This post is directly related to my YouTube video titled “Two Minute Tarot: Episode 1” where you can find me shuffle and pull the cards I’m about to explain here.

First off I’d like to address the error in the video; the “King of Pentacles” on-screen should read “Knight of Pentacles” but I want to acknowledge I am reading for the card pulled not what was written on-screen during the pull.

Before I shuffle I do a little ritual and ask that Spirit comes through with any required messages.

Often times I get energies that are strong and persistent and if I re-shuffle my cards I generally get the same message until it is relayed.

What starts off as an inkling snowballs into a full-blown reading so I want to thank my guides for consistently improving upon ideas and finding creative ways to relay these messages to me; navigating the path to find our reading groove certainly has been interesting…but we’re getting there!

I have been following the guidance of my Spirit guides for years and the only thing I can describe it is that I get these “messages” but have some trouble deciphering them because they come through with static noise.

I just pick away at the messages and try different things until eventually I hit the mark; what started as an idea to write a book eventually became this website and my YouTube channel, which originated as a way to read tarot, is now “Two Minute Tarot” and short videos about my life.

I haven’t smoothed out all of the details but I’m really happy to be able to do this for other people; when I receive feedback any time I read for someone I am always blown away.

And I really enjoy hearing when people resonate with my collective readings, too so I hope you enjoy this one.

Knight of Pentacles x Three of Pentacles x Seven of Swords

This combination told me a story almost immediately of a person who is struggling at work or who may be looking at other career options; you’re feeling as though where you are now is deadheaded and you’re starting to explore other options.

You just aren’t sure if you ought to take the plunge.

Spirit is nodding at your introspection and acknowledging that you may be struggling with coworkers Three of Pentacles and perhaps considering a solo career; you would much rather work independently and feel as though your ideas are often “taken-and-run-with” by others with a louder voice.

It’s not that you don’t want to advance where you are, it’s just that more aggressive personalities tend to override you and you can’t seem to thrive in the environment you’re at now.

You see your potential but every time you reach a point of readiness, something in the back of your mind tells you you’re doing something wrong Seven of Swords.

What matters is if you are happy or not; if you trust in yourself and your abilities you can trust they will take you to success if that’s where you want to end up.

It might take a little more work and maybe even a journey back to school Knight of Pentacles but this business venture is supported by your guides and your steadfast determination.

To add in the Amenti Oracle cards to the mix, these cards tell me you’re someone who enjoys making other people laugh and you’re pretty effective in communicating…when you’re comfortable in your environment.

You may thrive in a career better suited towards your personality and may have chosen your current field out of worry or maybe even because it pays well; take some time to re-assess and see if you can’t find that financial success down a path that also stokes your happiness, too.

I Invoke Laughter

You are good at interpersonal relationships and communicate well with others but you do prefer to work alone rather than in groups – you put your best face forward even through the more difficult times.

You are someone who is quick to stick up for others but you’ll stay out of drama for the most part and will withdraw from conversations even if blame is pointed your way (justified or not); sometimes it’s easier to accept the blame than it is to speak on your own behalf but these experiences will not follow you to your next employment.

You’ll be finding your voice.

I Do The Best I Can

It’s time to use your effective communication skills and pair them with a career more befitting of your nature; in working on yourself you’re learning to let go of what was created by others and embrace the you that’s been hidden for so long.

I Communicate With Passion

Take a breath and understand that your guides know of the work ahead of you; they also see you struggle where you are not appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to take the steps required for your growth, even if other people do not understand right away.

Sometimes it’s just easier to stay put than it is to cause all of the disruption in life to change something, but we are only here for a short time; I hope you find the courage to go forth and break free of the routine to find the joy most deserving of you in the future.

That’s Two Minute Tarot: Episode 1!

Until next time!

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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