Divine Guidance

Question: How does listening to divine guidance affect my daily life?

It makes things a hell of a lot easier…that’s for sure. Last night I was having a convo with Mom. I was arguing with her over some things and this post is a result of our dispute lol. My guides communicate in different ways with respect to each one; at the most basic level it is all energy manipulation. Mom gives me more of a “feeling”, my grandmother gives me “pictures in my mind” (comparable to a memory) and my grandfather speaks through nature. They all communicate through music and numbers…and of course using my divination tools for clarification is a must!

I have some guides that I know and some that I don’t; generally I know which one is trying to communicate depending on the message coming through.

At the most dense level you have us living here on earth; whereas water, light and air are little lighter. And then there’s Spirit. Whether they (Spirits) are gently manipulating a thought within me internally or physically altering my reality (radio/TV) so that they’re externally visible depends on who is coming through and the message I am receiving at that time.

There is a lot of legwork required to be able to communicate with energies and I’ve found myself too focused on trying to illuminate them all in writing but the fact is that each person communicates so differently that to try and write a manual for this shit is nearly impossible. I suppose it would be written by now if it weren’t…lol. I can’t tell you how to talk to Spirit. But I can share the way I do it and hope that a person who is thinking that life has no purpose may stumble upon this website one day and think to themselves “holy shit…Thank GOD I didn’t go through with it”.

If you end it, hate to say but you’ll be back…but we can improve the cycles we continue forth into if we work to do so; until we achieve higher states beyond the school that is earth.

We can only resolve our death/rebirth cycle while living in the body. And at this point I’m inclined to think I’ll be back another lifetime with more work to do, I’m no Sadhguru but I’m a hell of a lot better off now than I was six years ago!

I work an average career five days a week and am well-respected at my work. I’m raising a daughter with my husband and enjoy spending time with them both when we’re not working; I operate a pretty typical “working mom” stereotype. My husband and I are both tradespeople, we’re both millwrights; only he’s licensed and I’m still an apprentice. My daily life may not look too extraordinary to an outsider but catch me when no one’s looking and you might have think I’d lost it. Talking out loud to Spirit was super weird at first and I remember thinking to myself that if anyone overheard me they’d send me straight to the psychiatric hospital lol.

But my GOD, man.

It’s so fucking useful and removes so much stress and worry that it makes living a hell of a lot easier. When I first started playing around with Spirit I was doing it with intent but with the forethought that if I ended up fucking my life up even more, it wouldn’t really matter because at that point I didn’t care if I was alive or dead. My career, family, friends, education…Nothing mattered.

What did matter was figuring out what the fuck just happened to Mom and if there was a possibility she was still out there somehow rather than simply dead and gone. Imagining the latter was killing me. I thought to myself: “If it turns out nothing happens and that’s that…I’m ending it.”

I was this close to not being alive.

To my delight I found out that only our bodies die; energy cannot be created nor destroyed therefore the energy that scientists confirm illuminates our bodies doesn’t go very far after we return our vehicle to its home, the earth. The dead are still with us. We simply have to develop the sense organs required to sense them! Today I want to talk a little bit about cycles and patterns and how the identification of yours will help you grow and develop further than you imagined possible.

At its most basic explanation…life is a school and we are here to learn.

We come as blank slates (Tabula Rasa) yet carrying the energies of our ancestors and our own lives that we left behind during previous incarnations. Life is an opportunity for you to expand and grow as an individual and to also help raise the collective consciousness to a higher frequency. When some people say that we are one yet individuals this is sort of what they’re getting at. We are individual expressions of an energy grandiose; we can decide whether we are going to add positive or negative to this collective with each incarnation.

Some people act bad, some people act good; the placement of who we are and where we are in our lives right now directly reflect our position in respect to this collective consciousness. We always have a choice to upgrade our circumstances should we be willing to do the work. And when something really fucking awful happens – like Mom dying – we have a choice to make. We can let the situation experienced ruin us and fall into the sadness and despair, grief and hopelessness of the negative or we can choose to stand our ground and accept the bigger lessons to be learned from the experience and grow from it; strengthening the positive and maintaining equilibrium towards the better direction.

This is life. Yin and Yang. Positive and Negative. Up and Down. I know I know, you get it already lol.

I’ve yet to meet a single person who has not experienced something tragic or disheartening in their life. But the best people I know are the ones whose strength and determination saw them overcome the most unimaginable scenarios and who have shared their experience with others to help the next person along. When I figured out that only bodies die I vowed to get my voice out there and provide my outlook to other people to add to the work that other light-workers all over the world are currently undergoing.

We are at a pivotal moment in history; we are leaning towards shifting our societal vibration into a higher frequency and we are so close to tipping the scales that I am seeing progress being made in waves during this lifetime alone. We can see negative in the collective consciousness being ousted in many ways; our political systems on earth are seeing significant changes going forward as we remove the negative influences and replace these individuals with more positive expressions thus increasing the light in our world.

Our children will experience politics differently than we do now but this change likely won’t be visible until they have children of their own. Think of it this way: our grandparents could not possibly have foreseen what the internet and technology would do to our political system and now our leaders take selfies with its rallying youth to gain popularity.

If you had said the above sentence to my grandmother in 1970 she would have told you to get back on your crazy horse and ride home… lol. There is going to be a massive change in the way politics looks going forward and what’s happening around the world right now is only a small fragment of the bigger picture in that regard.

Our collective programming that has been largely based on inciting fear and manipulation will see rework to allow for a more natural leadership to advance; we’re going to be seeing less focus on business and finance and more on human relationships and interconnection. As human beings we fluctuate in cycles; we do this individually and as a whole.

We are so naturally connected to our earth but as time goes on we are beginning to distance ourselves and forget that. Each of us has identifiable patterns and cycles that can be observed when examining an individual life or in looking at clusters of people out in the world called soul families. In a nutshell, souls travel together through lifetimes; young souls can more often be found in remote tribal communities closely linked to nature while older souls can be seen residing in the more advanced societies within our world.

Simple doesn’t mean stupid – our souls intuitively know what to do and each incarnation offers us an avenue to develop and grow in the required ways. What we have gained in technology we have lost in our connection to nature; today I try to bridge the gap a little more. Young souls often live their lives in the wild while learning about basics like pain (war/ fighting), survival (hunter/gatherer) and life (birth/death) while older souls live in the wild surrounded by concrete and technology. Our development has lead to distancing ourselves from nature but once we figure out a way to live naturally in harmony with technology there will always be a divide.

We’ve allowed money and business to take precedence over humanity but people like myself are beginning to wake up and discuss enlightenment to allow those still sleeping a chance to experience joy, too. I grew up thinking joy was found in finding a husband or becoming financially rich yet none of that mattered when I considered suicide; the irony is that a “good husband” and “richness” came after developing myself intrinsically.

And I make good wages in my career, too! We have developed significantly in all sorts of miraculous ways but we’ve left something important behind that is our spirituality. I’m not talking about the occult or religion.

Labels already done fucked things up so I’m using spirituality as a loose term these days as I fear it is also becoming commercialized.

Our developed language also hinders us because we’re always looking to find ways to explain things and some things just cannot be explained using the sounds that come from our voice box and the limited amount of words we have to express it from there.

We remain closely connected to matching frequencies and often incarnate in groups; the people who rub off on us the most – good or bad – are the ones we are here to learn from. “Your vibe attracts your tribe…” Duality is a key theme to know and when we examine both collective and individual duality  we can understand so much about ourselves and the world we live in.

Collective = Everyone
Individual = You

Understanding the grander scheme of things makes daily life a lot less difficult for those who suffer extensively through the more strenuous experiences like illness and death and offers context for these experiences as well. Learning about what I know now didn’t stop my suffering but it allowed me to see the ways past it that I never had before.

So when I’m hitting a real low I am now equipped with the tools required to move forward in my life progression, regardless of the situation. Since tarot is the tool I communicate best with Spirit I look forward to continue to write guided messages via Two-Minute Tarot videos and interactive pick a pile! posts while offering resources to those who are interested to learn about the way Spirit affects our daily lives.

After a long discussion with my guides, I have decided once again to take a step back from taking new tarot clients and focusing my energy on my home life and growing The Mindful Millwright through writing and video creation. Life is my muse and this website is my art. I owe it to the person I was before all of this. Before I wrap this up I want to talk a little bit about how I communicate with my guides to offer a better understanding of how I am used as conduit. I generally try to keep my mind silent unless I’m choosing to think about something.

It is a process of being deeply involved with life yet detached; at work I focus on work, at home I focus on family and I never let my mind go running awry without supervision. To keep in context with patterns and cycles, allow me to offer a personal experience to help illustrate what I mean here. Where I am at in my life right now is directly correlated with the work I’ve been putting in for the past six years.

When I started as a tradeswoman I wanted to shit my pants because I had no idea what I was getting into and thought I had made a mistake; after Mom died I really upped my learning intake by letting go of the fear of looking like an idiot by asking a hundred thousand questions. Without asking those questions at that time there was potential for me to have failed in my endeavors in the skilled trades and would have had to resort to Plan B with my career…and I didn’t have a Plan B.

Now I work in a position held previously by seasoned tradespeople and my trade and mechanical knowledge has offered me the strong foundation to grow and continue as a mechanical maintenance planner and millwright apprentice; I didn’t know what a ratchet or come-along were or how to read or identify measurements as fractions or anything. But now I do. In my personal relationships I’d often choose partners or friends who required “fixing” – this was a personal pattern I exposed for myself and eliminated through inner-work.

Only after I did that did I meet my now-husband and for the first time in my life I can say that I am in a relationship with my best friend; having a healthy relationship was completely out of the norm for me and I thank Tim often for being the person that he is.

Cheating, lying and betrayal were common themes when talking about my intimate relationships and now teamwork, patience and love are.

As far as the collective consciousness I used to be a person who fed the negative; gossiping, obsessed with celebrities and vanity and overall dissatisfied that “I wasn’t rich or perfect” was normal for me; I’d spend hours thinking I was ugly and stupid and not worthy of what I wanted from life. Now I am pleased to be part of the light-working collective of souls whose main purpose is to illuminate the darkness from wherever they find themselves seated.

I’m seated in Hamilton, Ontario…and I am just getting started. We are part of history but we are only here for a short while. I hope that if you’ve found me that you’ve also found a spark of hope; I promise you can live a regular life with all of the magic supporting you as you move towards the reality of your dreams. It’s a matter of taking the steps to curate it.

Though I won’t be offering personal readings for now I will always look forward to questions and feedback — feel free to find me using the contact link above. Till next time – peace to you and yours and I hope to see you on YouTube where I’ll be animating my reality for others to see. Thank you for reading.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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