Hello to my new readers
I think that now’s the time
To sit down with my thoughts
And put them in a rhyme

I am so sick of hearing
What I should and should not do
Wash your hands!” on every caption
As if they will listen to you

This is a world event
Not something we can ignore
Our streets eerily quiet
Though you can still hear us roar

We have sophisticated technology
To connect us through quarantine
We stay inside in hopes that some
Don’t get the dreaded COVID-19

Social media makes it seem
Though we are never truly apart
Every Instagram account
Is somebody’s work of art

I won’t tell you what to do
During this unprecedented event
I work in steel manufacturing
So in an office my days are spent

We’re staying ten feet away
Keeping our touch-points disinfected
To keep exposure and risk low
While we work through the unexpected

Thank you to medical staff
Who are out on the front lines
We see your strength and bravery
Not just now, but at all times

What will happen next?
What is the impact that’s to come?
These thoughts are on our minds
And quite worrying to some

We may see a recession
A baby boom too, in nine months
But one thing that is for sure
Things will soon start to look up

Society will recover
From this dark and difficult time
When social gatherings and parties
Are looked upon as a crime

It’s been rough for humanity
We’ve been going through a lot
We are one organism
We’re individuals, but we’re not

We saw the loss of Kobe
Fires in Australia
The world has come together
Through many a shared trauma

What we’re seeing as a collective
On a grander scale of things
Is change happening within us
And the way we’re doing things

Events like this, they change us
We are forever impacted by it
It hasn’t been this silent outside
Since the twin towers were hit

The world may be on pause
As some of us keep going
To keep the supply chain strong
The societal boat we must keep rowing

The way out of impeding chaos
The inevitable impact this has
On the state of our economy
It could be very bad

We see the people affected
By the lack of their income
They have families to support
Some are worried; what’s to come?

For people like myself
Working in the supply chain
Our best hope is to keep at it
Keep the market crash at bay

It’s up to us to keep things moving
We are part of an essential line
My product is steel but you may
Work in a different factory than mine

Perhaps you supply the gowns
To the medical community
Do you realize how essential
Your daily work can be?

Please fix that pump and gearbox
Keep vendors and customers going
If we all do our part in the supply chain
Our success will soon start showing

I’m washing my own hands
Listening to WHO recommendations
To keep working and to keep safe
Despite all the limitations

Thank you to everyone
Who is coming together
Staying inside to forgo income
Giving the vulnerable a chance to get better

I work to keep things moving
To keep our business running strong
So that we have a chance at economical growth
Once this stupid virus has gone

Keep our immuno-compromised at home
Practice social isolation
But if you have a critical career
Please rethink your hesitation

We are all playing a character
We’re in the battle chapter
Once this is over we’ll start to see
The shape of our kingdom after

There were some scary people
Hoarding things like toilet paper
They were panicked and affected
By the fear; they’d been overtaken

This will teach them a lesson
That they’re no safer than us
Just a lot more of an asshole
Leaving some with shelves of dust

We live in the most advanced era
A privileged society
Yet some acted like animals
Who propelled shopping frenzy

I think that we’ve learned a lesson
In the way that some people are
Some we’d like to keep close to us
While some kept really far

It’s all a new experience
No one has been here before
To experience a pandemic
With such social media uproar

Everyone has got an opinion
I guess that this is mine
Though it is more of an observation
Of a most pivotal time

As you can imagine
I’m all for the skilled trades
My career has kept me working
Through all the virus charades

The government has shuttered
Everybody’s workplace down
Except those critical in nature
Like my steel company in town

Another reason to advocate
For mechanical careers
While some people are now not working
We mechanics are still here

The societal gears are turning
With each day that we are working
I promise that we’re safe, too
For anyone that I’m irking

Everyone’s job is truly important
I am not trying to judge
I’m just saying that skilled trade jobs
Are much, much harder to budge

I’m grateful to be working
Very thankful for my job
I know not everyone can right now
And some people may feel robbed

I hope that you stay safe
Remember that we cannot control
Things like this; but we can prepare
So it does not take such a toll

To all my mental health sufferers
I am thinking of you, too
I know it’s aggravating your anxiety
Depression and PTSD; I’m with you

I’ve taken some long baths
Meditated for some time
Once again, what is therapeutic
Is to put my feelings in a rhyme

The best time to demonstrate strength
Is right now, so we can shape
The quality of the society we’ll become
After this grand-scale societal earthquake

Relax and take a breath
We will come out of this just fine
If we manage to work together
During this very historical time

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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