I am formally inviting you along my journey.
This book has been years in the making.

I do not have a publisher.
But I believe in myself and my data.

You may come here and wonder.
Is this chick for real?

Yes, I am for real.
I utilize trendy sound vibratory complexes.

Sometimes complicated word usage is off-putting.
I am hesitant to use it in my literature here.

Sound vibratory complex is a term I just learned.
It is how spirit identifies words to us.

Because sometimes there are no words.
That are available for us to use.

Like how “love” is insufficient.
To describe all that the feeling entails.

The book is called The Law of One.
And is mentioned in my previous writing.

I love to express advocacy for my skilled trade work.
My career has flourished the tradesman within.

I also love to speak about mental health.
And that is the primary reason I write.

Healing emerged the writer within.
I was born again the day my mother died.

I was at my breaking point in 2014.
When I witnessed my mother die.

Holy motherfucking hell did that hurt.
But I survived that trauma.

I did not want to just survive, though.
I needed to find out why she died.

I needed to know what the hell it all meant.
And that seeking has lead me here.

So today, I invite you along.
As I relay my very personal collection of data.

Yes, I understand the prejudice against spirituality.
Because religion and science have created strict boundaries.

They have grown to be all that there is to know.
And very few are willing to look outside of those things.

But when I wanted to die, it did not matter.
The science nor the religion.

Because it hurt too fucking much.
And I thought that life was pointless.

Who the fuck cares about anything?
When the person you love most has died?

God was nowhere to be found.
Yet science did not settle my quest for an answer.

I certainly did not care about my life anymore.
And I wanted to die, too.

Fast-forward some magical years.
I am now a mother myself.

When Mom was alive we had made a deal.
If anything should happen, she would show me.

Either come back as my child or find a way to show me.
To give me that sure sign.

Do you think I forgot about that?
That daydream conversation became our most important one.

It became our pact.
And it would save my life one day.

Do I think that my daughter is my mother?
Only time will tell me that.

I will take on the roll of facilitator.
I will not impose my views or thoughts upon her.

I am very excited to see, though.
Who my daughter was before this life.

She could be a stranger to me.
Or my beloved Grandma or Grandpa.

She could be Ginger, Snoopy, Casper or Sophia.
I do not yet know who she is.

In this lifetime, she is Mila.
In this lifetime, she is my daughter.

This lifetime, I will encourage her.
To be whoever she wants.

Just as my mother encouraged me.
To be whoever I want to be.

Reincarnation is a tricky subject.
I wish to bring some science to it.

Reincarnation is blasphemous according to religion.
I wish to illuminate how interconnected it is with those beliefs.

That same God that I felt as a Catholic schoolgirl.
Is the exact same God I feel as a spiritual person.

I understand God far more clearly now.
Now that religion is removed from the equation.

We are all but streams of the same conscious thought.
And physical matter is the second step to consciousness.

This reality is reiterated in book after book.
In videos and presentations and more.

Look up the work of Dr. Jim Tucker.
Or the work of Dr. Brian Weiss.

Both are honorable physicians.
Who seek to explain the unexplained.

At least through the lens of science.
And in comparison to religious thought.

My own life mirrors their data.
My life could add to their collection.

When I was a child, I wanted my children.
I wished to be a mother again.

Day after day I played house.
And wished for my stuffed kids to be real.

Their names were Peter and Emma.
I wonder if they were my kids before.

They were always Peter and Emma.
And I imagined them as real.

I was socially distant from other children.
Because I did not understand their frivolousness.

I did not view myself as a child.
From about the age of five.

“Go and play!” the adults would tell me.
“Why would I want to do that?” I thought.

I never understood anything.
Until much, much later on.

I am thankful to have grown up in the nineties.
These days they medicate you for that.

To try and stifle the knowing.
That children like me try to express.

They call it childhood anxiety now.
I call it past-life recollection.

It makes much more sense to know.
That we have been here before.

When I die this time I will have them mark me.
So that they can identify my return.

That is, if I return.
I still have more to learn.

The thing is, we do not know.
Because we are so new to this research topic.

Mystics have come much further.
In their quest for knowing the truth.

I don’t know if Sadhguru will return to a body.
But I do know that his legacy will never die.

He has planted the required seeds.
In thought processes of people like you and I.

My wish is to keep this work going.
Should something untimely happen to me.

For now, I will simply observe.
The fresh lives that I call my sweet children.

For they were once a conscious thought.
Now brought into their physical lives.

It is beyond me to know which life is who.
But I am determined to uncover these secrets.

In some native cultures there is an elder.
This elder sits with children under the age of one.

She will derive all of the information from the child.
Before he forgets it completely.

We must prevent exaggeration or interference with the child.
So it is exceptionally important to speak of confidence.

Confidence that I am not feeding her information.
About the lives of my dead relatives.

I will not speak about my dead loved ones’ lives.
Until my children have grown much older.

So, I invite you along this ride.
Of uncovering the secrets of life.

Perhaps my words have you perplexed.
Perhaps you are over life and its struggles.

I have been at death’s door.
I knocked a little too hard once.

That door swung wide open.
And I almost leaped through.

Spirit grabbed my shirt, though.
And held me the fuck back.

“We won’t let you give up now!” they said.
Though they said it through messages of feeling.

The way life is described to us is incomplete.
And I have set out to illuminate that defect.

For that defect almost killed me.
A young life almost lost to despair.

Our education and political systems, our socio-economic systems…all of it.
It is all based on incomplete systems of knowing.

We will see all of this change.
This is the change that current psychics warn us of.

At first, I saw visions of planetary collision.
I was terrified of world-ending.

I was told it is symbolic.
There will be destruction in other ways.

My guides say the world is in fact ending.
To give birth to a new way of thinking.

Dawning on us is a second Age of Enlightenment.
Wherein we see the truer cycles of life.

Clear vision offered to us by those who came before.
And those who have returned again.

And how you and I have been here before.
And how we will return once more.

Through writing I will document what I know.
For I am but a piece in the puzzle.

Thank you for collecting this piece.
I hope it fits into a spot of understanding.

Kaila A. Notto

A note from the author:
Here are some of the works that have transformed my understanding of life if you are looking for somewhere to start…

Many Lives, Many Masters – Dr. Brian Weiss
Reincarnation Presentation on YouTube – Dr. Jim Tucker
Energy Medicine – Donna Eden
Inner Engineering by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Law of One by Ra
How to Know Higher Worlds – Rudolf Steiner

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Kaila A. Notto

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