Little Things

My favourite things
Aren’t technically things.

The smell of the weather change
In late August and September in fall.

Or the way my daughter says “Hi, Mama!”
Each morning as I wake her up for daycare.

It is the little things
That bring so much joy.

It is the mundane things
That make me so happy.

I did not know this
Before my mother died.

I was chasing happiness
In the form of materials.

Money, clothes and other items
Frivolous never-ending spending.

I didn’t understand
I just didn’t understand.

These days I am wealthy
Rich in love and happiness.

Financially healthy
Because I don’t spend.

Not on stupid shit
Like I used to before.

Because it doesn’t matter
The materialistic things.

What matters is the impact and imprint
Your life makes on yourself and others.

Kindness, empathy, understanding
Over labels, division and separation.

We are all one being
We come from one.

Our skin suits
Are but that.

As we shed them
We reveal our energy.

What type are you?
Dull, dark and grey?

Or illuminated, brightly shining?
All the sparkling colors of the rainbow?

Look around at the trees, sky and flowers
The plants and nature that cyclically remain.

We are just a pit stop
While they are forever.

Then we become earth
We are back to being one.

This is just a pit stop
I enjoy the simple things.

Like the bright blue sky
Dotted with fluffy clouds.

Or coffee brewing in the early morning
Enjoyed in the silence with my husband.

Before we part our ways
Two tradespeople together.

Soulmates and Twin Flames
Supporting one another eternally.

You will find your happiness
Within mundane regular activities.

All you have to do is calibrate
Your energy towards happiness.

The Law of Attraction or
The Law of One (Book).

If you are reading this
You may be on a pit stop.

Keep on going, you’re getting there
This sign says “Good things ahead!”

It is all energy
We are connected.

Until the next stop
Godspeed on your way.

Remember to enjoy
The littlest of things.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020-21. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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