immediately was the card I Regard All Altars With Respect with its two towers connected together by an Eagle.

With those familiar with the strife between America and Iran, this strongly suggests to me that we will be seeing a resolve with America and Iran reaching some king of draw; but there will be lives lost (spilling imagery) and we’ve already seen this with respect to those aforementioned.

The fact that the structures are standing tall with a sun and bird connecting them gives me hope despite the buzz of war and crises.

Diversity groups will see positive advancement especially as people begin to realize the value of traditional cultures often overlooked within society; seen in I Affirm All Life is Sacred and I Seek With Sincerity.

The beautiful women in the photos represent growth for women, life and diversity; nature interconnected seen in a dragonfly and bird, feather and vines growing from one of the girl’s shoulders with beautiful circle/connection imagery in both.

More and more of us are going to be getting outside and back into nature; we’ll see long-term effects of looking at screens start to appear and take more measures to prevent our eyes from damage going forward.

And finally I Live in Truth.

This card ties it all together as it says that we’re going to be living more authentically with focus on what really matters; this cycle and stage of unease will see us strong on the other side with the snake in the photo contained almost as if to say the bad will be contained for us to examine as part of our history in which we were a part of.

One last pull to see what we can have to look forward to after all that heavy stuff.

The I Give Offerings That Are Genuine and I Hold Purity in High Esteem cards share a message of spirituality with images of chakra and body aligned and bright and what appears to be a person flying through the universe.

They suggest self growth and conscious awareness; unlocking potential in people will become rapid and witchcraft shops and businesses become very sought after.

We got a lot of Major Arcana cards overall so far in this 2020 reading and it tells me that there are a lot of major themes coming to a close this year with opening up of new cycles and patterns seen throughout generations.

We are also going to see light shed on the way we treat our elderly and start to think of different ways to go about aging and end of life living which is depicted to me in The Wheel of Fortune.

The Hermit says we will be spending lots of time alone and working on ourselves before emerging into society; there were a lot of cards that were single people which tells me that though we are connected now more than ever, people are beginning to distance their identities from what is traditionally called groupthink.

Reinforcing the idea of shops/storefront/online…etc. businesses opening up that we have never seen before with regards to spiritual health and occultism is The Ace of Wands; people will be coming out with ideas after spending a lot of dedicated time perfecting what’s to come to provide others with resources to learn from.

I Honor Virtue with the pondering woman with towers behind her tells me we’ll have plenty of support as we decide where we want to take our world going forward; the pillars suggest you have support so overall we’re stronger together with respect to our individual beings.

The time to act is now as we have the technology and data to do what we can to live simply yet appreciate all that we have in terms of technology, medical advances and more; people worked very hard to get us to be able to live in this stage of luxury.

Thank you.

The Ten of Swords tells me there are a lot of wounded people who must now reflect on past experiences to let them go in order to move forward in healing and growing.

We’re being told by The Hermit to reflect on ourselves; make sure we’re doing things for ourselves and not because we think it’ll please other people as we deserve to feel complete as an individual and through expression of our own personal wants and desires.

2020 will see change in the way we live, work and parent; this decade is starting out with a bang and will only continue to propel.

I really hope you enjoyed that and felt good to get back in the swing of things!

Dad was in the hospital for a while Christmas 2019 so tarot took a bit of a backseat but I’m getting back in to the swing of things.

I’m going to be talking a little about these cards on my next YouTube video; if you’re interested I have the introduction up here, otherwise I look forward to writing again soon.

And finally, I’m offering a giveaway to one Canadian resident (shipping purposes only!) upon reaching 100 subscribers on YouTube.

I’ll leave the link to my introductory video below and look forward to offering the winner their own Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, a personal detailed intuitive reading from me and some metaphysical goodies purchased locally that I think you will just love!

Thank you so much for your support.

Next giveaway will be international should I find interest shown in this one!

See you there 🙂

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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