September 2020 Horoscopes

September 2020 Horoscopes

The Ace of Pentacles suggests that you will be seeing a flow of income, perhaps a career offer or sudden windfall, come your way in September 2020, Aries. Spirit wishes for you to hold your head up high as you may be feeling down and wishing for a sign that luck will be turning your way with regards to money/career. Your daily life is about to become a lot smoother financially after all the hard work you have put into yourself to get you in a position to accept this offer. It’s no secret to the people who surround you that your determination and persistence would eventually pay off! Congratulations in advance.

The Three of Swords may represent a sudden experience of emotional turmoil like the ending of a tumultuous relationship or sudden grief. Taurus, your guides know that you are more than strong enough to handle this hurdle. Your guides ask to offer encouragement and to let you know that you’re most definitely not in this alone. Be sure to ask for help and look for signs in radio songs, the sky and other ways you connect with spirit personally. You are never truly alone. The more you investigate the signs that you know are unique to you, the easier it will be for you to calibrate your gifts. The “strange little thing” you notice is not strange nor little…it is your guides trying to connect. Good luck!

The Sun came out for you, Gemini! You could be experiencing a darkness or heaviness right now as you unveil layers within yourself that were previously hidden. This is a tap on the shoulder from spirit that you are indeed on the right path and you will find further propulsion into your journey in September as your purpose slowly unravels before your eyes. The light is about to shine for you, after a particularly dark period, so hang tight. Mindfulness activities such as coloring, knitting, reading or even channeled writing are encouraged to assist with the process. Particularly sitting in a coffee shop or cozy chair with a cup of coffee or tea and a book is the image pulled for you; time to get your bearings back.

Hmm, interesting. The Moon was pulled for you, right after Gemini had The Sun pulled in their horoscope! How connected we truly are. If you are a fellow Cancerian, all that praying and crying and major bullshit that you’ve undergone the last few months will lead you to be a better leader later. Your pain will help to inspire healing where you once were, so don’t give up just yet. The best is yet to come and keep praying, talking with the moon, manifesting and healing. Shadow work is hard work, but your spiritual team has full confidence that you can handle what has come and what will come next. Curating a room with fall décor may help to set the mood for September by refreshing your exterior to express your internal changes; spice things up in your home or room to allow your space to become more reflective of your true self.

The card that was pulled for you is Temperance, which is a sign that you need some balancing or structure set back within your life, perhaps after a chaotic or difficult time. September is the time where leaves fall to the ground to get ready for winter, you too must let go of the things that keep you tethered to the past. Spirit encourages a new routine perhaps including yoga or a massage to relieve some accumulated stress and tension. Time to settle in, get cozy under a blanket with a comedy or romantic movie to take your mind elsewhere for a little while.

The majority of this month is set in your house, Virgo! Happy Birthday! The Hermit showed up for you, suggesting it is time to go even further inward and do some digging to find out who you are and your highest purpose. You may have undergone an ending in career or relationship that took you through a loop recently; now is the time to reflect on who you are without the things that you thought were what made you…you. You are more than the labels we attach, and spirit is gently reminding you that taking some time to figure things out will lead to better results than rushing into something out of fear. Take a walk and remind yourself that we are just like the leaves on the fall-time trees; ever changing, always beautiful in color and always ready for the next new cycle in life.

The Eight of Cups tells me that you are ready to leave behind the people and things that no longer serve you or the future you are trying to see yourself in. This is spirit’s way of reminding you that with every empty cup comes an opportunity for it to be filled with something new and marvelous; you may be feeling empty now, but this is only a step towards a future that sees all of your cups overflow as a result of the work you put in now. Let it go. Things in the past we cannot change, nor can we change what other people say and think. But we can make the changes that are required for a better life for ourselves, you may just need a little push. Your guides have your back and September marks an upswing in your luck, Libra!

The card pulled for you, Scorpio, is Strength. Perhaps you’ve always been the strong one, the level-headed one, the person everyone goes to when they are having a rough time. September marks a time of rest for you where you must start offering yourself the same kind of love and reassurance that you do to those closest around you. When the going gets tough, it is okay to keep a brave face on but remember that you are a human being too, those emotions that you stifle will only grow the longer you keep ignoring them. Let it out, and let it go. Spirit offers you strength. Communication is encouraged.

Sagittarius, you may be feeling like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew right now, don’t worry. Spirit assures you that it the waves and hurricanes you have been experiencing are settling down as you begin your journey towards dry land. You are in the middle of the ocean on the life-boat you used to bail, but you can’t quite see land yet; you knew what would happen if you made the choices to get you here, so it is time to be brave and follow through with what was done. You will hit the shore very soon, but in the meantime be sure to reach out as you may be feeling alone; you have the support, you just have to ask for it. The King of Cups was the card drawn for this reading.

My dear Capricorn, ouch. You may have felt stabbed in the back recently. September will bring about new understanding about where you should focus your direction as a result of this betrayal. Though it may feel like you’re on the ground, wounded and bleeding, remember that as this chapter closes, a beautiful new beginning is able to start for you. Grab that latte, read that book and pick yourself back up; if it left you, job or person, let it go. The reasons why will reveal themselves over time and you tried…that is worth something. Take care of yourself. Ten of Swords.

It’s the Age of Aquarius…never mind lol. For you, the Seven of Wands. September may see you having to navigate a lot coming at you at once, either in the form of opposing opinions or your having to make a choice. Take your time in considering all options and opinions before making your move. You are steadfast in your own opinion and stance but be sure that you’re open to criticisms or differing views that may help to enrich yours. Don’t be taking anyone’s bullshit but be sure to keep the lines of communication open enough to at least hear them out before deciding on your position on the matter. The more you know.

Hello, Pisces! You are undergoing major changes with the way you think and may be hunting for spiritual advisors or readers (ahem…lol). Be sure that the people who you are listening to have good intentions; spirituality is heavily commodified and there are many sources of greed at the ready to “help” anyone with some coin. Free knowledge is the best form and you can get all the information you need from libraries and the internet without having to source expensive divination tools or readers. You can do it too, boo, just have some faith. Spirit has your back, always.

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