Will you please read
My obituary?
The kind words of my family
For strangers to see

One paragraph each
It will include a photograph
You’ll want to read why
My person made them laugh

An entire life now gone
Summed up in the newspaper
One paragraph each
And perhaps a memorial later

These small little blurbs
They are our final goodbye
Death is for the living
The dead don’t say goodbye

Instead they say “Hello!”
It is a brand new chapter
And I hope that I live on
In the sound of all your laughter

What I said that one day
My voice echoes in your brain
Soothing those dark thoughts
When consumed with all the pain

The pain of my body
Now buried in earth
Unable to touch it
To hug or feel her

You will remember my smell
And the light in my eyes
As I tried to tell everyone
We don’t really die

This is for you my dear daughter
My family and friends
Because I want everyone to know
That death is not the end

I’ve found so much more
Can be grown from the trauma
Of losing a loved one
Please cue all the drama

I have cried all the tears
I shouted to the heavens above
Lo and behold they did answer;
They sent me their dove

This messenger is energy
A dove with its wings
Cannot be created nor destroyed
It is totally a physics thing

Look at the science
Incorporate it all
And when death tries to kill you
Promise you will not fall

Stand tall like the trees
My grandfather revered
Nature surrounds all of us
And the dead are still here

They are the lightest energy
So light…and we’re dense
And we cannot communicate
Due to our own detriment

You must vibrate higher
You must get to the place
Where you can hear them all clearly
And we’ve all got the space

Technology is grand
It has transformed our lives
But let us take a step back
And re-evaluate the lies

Will you feed the fear beast?
Let it crumble your mind
Or will you choose to look differently
At your life at this time

Open your heart to the fact
That we aren’t shown it all
Social media is curated
We all have a “wall”

A wall filled with images
Of perfect pore-less skin
But these images do not show
The monsters within

Why get those injections?
Are they really for you?
Or an outward projection
Of clinging to youth?

You are very beautiful
With your lips, wrinkles and all
I did not believe it either
But I have to stand tall

Stand tall for my daughter
Who may think she is not enough
Teach her to stand her ground
When the going starts getting tough

It is tough now for me
It is like pulling teeth
Trying to let everyone know
We are only offered a piece

A piece of life’s puzzle
Our education is great
But it doesn’t teach everything
Sorry; no golden gate

The dead do not roam
Some place up above
But inside of you, here
They are your messenger dove

They will guide you here, now
Like they used to before
It just takes some stillness
To hear them once more

When you do you’ll be thrilled
“They aren’t really gone!”
I wish everyone could feel
That the dead simply move on

We are alive a short while
We’re dead longer than that
But life means much more
Than who wore what hat

Who cares about Harry
And Megan leaving the palace
When all that they are doing
Is showing us their power

Power in saying “NO!
When the world is screaming “YES!
Standing tall for others to see
We are but their witness

In changing a tradition
That has for long ensued
Sees many people outraged
“How dare the couple move!’

There is the whole Trump thing
America is on edge
We’re all waiting for war
Because of one man and his hot-head

What if we all took a moment
To sit back and reflect
On the magic surrounding us
That the others kindly left?

Before us they came here
And invented all these things
So regular people like us
Can now rightly live like kings

We see complaints every day
About this thing and that
And it boggles my mind
That we’re still doing that

We are interconnected
With the world through the ‘net
Social media unveiled to us
A 5D world that’s not seen yet

The light-workers were there
Ten years ago, too
They’re the reason I’m here
I’ve read all their books too

Information and knowledge
These things saved my life
And because they did that
I am now a wife

I am living a dream
That I didn’t think was possible
Because once upon a time I thought
Death was just awful

I see it for what it is
A shedding; a step
To the next stage in life
Leaving others bereft

Funerals are for the living
The dead are still there
As you cry and read Psalms
They gently stroke your hair

They appreciate the celebration
Of the life they just lived
But they want you to know
That this will not be the end of it

This will not be the end
Of the connection we forged
It’s been with us for eons
And will be with us for more

We are all one big energy
Individual expressions of it
And when we raise our vibration
That’s when it really hits

“Oh shit!” you will say
As you sit there in awe
That death is a lie
And your life is not a flaw

We are all here on purpose
We have all been here before
And we will come back again
To learn us all some more

We will learn many lessons
But most importantly of all
Is that you must be in a body
To comprehend it at all

The dead do not grieve
They watch us suffer here
And wish to tell you
They still lend you an ear

Or a shoulder to cry on
When you can’t take much more
They see you suffering, silently
Curled up on your floor

They want you to breathe
It’ll all be okay
And accept death as reality
This life…it’s a play

Play your role well
Make the world much, much better
For those that come next
Are you reading this letter?

I guess it’s a poem
But the point is still made
The purpose of our lives
Is to live, my sweet babe

Death ought to highlight for us
The delicate nature of the truth
That we are here only shortly
That includes both me and you

I once felt like forever
Was far, far too long
But I realize now, just how
My life is already half gone

I am still in my thirties
I thank goodness I know now
What I didn’t before Mom died
But death taught me how

Taught me how to navigate
A world I didn’t understand
Until I opened my eyes to magic
And now I’ll give you a hand

My wish is to uplift others
Who know the same pain
Of grieving a loved one
Mercilessly shouting their name

I writhed in pain when it happened
The sting singed and it burned
Now I bear these scars proudly
They are lessons I’ve learned

When it is my time to go
And my obituary is written
Please let everyone know
The real reason that I was living

I was living for me
For my family and friends
And enjoying my time here
With each breath I expend

My body will die
One day like Mom’s did
But the difference is clear
My daughter…will live

She will know the whole truth
That life is a journey
Don’t take it too seriously
There should not be a hurry

When I pondered the years
On this earth I had left
Without my Mom here
I was so utterly bereft

“That is too many” I said
As I pondered my youth
Till Mom came and told me
“Snap out of it, you goof!”

“How loud must we be?”
“For all you to hear?”
“You are the future”
“It’s up to you, my sweet dear”

What a challenge, I thought
How tough will it be…
To convince an entire world
Of an alternate reality?

And then I recalled
All the ones who are here
Dancing, painting and singing
Songs of the heavens for us to hear

It is not that hard
To converse with Spirit
The only requirement is
You really have to believe it

It’s one of those things
Where you must choose a path
Do good and be good
Or suffer karma’s wrath

One day you will find me
In the newspaper, too
But until that day comes
I’ll talk to Spirit and to you

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020-21. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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