Some of my most favourite memories are beautiful.
Some of my most favourite memories are painful.

My daughter being born is the most beautiful memory that I have.
My mother and I sharing a pitcher of beer the last summer before she died.

Finding out I was pregnant and overlooking Toronto on our twentieth-floor balcony.
Walking around Toronto heavily pregnant and sick, wanting sushi so bad.

Seeing Timothy’s eyes light up for the first time.
The first time he held my hand as he lead me through the city.

That first week Tim and I met.
When he said “when you meet your wife, you just know”.

When I saw Fred in the SPCA online adoption photos.
When I saw Fred for the first time in person.

When Fred dragged me by the leash to the dog park.
When Fred protected me from a much bigger dog.

Watching my daughter walk for the first time.
Watching all of her firsts.

I have seen some difficult things.
I watched my mother die.

I saw my deceased grandparents.
Those people raised me.

They taught me how to live and love.
Yet I thought without them here I’d die.

I have been in situations of adversity.
I have been belittled.

I have rose above these things.
I have made use of the “block” button.

I post photos of my body on social media.
Some people still do not accept this.

I appreciate my body.
I take artistic photographs that I enjoy.

I appreciate the beauty of other women.
I shall trek on.

My baby girl is growing.
I want to be a good role model.

I will not interact with negative people.
I will not respond to rude messages.

I do not know why people are rude.
I am here for open minded people like you.

Remember that we are all different.
Remember that people will judge.

I ordered a significant amount of makeup online.
I am still waiting for my order to be processed.

This will be the way of the future.
All of these online platforms will open up.

There is so much change.
The birds sound so lovely outside my window.

It is springtime and the air smells so good.
It smells of earth and of rain; the flowers are growing.

ASMR tarot videos are going well.
I made a new series called Trade Talk.

My goal is to offer spiritual services.
And to inform people about the skilled trades.

I feel good things coming.
For me and for you.

This is my favourite time of year.
It reminds me of my memories.

And to make new ones.
To write in poems like this, later on.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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