Law of One

There will be many who will grieve.
This is a time of world-change.

I understand my purpose here.
It is beyond anything imaginable.

I am a wanderer.
It all makes sense now.

When Mom died, I was close.
When I fell in love I started over.

I did not think I would love again.
I did not expect to fall into the illusory trap.

Alas, I fell.
Once more, I rise.

When I was a little girl, I would talk to God.
I did not know who God was, but I felt God.

My Christian faith told me God was my overseer.
The Masters tell me God is the Creator.

The truth has been widely misconstrued.
For the intention to distort the truth and utilize it for power.

These power systems will fall.
This is no longer the time for religion.

This is not the God of religion.
Religion is a man-made construct.

Ra told the Egyptians.
The Egyptians almost succeeded in knowing.

They plucked out Ra from truth.
But transformed Ra into something else.

The Masters withdrew themselves.
And saw what mess had formed.

They continue to keep trying.
To find the ones who don’t wish for power.

Money and greed are tempting.
And many cannot resist.

They will be back.
They will learn.

Some are still here.
Some have learned better.

God is our Creator.
He created ALL and ALL are ONE.

We are but expressions of Him.
And to Him we owe our life.

To offer thanks will offer ourselves thanks.
To offer love will offer ourselves love.

Every person, emotion and experience are one.
And are the direct result of the one Creator.

We can give ourselves to Him.
And still remain ourselves.

It is perplexing to try and explain the ALL.
While referring to ONE.

The masters say you will understand.
I hope you understand.

I found out to look beyond the words.
To look beyond the interpretations of others.

I will channel your loved ones.
Because they do not die.

They cannot die.
They are energy.

We cannot see them and it hurts.
But they can see us and they do not hurt.

I worried once about world-ending.
I realize now the world IS ending.

We are growing through evolution.
Some refuse to grow.

It is okay.
It is not their time yet.

It is your time, though.
That is why you are reading this.

I channel entities I do not see.
They see me.

I feel them, though.
Like I felt Mom after she died.

Like I felt God before she died.
It is a matter of feeling.

Our bodies are wonderful instruments you know.
They perform incredulously.

The magic happens within our brain structure.
Within parts of us we cannot see.

We are not equipped with this knowing.
Because life is meant to teach us.

To simply tell you would be redundant.
You must seek to find out.

This will weed through the bad ones.
The ones who only want the power.

It would be too easy to give it up.
To the ones who want the power.

We must remember the past.
And remember what we have forgotten.

We have forgotten.
We are about to remember.

The illusory world of life and death is a lie.
But we require this illusion to grow.

Some people will be too afraid to grow.
There will be further incarnations for them.

I cannot worry about those too-far behind.
Because they are too-far behind.

I am concerned with you.
Because you are near the finish line.

You know that there is more to life.
You just can’t grasp what that is yet.

You will know.
If you continue to seek.

I will start to meditate more now.
Because my guides know that I am ready.

I have given random messages to people.
Their wide-eyes tell me of the messages’ truth.

We ARE more than bodies.
We ARE more than our technology.

We are here to learn.
If you do not learn you will not grow.

Incarnation after incarnation.

They say I will use my words.
They say that you will see.

I trust them.
Even when I lost faith, I trusted them.

They have not failed me.
They will not fail you.

I still have lessons to learn.
They come in droves.

They hurt and sear my emotional nerves.
They teach me the lessons.

Read The Law of One.
Read more literature.

You must keep reading.
You must put down your phone.

Unless you are reading on there.
Then please pick up your phone.

They are becoming wary.
Because our eyes have turned from them.

But they see the millions who look.
Even though they cannot see.

We have turned towards human invention.
We must turn back around to nature.

They work upon us now to harvest.
After these events subside they will know.

They will know whose heart lies where.
They will know who is ready.

Oh, I cannot express in words adequately.
The knowing that your loved one is here.

That they did not die.
That they can contact you.

They try though me.
I wish I could tell you.

Love is what binds us.

Fear is what divides us.

Our political systems will change.
Our religious systems will change.

Our technology will change.
Our understanding of life will change.

In this incarnation I will bear another child.
They wish to be called V.

I have spoken with V on occasion.
V is very vocal.

V is not yet materialized.
V is still a spiritual entity.

V is an expression of identity.
Almost ready for re-incarnation.

When I was pregnant, I spoke to M.
I wondered who she was.

When I met M, I knew.
I knew who she was.

Now, I feel V.
One day soon I will hold V.

I already love her.
And wish her luck in her incarnation.

I hope to be of service.
To her and to all that I know.

What is the most difficult concept to grasp is death.
It is our greatest teacher.

Death will cause you to look inward.
Perhaps that is why you are reading this.

Did your loved one pass away?
They really want you to know.

The ones who know will know.
The ones who don’t may find out.

It takes a great deal of bravery.
And a great deal of trust.

To turn away from the stimuli.
Especially when the stimuli is painful.

But we can look to the others who came before us.
Like Jesus or Buddha, The Great Teachers.

I watched my mother die.
I watched her spirit leave.

She did not want me to see that.
She thought it would make my process more difficult.

It almost stopped my process.
It almost caused me to die.

But then I felt it.
That same feeling I felt with God as a child.

I had to explore it.
That exploration lead me here.

She knows that I am much stronger now.
Much stronger than we both expected.

I am so thankful to have loved my mother.
I am so thankful to have her love me.

Mom had a vivid dream once.
A demon spoke to her.

“Two will fight and one will die” it said.
I understand her prophecy now.

She was terrified at that nightmare.
I am glad she shared it with me.

We must consciously connect to the light.
And refute the darker energies.

Some people will not connect in this lifetime.
They may connect in the next if they work hard.

Either way, the lessons must be learned.
I am still discovering my lessons.

The literature may intimidate some seekers.
The language used is extensive and complex.

Critically constructed works of art.
They are nothing to be afraid of.

It takes time and patience to see results.
That applies to everything.

I was blocked for a long time.
Because I needed to understand.

I needed to understand that it is scary.
When you contact energy as a medium.

It does not feel natural at first.
Though it is as natural as being.

For years I was terrified of thunderstorms.
Only to realize that I died in one in a past life.

I no longer fear the rain or the storms.
I think of the sound on the roof like Mom did.

She loved the sound of the rain falling down.
And now I do too.

I am no longer afraid.
Whatever happens, happens.

There was a puzzle piece missing.
I have found the piece.

It was an unexpected mistake.
But I am relieved that I made it.

I cry each time I reach further understanding of life.
The emotion overflows within me.

It is so beautiful.
The realization of the truth.

Thank you, Ra.
Thank you, literature.

Thank you, Don Elkins.
Thank you Carla.

Thank you to all the ones before me.
Who have paved the way with their work.

They gave me directions!
My guides have offered directions.

They have reiterated to me the difficulties.
This is not easily digestible information.

They are aware of the complexities.
But they wish to offer a simple explanation.

They know it is painful.
The initial discomfort of death.

Not the experience of death.
But of the ones left behind to suffer.

This is one area of discourse wanting to be illuminated.
To understand that death does not mean to die.

That it is illusory.
Much like the world that surrounds us.

If you met me in the flesh you would wonder.
How does this silly girl know these things?

Because I am you and you are me.
We are one.

It is easy to recognize their words.
The words of the Masters.

They speak through us like instruments.
We are but the channels.

I am Kaila but I am not.
I am Kaila but I am more.

When I reflect back on my work I am in awe.
I do not even remember writing it.

It just flows effortlessly through my fingers.
Like this poem today.

It took a while to dissociate from self.
And to associate with being.

Through this association I wish to help you.
To help lessen the pain that death has caused you.

We worry too much about certain aspects of death.
“Did they know I was there?”

“Can they hear me speaking my goodbyes?”
“I had to speak through a radio due to the pandemic!”

“Do they know I love them?”
“Do they know I thank them?”

Yes, they can hear you.
They stay beside you as you weep.

They wish for you to be happy.
And to know that they are there.

Our world is increasingly technological.
It allows for furthering the illusion.

Money and material items are of concern.
World crises will cause us to see.

We must come to the understanding.
That we are still in a primitive stage.

Our technology mimics the way things are.
The energetic frequencies that we are.

But they have grown far too important.
We must acknowledge their purpose.

All of the literature suggests the same thing:
There is a cry for us to evolve.

Too many of us have turned away.
Too many of us have turned to the external for answers.

We wonder why these world events happen.
We do not see their significance.

They will continue to happen.
Until we see their significance.

It is a challenging puzzle to evolve.
But to solve it is easier than you think.

You just have to go looking.
The person who seeks shall find the answers.

It bubbles up within me.
This direct urge to speak.

It causes physical reactions until I write.
This is how these pieces of writing come to be.

They (The Masters) write through my instrument (body).
And use me as a channel.

They want you to know you are the same.
We are all the same.

We can all experience the knowing.
And we must at least try.

It is a matter of human evolution.
And we are on the dawning of a New Age.

I am told to explain myself.
To explain some of my own lessons for clarification.

I have mentioned V.
They say that is important.

Re-birth of another being.
The role of parent is important.

To help the being achieve clarity.
But to remember not to attach.

My biggest lesson is attachment.
I become too attached.

I become too entangled in the other.
I must recognize my self and the other as separate.

Though we are always one.
There is always only one.

This means to recognize it in the child.
That they are another and that they are one, too.

They require this process to grow and to learn.
Our role is to help facilitate that growth.

We suppress our children with rigorous education and religion.
We dull their powers from an early age.

They ought to be teaching us.
Not the other way around.

They know the truth.
They come here knowing the truth.

What we do is effectively distort this truth.
And allow them to further forget.

To become attached is redundant.
Death has become too taboo.

Together we must extend our understanding.
Between death and the re-birth of children.

In that space in-between is where we are.
The ones who speak through this instrument.

I grow wary of illicit judgement.
Though they ask that I continue to remain brave.

We may weep for our loved ones’ lost.
But we should not weep for what could have been.

We will be together again.
The concept of time contributes to the illusion of death.

It is time to end this now, they say.
That is enough for now.

Thank you for using me as a channel.
Thank you for reading.

The Law of One – PDF Link – Click Here!

Kaila A. Notto

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Kaila A. Notto

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