Conscious consumption is a valuable term to know. It has helped me to know the difference in why I struggle and whether it is an internal problem or an over consumption of something; food or media. Just as junk food can weigh a person down, so can too much negative media on the psyche. Recently, the amount of misinformed media bombarding my social feeds propelled me further into my downward depressive spiral alongside many other factors, but media was a major factor this time around. Social media is filled with people who are operating strictly out of ego, and there are many who are also masking as spiritual healers. It is a time of spiritual commodification. You must be conscious of what you read or eat, always. Spirit is being very adamant in my reiterating that; probably because I almost crumbled under pressure once again. Perhaps it’s getting to you, too.

As a tradesman, my career has developed within me a keen sense of knowing how vital preventative maintenance is. When we neglect our equipment, it breaks down. The same goes for our bodies and minds. When we die, we step out of the body into the eternal, but the eternal is here with us right now, too. Allow me to use a personal example of the crossover between mundane and spiritual. These days I have conversations with my spirit guides who give me advice or knowledge that comes to fruition during conversations or interactions at work or on social media. I was also thinking of several business ideas and becoming perplexed in thinking I was being guided towards different careers which was weird, I realized that it was future society that I was seeing, so with my guides’ blessing I offer these visions to you here.

We are turning towards a much more natural lifestyle. Even in the cities they will plant more greenery, we can see it on our balconies at first but it’ll spread to public spaces where littering fines will increase and it will become less socially acceptable to do that. Think 90’s litterbug campaign on steroids lol. We are looking at creating green-space on top of condo buildings, unique looking highway systems with new traffic developments and more. We will see a collapse and restructuring of political and social systems. From our governments and school systems to shopping malls becoming obsolete with the only brick-and-mortar to be specialty stores with most shopping done online, there will be lots of major changes within our society happen rather quickly. Right down to the way we operate using money and technology, etc.

Everything will be different but there is no need to be afraid. The darker side of humanity is quickly being over-shined by the light, and the internet has done wonders for communication. People are beginning to uncover sinister operations and these will be eradicated. It is why the world looks like the apocalypse right now. It is going to be uncomfortable for a short while but within the next year we will see these changes begin to really start to happen and quickly. The children returning to school will mark the start of the change and by November there will be an event that is bigger news than the pandemic. Peace will occur as a result.

Eventually there will be a shift in societal focus towards the protection and care of our elderly members. Age is a privilege but physical age does not prove of growth or knowledge of a person; the character of that person will determine that regardless of physical age. This shift in understanding will see a complete restructuring of the way we have retirement homes set up with more emphasis on family involvement as well as funeral services being more individualized and less “pick a package” type deals. Modern funeral services will be replaced with more natural, cost-effective, spiritual ceremonies that cherish and celebrate the transition rather than just to mourn a loss. Death is not our last stop and this is going to be common knowledge.

Expensive weddings and any other service that banks on human emotion to remain in business will be replaced by more mindful, intimate celebrations with family and friends with a focus on the love between the couple instead of the ceremony itself. Transitioning from expensive gifts for occasions or pre-made cards to handmade ones, crafts and experiences instead will also become common. People with wealth will no longer be viewed as an enemy, but people with wealth who spend it on hurting other people will be. So there will be a massive shift in understanding capitalism and we will be organizing our society based around businesses that support other humans rather than siphon money out of them. We will be putting our focus and money into people and businesses who we do support because of their morals and mutual acceptance of the other. The people and businesses who operate out of a place of ego with disregard to humanity in any way, such as discrimination of religion, sex or race, will be put out of business for good.

There will be a significant recognition of the fact that we’re all human beings outside of the labels we created. It will no longer only matter the colour of our skin, our origins, our sex, our orientation or any other divisive label – we will be first recognized as operating out of ego or spirit and appreciated for our other features. Education and school systems will be redesigned and we will see the transition to the new-style of operation soon.

Imagine we, the world, are all inside one big car. The driver is ego and the world reflects that: chaos, disorder, materialism, greed, murder, pain, violence, suffering, hate, etc. Spirit is also riding in the car, but spirit is too gentle to fight back, so ego keeps pushing spirit into the backseat. So spirit has waited. And waited. And waited. And now, ego has driven us directly into a river and we are all drowning and asking spirit for help. Spirit has hopped into the driver seat and is slowly guiding us to safety. It’s just going to take some time and patience. I’m in for the ride. Are you?

Lastly, as I head in to my workplace each day, I remind myself how many times I have worked somewhere that it just always felt like work, whereas my career feels like I walk into my second home and getting paid is a bonus. The people that I work with are amazing, I get to develop mechanical skills and the guys are honestly really nice to talk to during the day. If you hate getting up for work each day then you are not fulfilling your purpose. You’ll be amazed at the difference when you start deciding that your life and future is worth it. I did and I will never look back. Till next time.

The Mindful Millwright

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Kaila A. Notto

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