I swore up and down I wouldn’t
Write about COVID-19
Everyone’s perspective’s different
While locked up in quarantine

I am just sick of hearing
About this stupid pandemic
I wish a miracle would happen soon
That would see our healthcare end it

Everyone has an opinion
Each perspective is unique
But they shove it down your throats now
From a safe distance of six feet

I wrote an entire chapter
In my autobiography
And I promptly took it down cause
I did not want you to see

To see my own opinions
On this globally tragic time
There are some loved ones dying
Way, way before their time

I work in manufacturing
I go to work each day
And for our vulnerable people
It’s for them that I pray

I know our healthcare workers
Are doing the best they can
The grocery store employees
Everybody has a hand

In the way we’ll see this play out
We must flatten the curve
By doing our own part at home
The ones outside still have some nerve

I am not here to judge you
Or to tell you what to do
Please head to Instagram for that
With their challenges and rules

Everyone’s a hero
Make sure you don’t miss one
Cause if you pick on one group
The other ones will come

It is the grocery workers
And manufacturing too
There are too many people
So I’ll say me and you

Let’s stop selecting one group
It doesn’t fucking matter
Focus on yourself for once
Let’s watch this judgement shatter

We are growing apart now
When we ought to be together
Fighting hand in hand so distantly
To perhaps see better weather

There will be one day coming
When we’ll see the sun once more
And the people most affected
Will still be feeling sore

They’ve survived a bad pandemic
They watched their loved ones die
While people acted casually
Their lives have gone awry

The challenges don’t matter
Who cares about push-ups?
Stay home or work if you have to
Society must not give up

We will come through this one day
We can’t foresee the end
Until that day does come, though
Be sure to check on friends

My family is my duty
I can try to keep them safe
But for everyone ignoring rules
The grim reaper awaits

My mom had COPD
She struggled much to breathe
So don’t think I take this lightly
It’s really hard to see

I’m not scared of the virus
I’m more afraid of you
The person stocking up too much
Leaving little left for few

For the few who do not panic
During this unprecedented time
If I ever forget societal reaction
I’ll look back at this rhyme

I’ll remember all the panic
My daughter won’t know at all
Cause luckily she’s still too young
To witness our societal fall

She will grow up now knowing
Her world looks not the same
Than the one that I grew up in
It’s much, much more insane

It’ll look like Futurama
Cashless payments and touch-less doors
Skype meetings in place of conversation
Technology will grow more

I have some hope left in me
I refuse to think it’s true
That some people just don’t care
About me or even you

We will change our reactions
To the way we handled this
We’ve come out of it illuminated
Societal disappointment is hard to miss

Half of us are anxious
Many more are scared
The other half is praying
That we’ll soon see some fresh air

It’s time to wrap this up now
I’ve already said too much
Coronacationers, you will feel it
During the panic of the rush

When all this does blow over
And society resumes
The lines for even more help
Will make some people fume

Why am I waiting so long!”
“Why does this cost so much?”
“Why are my taxes hiking?”
“Doesn’t Ford know we’ve had enough?”

Yes, he tried to tell you
It’s going to be hard
But healthy people chose not to work
They’d rather sit out in their yard

The ones taking advantage
Of our poor economy
Are the one who’ll be affected
It won’t be you or me

I thought I said it’s over
I’ll probably make some mad
It isn’t like I care though
Society made me sad

I hope that this looks different
If it happens to my kids
When they are big adult humans
I hope it doesn’t look like this

I will teach them the lesson
We learned in this hard year
Of what not to do in crisis
But rather, lend an ear

Listen to the professionals
The ones who work in health
Their knowledge and experience
Are worth much, much more than wealth

If we can somehow manage
To come through this unscathed
We are already tarnished
Our dead we cannot lay

Funerals have been upheld now
The weddings and births too
Celebrations cannot happen
It’s what we have to do

That’s it I’m done, I promise
That’s all I have to say
After all of this is over
I hope all of you are okay

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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