Alas, I have retreated.
Hiding behind a private account.

Fearing the words of strangers.
Taking cover after being hit.

Switching off the creator account.
Switching on the personal account.

One allows it to be a private affair.
The other is for all to see.

Photography is my hidden art talent.
Much like the makeup done for selfies.

Slow motion videos of a ruffled skirt.
Perfectly accentuating my small waist.

My small waist a result of hundreds of crunches.
Gaining muscle tone for me to show off.

Alas, the odd time I photograph a tool.
Those gain the most negative comments.

Was it wrong of me to take a selfie with them?
Surely I have crossed the line.

What tradesperson takes selfies with tools?
Apparently this one does.

I watched America’s Next Top Model for years.
I wanted to be photographed so badly.

To seduce the camera like those women did,
With their undeniable collection of beauty.

Taking photos myself that I dreamed of then,
Seducing the camera on my smartphone.

Some people mistake these photographs,
To be more than simply photographs.

They judge me more harshly than Tyra would,
At least I can imagine so.

The dream of being judged in photos realized;
Lived out but hardly glamorous.

To create is to live and living is all that I do,
So I create content for others to see.

Whether at work or at home; enjoying my life,
Photographic snippets of my existence.

@TheMindfulMillwright divided into two:
@ConsciousnessConnect my other account.

One sharing selfies and proof of life,
The other displaying tarot readings.

Welcome to social media, they say,
As they begin to knock you down.

Encouraged to be who you are,
But stifled when that becomes too much.

Too different, too taboo, too out of the ordinary.
Too this or too that, too bad…I don’t care.

The beauty of the private button.
The beauty of the block button.

People may try to steal ideas.
Or photos or tarot revelations.

But they will not steal my spirit,
Nor will they steal my passion.

Thank you for liking my photographs,
And being much kinder than some.

Thank you for reading these words,
For accepting my expression of thought.

Thank you, kind stranger, for accepting me.
And who I choose to portray.

Kaila A. Notto

Feel free to hit me up on Instagram…I accept all requests!

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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