The world is ending
The world is changing.

The world is growing
The world is online.

Recording me
Recording you.

Recording births
Recording deaths.

I was taught
To reject racism.

I am almost
Thirty-three years old.

Why is racism
Still prevalent today?

Because some people
Still have not learned.

We are rich gemstones
Each of us unique.

We are rubies and diamonds
Or like sparkling sapphire.

Some are the rarest onyx
All special and unique.

Gleaming under
The same glorious sun.

To illuminate
These beautiful differences.

Why is there still hate
Tarnishing our world?

When it offers such beauty,
How come they don’t see it?

They must not see it
To perform such ugliness.

To embody the evil
That the rest want washed away.

We have come together
We are powerful together.

Sharing our words like wildfire
Spreading community to the world.

I sat in self reflection
To think about all of it.

The social media movements
How to contribute to actual change.

I had undermined myself
Not even thinking of writing.

Thinking it wasn’t a platform
Large enough to make impact.

That was my first mistake
But I am not about to repeat it.

I will write
I will write.

I work in a steel mill
It dawned on me today.

Why is it that these days?
A steel mill is more modern?

Than a police force?
In combating racism?

My company does not tolerate
Racist or disrespectful behaviour.

It will terminate employees
Who participate in that.

So why do our leaders?
Not enforce the same strictness?

Telling all the people?
To cut the asshole shit out?

Tradespeople have no guns
We have no real authority, really.

Yet somehow our policies
Remain modern, respectful and upheld.

It should be that way
For all modern organizations.

I work with all sorts of people
The majority of them are men.

Making me a female minority
As an industrial mechanic/millwright.

They support me as a woman
Like they support a diverse workforce.

Making me realize the importance
Of impact on your community.

The company I work for employs
People that live in my city.

We all go home and extend
That same respect at home.

It starts with you and me
And companies like that one.

That put forth the efforts
To ensure that shit won’t happen.

Because people are dying
People have died.

We have the means
All the technology.

We are now seeing
The entire world change.

I stand with you
My friends around the world.

In support of togetherness
Strengthening humanity and our future.

For kids like my daughter
To reflect on our lived past.

To do better
To be better.

Because we fought
And we won.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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