Giraffe vs Macaque: Tarot

Today I offer a collective reading that I hope will lift your spirits. I use my body to gauge my environment and offer myself as conduit for things we cannot see.

Suddenly things I used to experience as a child made more sense and now I actively flex these muscles regularly in an attempt to advance them; these readings being one of the ways I do that. Using my body, I can sense changes in the environment around me. I can smell spring in the air despite the snow; I strongly feel as though it’s going to creep up fast and I take comfort in that since it’s been a long, cold winter! Using my mind, I can engage with things that our typical senses cannot touch; the spiritual sense organs allowing me to use my mind and body in combination to be conduit.

Choose the combination that you feels best suits you!

Which one do you prefer?

If you are drawn to the first photo – Giraffe – your cards are the following:

Ten of Wands
The Chariot
Ten of Pentacles
Six of Swords
Page of Cups
Five of Swords

And your Amenti Oracle cards are:

I Honor Animals With Reverence
I Care For The Earth
I Spread Joy

If you are drawn to the second photo – Macaque – your cards are the following:

Two of Pentacles
Nine of Cups
Four of Pentacles
Eight of Cups
Queen of Wands

And your Amenti Oracle cards are:

I Speak Positively Of Others
I Remain In Balance With My Emotions
I Advance Through My Own Abilities

Ah, you have been through a ride of ups and downs in your life most recently. You are carrying the weight of your past on your shoulders while trying to use the lessons you’ve learned to guide you, however, sometimes these experiences can maintain a choke-hold on you that cause you apprehension when moving forward.

 It’s like a bad ex boyfriend/girlfriend who you can’t seem to shake – you so desperately want someone who gets you but time after time again you’ve been shown some bad apples that lead you to think you’ll never find the one. And the ones you thought “were the one” were definitely NOT “the one” – lol – so you have temporarily closed-shop while you figure out what a romantic relationship looks to you, because right now, you have no freakin’ clue!

Give yourself some much needed time and space to be you and get to know yourself before allowing someone else in this time.

Try not to stress about the “When will it happen? Will it ever happen for me?” because divine timing will see you move forward in love in due time, and there’s no need to rush ahead – though you’re very impatient here lol. Career-wise, you have several ideas bouncing around your head about what steps to take with your life but spirit is encouraging you to focus on the one that shines the brightest; this idea you can’t seem to get away from will lead you to your calling.

You have this pestering notion of either a really good business idea/venture or new career path but you are very hesitant to make a move out of fear. Don’t worry so much, you’ll find your groove and get to a place of financial success even if you can’t see past the mountain of work ahead of you – this is going to bring you an immense amount of abundance if you can set your goals straight and get a plan of action together.

Oh yeah! Crush them goals, girl — or guy! Lol!

 This newfound “you” will draw the attention of like-minded people who you will be fascinated to meet. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is a key theme in this reading and as you grow in confidence, you will find yourself being drawn to people who will have a great impact on your life – the teacher appears when the student is ready. Not only are you working to better yourself in several key areas, but other people will eventually use your story as a beacon of hope, strength and the willingness to persevere when the going gets tough.

Adaptability is one of your stronger suits and you’ve gone through some shit that other people may not even realize because you’ve handled it so well.

You may be looking for your “ideal family life” which sees you and your partner both financially and emotionally stable, and it is evident that you’re working diligently on yourself, so don’t give up there. Spirit suggests you’re this-close to throwing in the towel – But  you’re also this-close to reaching the end of this dark period! You might be feeling like “Holy shit this is taking forever” or “At this point it’ll never happen for me” but spirit advises me that you are about to be shown some wonderful treat that is not only well-deserved, but will be a welcome surprise after all of these hurdles you’ve overcome.

The worst is behind you and it’s time to move forward while using everything that you’ve learned to your advantage; the patterns (negative shit!) that keep popping up are the ones that you need a little push to grasp yet, it is going to take a little faith to act differently in these situations. For example, you may have a best friend who gossips that you haven’t heard from in a while and they could reappear in your life out-of-the-blue enticing you with some “juicy gossip” about someone you know – releasing these negative connections and lower vibrational actions will be the key to success here.

I’d look into “cord cutting” to allow yourself a way to remove the people you no longer want to hold space for – this will also help to get them off your back by signaling energetically that you’re dissociating with this particular person/energy. You got into that boat expecting rough waters but you did it anyway – and now it’s going to be smooth sailing until you reach the end point if you just manage to grasp that idea and finally allow it to take-off.

You may be used to doing things on your own by now and these skills you’ve developed with allow you to understand who you are moving forward and it will take much more effort for people in lower energies to access you now that you’ve done all of this work. You might find yourself being tested at this time, perhaps on some addictions (like partying too hard on weekends) — or something you know in the back of your mind that you ought to kick but haven’t yet, but it’s time to say goodbye to that now.

Now is the time to claim what parts of you are authentic and what parts have been curated to suit the people around you, even subconsciously. Like how I used to apologize for everything because I had a compulsion to please – it’s just something that I learned to let go of.

Those who are affronted by your sudden actions of “dropping” the things that no longer serve you will cause some turmoil but removing these lower vibrational actions – ahem, and people… — will see you farther ahead very soon. With regards to the Amenti Oracle cards, it looks like you’ve been drawn to a new lifestyle — perhaps a vegan or vegetarian diet – so this also indicates to me that you’re trying some new things and it might be rubbing people who “know you” the wrong way. People are just going to have to accept that you know what is best for you and as you try to organize your life (and lifestyle) to reflect this new and improved “you” try not to worry so much about what other people say or think – it’s impossible to control what others think or say so take it with a grain of salt.

A little while from now you’re going to be very surprised as to all of the little things in store for you and spirit knows you’ll get there, even if you’re stubborn and take the long way around lol.

This reading is highly indicative of a person who is having trouble finding a balance. You try to focus on work and your family life suffers, you focus on your family and you fall behind at work.

So what’s the deal?

Spirit is putting you through the ringer and highlighting the things that are ready to go by making you uncomfortable but you’re kind of blinded by the lights and seeing this as defeat. You aren’t meant to be defeated; spirit is trying to rapidly encourage change and you’re just needing a shift in perspective to figure out what’s going on.

Is there a way you can do things differently?

When I was first trying to navigate being a working mom, I learned that there were things I’d have to put on hold in lieu of more important matters and taking the time to write out my day allowed me the opportunity to view in full how my days shaped up so that I could actively work on what was required, what needed to be done and when. You are in a good spot with relationships and you hold the ones you love close to you, valuing the time you get to spend with them in this lifetime but you may be panicking and thinking that too much time is focused at work. Don’t worry, the ones you love know how hardworking you are and they don’t see it as you stealing time away from them but rather than working for them, for their future. So ease up on the guilt…


You may have an idea to get started in an investment or there is something with a potential for financial abundance — like a bet or putting money on something – and spirit is suggesting that this will in fact benefit you if you take the chance. This could mean more financial freedom to let you spend more time with loved ones, a win-win for all, so if there’s something that you’ve been waiting to work on I highly suggest getting a move on in that area…It’s time and financial freedom waiting to happen.

You are closely guided by spirit and may even feel this through a pet — specifically a cat – or may be involved with animals in a big way (vet, SPCA volunteer, etc.) and spirit acknowledges your actions on behalf of the furry ones – take some time to spend with these animals as they often get you into a peaceful mindset which is when guidance is the loudest. Or maybe you’ve been looking for a way to help animals since connecting with them comes natural to you; you’re realizing that these strengths can lead to a viable career option for you, albeit different than the one you envisioned yourself as.

The Amenti Oracle cards further enhance your request for “balance” and may also suggest that you’re feeling guilty working on yourself because that time could be spent with other people. It’s like the old plane adage; if you don’t put your oxygen mask on first you aren’t going to save anyone else, so make sure you’re keeping your mental and physical health a priority…There’s no point in overworking or overreaching if you end up burnt out from it all. These cards also suggest someone who is strongly guided by spirit and you may be looking toward the witchcraft community for answers yet leave feeling inadequate; remember these people had to start somewhere in their learning and it’s so unique to the person that yours may not look like theirs and that’s okay.

You’ll find your groove soon and keep talking with others and expressing what is going on; retreating into yourself is good sometimes but suffering in silence will only hurt you so make sure you’re not doing that…even though that’s easy to do. A journal or daily planner will help you out here and especially if you’re looking to learn things like tarot or oracle cards, it can be easy to become overwhelmed — pull one card per day to really allow the meaning to sit with you for example and realize that progress will happen over time.

You will also be able to clearly see the correlation between your intuition and what actually happens, further enhancing your abilities as you calibrate to the energies you upgrade in to. Overall, The Giraffe Group seems to be an independent lot who are looking for stability, therefore are advised to keep working on themselves.

 The Macaque Group seems to be a family-oriented bunch needing some much deserved “me-time” in their busy schedules.

Wherever you find yourself, I hope you enjoyed your reading! Feel free to leave feedback or questions in the comment section below.

Until next time.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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