Free Mini Tarot Readings: TikTok Round 2

Hello! Before I jump in to your readings, I want to thank you for allowing me to read for you.

Due to overwhelming inquiries on TikTok, I am going to answer a few frequently asked questions, so if you’d like to jump to your readings, please feel free to skip ahead.

The videos circled in the snapshot of my TikTok account are the ones that I was receiving a lot of comments under asking for a free reading, but those were not intended for that. The 17.0k one was an update to the Tarot Round 2 video (circled in yellow just before it) and Mini Collective Tarot Reading is a mini reading with one card pulled at the end of the video. The first group was the first “Free Tarot” video circled in yellow at the bottom right.

I hope that clarifies things further.

The next video I release on TikTok will let all of the participants below know that their readings are live; the list of usernames read below are:

@taungapeaufam @stacey_virgo @sarah_cerna @valleynurse69 @mystikalwilson1 @smfd1902 @annamontalvo84 @teishasim @morgan.petway @moodymoonmama @traumarn76 @marychurch_ @stankypiss @jenipeg @maddisoleil @canadianwoodchick @chic_mamma @boredbbougie @rosehoughacting @al3xiss6 @lianawith1n @mommajenni @kc_kiran @kelzee_ @parisdavino @ceeboolalopez

This is the first group to receive readings this way whereas before I would DM readings privately. That system was hindering this process significantly and I think that because we are all connected, there are lessons to be gained from others’ experiences, much like we can read advice columns that ask about personal situations in a newspaper column.

I use the Rider Waite Tarot Deck if you wish to google what your cards look like. Biddy Tarot has an excellent reference if looking which may provide further explanation of your cards. Enjoy!

Free Mini Tarot Readings

You may be entering new territory with regards to a job or relationship. Ensure you have all facts before you proceed; The Fool is spirit’s way of saying “caution before proceeding” and that is clear for this reading. 6 of Swords suggests that you may have had a shift in experience with letting a situation or person go, but it will work out for the best overall. Things will settle down soon and the sun will shine to illuminate the dark areas where you may be confused. It will all be revealed in divine timing; your guides appreciate the trust and wish to offer encouragement going forward. You will be celebrating soon. I keep getting “rainbow” for you – you may be seeing a rainbow as validation or hold particular meaning with rainbows; your guides wish for me to validate that at this time.

You may experience an immense outburst of happiness after undergoing some heavy experiences recently. Or maybe you are waiting on a sign that things will be looking up! The 5 of Cups suggests that you are leaving pain behind; you may still be feeling some of the aftershock of this experience. Good things are in store for you and you may be drawn to a flower which will help remind you that your guides are never far from you. Sunflower or yellow flowers, specifically. This might be fresh type of pain, but spirit wants you to know that for every cup that is emptied within you, an opportunity to fill it back up with things that better serve you awaits. Animals may be drawn to your energy or you may find “pets” in uncanny places, say farm animals such as horses or barn cats, so please remember to talk with nature and your guides as they work to assist you as this connection ripples throughout lifetimes. Hugging trees (yes, trees!) and pets serve as ways to ground us while simultaneously benefitting the animal/plant with our exchange.

6 Cups and 2 Cups were pulled for you, signaling a likely upcoming romantic connection or serving as validation for a current partnering. Spirit is very encouraging of your partnering with someone who is empathetic and will place your needs above their own; this person is a good one. You will see eye-to-eye and work as a team to grow as a couple as well as individuals. If you are moving somewhere new or relocating this is a sign that the connection will occur after this move; if you are staying put this person may be from out-of-town or somewhere unfamiliar to you. It will work and it’ll be beautiful. Exciting and inspiring!

Double 8’s! 8 of Swords and 8 of Wands. You may have had a lot of shit thrown your way recently, and spirit wants you to know that although you may be feeling stuck or overwhelmed, it will pass soon. Take things one at a time and combat each person/situation as it comes, leaving the past where it is and the future as unknown. Take a deep breath. There are a lot of opinions, perceptions and media bombarding you right now and your guides wish to offer an olive branch in communicating that this cycle will end soon and we will see a more positive interpretation of these changes in the media soon. If you are one of the folks that has succumbed to the fear mongering on social media, worry-not as spirit wishes to remind you that their guidance is subtle and will not cause you to feel a stress response. Gentle guidance only. You may notice 8’s repeating or the time 8:00 often; numbers are the way your guides connect with you most easily and they encourage you to notice when you’re feeling uncertain; look to the numbers and they will help calm you with reassurance.

You have been carrying a lot and spirit wishes for you to put some of these things down (10 Wands). The Empress showed in your reading, so together these cards tell me that it is time to put some focus on the divine feminine parts of yourself; you may be the person who holds down the fort during rough times but it’s okay to tend to the more vulnerable parts of yourself, too. This part may sound a little wild lol but WAP and Watermelon Sugar (songs) are popping up for you, encouraging your growth as a person who embraces all aspects of life. You are so divinely guided and assisted. Major change is coming into your life and you will be settling into a place of comfort and peace after tackling the issues one at a time. Take the most important issues and work through those before handling the stuff that can wait. Lots of feminine energy watching over you in the form of a nurturer too; female energy on the other side offers a hello and “I’m here, I’m guiding you!” very firmly.

6 Wands and the Knight of Pentacles. If you have been on the hunt for a new job option or perhaps considering options for education, please know that your path is quickly being illuminated and you will find your groove soon. There may be a lot of people surround you who think you should go this way or that; remember that you know yourself best and taking action on your own visions and goals will get you farther than acting out theirs will, despite how hard they try to sway your decision. For example you may want to go in to veterinary medicine whereas friends and family can see you as a businessperson or vice-versa, follow your passions and let that guide you towards a career that fulfills all needs, not just financial ones.

The Hierophant and Queen of Wands showed for you. As you dive further into your understanding of life and your purpose here, your guides first wish to acknowledge your willingness to accept help by asking where you can (even in the form of tarot readings!) and that you will always be offered answers when asked. Books are wonderful resources when searching for knowledge. Pull out an e-book from the library on a subject that you’re interested in and ask your guides a question. Flip to a page for your answer and voila! Divination. Your connection might not look like everybody else but that’s because it’s unique to you. A lot of spiritual fraudsters are using spiritual facades to oppress other people into thinking they’re superior, but you don’t need anything to find answers…other than yourself! A major spiritual breakthrough will occur for you which will help to further uncover your path and help you navigate your next move.

Ten of Pentacles and King of Cups were pulled. These cards combined send the message that you may be experiencing a sudden windfall in money, particularly after a difficult time emotionally. I cannot tell if this money is coming as a result of the experience or if your guides want you to accept it as a sign from them, but either way the money and this experience are directly connected. You have guides on the other side in almost a father-like figure, someone who watches you grow and sees the success you harbor within. You may feel “over” some patterns and cycles “This person is always doing this!” or “I always end up in this situation!” but no more! The ending of this cycle brings closure and confirmation to lead you to greener pastures. You’ll be sitting in situation that sees you fulfilled financially and emotionally, so keep working! Because it’s working.

The Ace of Wands and 8 Wands both popped out for you. The Ace of Wands comes to me when my guides are having difficulties getting through to me (because I am a stubborn witch lol) so I feel as though you may be undergoing some tough times that have you questioning whether or not spirit is there for you. Absolutely they are. The things that are happening are shaping you into who you are, and you do not have to accept anything that you don’t want to bring along with you. That means people or experiences that have hurt you – leave them in the past where they belong. Any experience that causes a reaction within you will teach you something, once you gain some speed you’ll see yourself moving lightning-fast towards your finish line. Overall, this is spirit reaching out to say “Relax, we got you!” during the more difficult times. Breathe in, breathe out. We got this.

The cards that popped out for you are Death and 4 Wands. These cards tell me that you may be experiencing a rebirth of self after some eye-opening experiences. You will be celebrating soon. If you have had a trip postponed due to the virus or are thinking about travelling, your guides wish for you to know that it will happen when the time is right. It can be an overwhelming world out there but all we can do is take it one day at a time. I feel compelled to draw a third card, so I am going to do that now. Ace of Cups. Your cup will be overflowing with joy to replace anything that was emptied so if you have had a recent experience that has you in doubt or questioning things, your guides want you to know that your thoughts and feelings are heard and they work to try to let you know that through radio and song. You may even have a certain song reminds you of someone or something, the timing is always right and your guides will keep playing it until you believe that it’s them!

For you I pulled 2 Pentacles and 5 Pentacles, suggesting that you may need to regain some balance in work and life situations. You may be a breadwinner or someone who values their work highly, this is a gentle reminder that your work is very appreciated, but your needs are important, too. Find someone who can care for you like you care so deeply for others. Keep an eye out for people who are leeches emotionally or financially, that situation rarely improves unless the other person is willing to work on themselves. All you can do now is focus on you, and the person who deserves you will be drawn to that without the need to gain something from you. Take that power back and give yourself a hell of a pat on the back for the work that you do!

The cards pulled for you are Queen of Swords and 4 of Pentacles. I believe you had asked about fame, and this message comes very clear: absolutely you can be famous if you are willing to put in the work. You may have experienced feelings of scarcity that is a result of either current lifetime placement or some residual past-life themes that linger. The scarcity mindset is what will hold you back in your search for money and fame; if you learn to accept that you’re totally worthy of the work you put in, then you will see your dreams come true. Do not wait for others to make it happen, get out there and do the things that will see you in the position you want to be in. Mantras like “This is all I need right now,” and “I am grateful for all that I have,” will propel you faster towards abundance by rapidly enabling the law of attraction. You will see the results with patience and trust.

First of all, you have my favourite username. Period. Your cards are 5 Wands and 9 Pentacles. You may be having a tough time making a firm decision regarding career paths, but this is a message to explore all options thoroughly before proceeding. It’s okay to make a few mistakes in trying a few different things before settling on a decision. Page of Swords suggests that you’re working on something right now and this is a communication from your guides to keep at it, they notice your work and know that you will come out of this experience enlightened. In particular, you may notice a bird as a sign in the near future as confirmation from your guides.

The cards that were pulled for you are The High Priestess and The Ace of Cups. This pull is highly indicative that you are on a deep journey inward right now, and this is most certainly encouragement moving forward in exploring that. You’ve undergone a particularly difficult or colourful past, this is a sign from your guides that your dedication to faith and trust in your journey is paying off. This may sound weird but two things popped up for you: one is tropical fruit or fruit in general like pomegranate or papaya, the second is that you may have grown up in a faith such as Catholicism. These religions, if looked at all together from a broader perspective, all can offer us rich context when trying to understand the bigger picture. This is a sign from your guides to continue reading and searching, you will be guided to the answers you seek as you ask for them. You may be connected with them in swimming or in water (bating or nature) and this is encouraged as they are able to speak to you when it is quiet during these connections.

Wow! Two Major Arcana cards, which tell me that you may be undergoing major change in your life right now. You have a lot of support behind the scenes which is especially masculine in energy, there are two people in particular who watch over you intently. They acknowledge your seeking of something to validate their presence and this is it. The Hierophant and The Star tell me that you are destined for good things; remember to invest time in yourself in ways that make you feel relaxed and secure. That quiet moment in the morning when you wake up? Try to hold that space a little longer and see what pops up. The more mindful you are, the quicker you will be able to distinguish what is you and what are your guides trying to communicate with you, which will sound more like third-person speak. Keep calibrating your gifts and discovering more! You may receive signs through avenues like social media personalities, remember to use what works for you and see what your own personal gifts are, which may be in the form of writing or art (performance, makeup or acting) as suggested in The Star.

Ah, the King of Swords and The Chariot are direct communication that good news is on its way for you. Your guides wish to offer support and almost to say “let’s give you a lift!” as you may have had a rough experience lately. I felt compelled to pull another card and 7 Cups popped out. That tells me that there is someone on the other side who watches over and guides you and regardless of the paths you choose, they wish to acknowledge that they are never far. You have a lot of experiences in life that will unfold to teach you things but most importantly, it is a wonderful looking future and you’re not only supported behind the scenes but gifted with close people, and will be introduced to others, in your lifetime. There may be a person coming into your life who will help to acknowledge your purpose and help further you along your journey as a teammate rather than competitor. Many wonderful experiences on the horizon for you including travelling and more!

Hmmm. Two Wands. The cards that came out for you are the Ace and 8 of Wands, suggestive that you may have had a lot come at you recently and are needing of an extension of spiritual acknowledgement that you are supported during the experience! I pulled another card and it was 10 Wands lol. More Wands. This one says to “Put something down before you break your back!”…you may be juggling a lot lately and it is a message to put some of your worries and small things aside to tackle the important things first. You can’t do everything, though spirit is smiling and saying “We see you trying though.” I wanted to pull another card and haha another Wand popped out! You may be noticing synchronicity in your life and that is reflected in your pull. 4 Wands tells me that you will be celebrating soon whether that is a date night or a night out…you’ll be having a good time and this will be well-deserved. Have fun and be safe! You will notice signs in your life whether it’s on the radio in the car or cloud formations, this is something you already do and you will see more of it now that you validate its existence as it is your guides communicating with you. Numbers in patterns like 12345 or 333 will be noticeable.

The cards that came out for you are The Hierophant and 9 of Swords. The 9 of Swords tells me that you may have experienced some insomnia recently due to an experience causing turmoil in your mind, but rest assured things will work out in your benefit. The 9 of Wands tells me that you might be looking at the past like “What the fuck?” but honestly, you’re better off and things will work out. The truth and all will be revealed to you that you may be missing right now. You have worked hard at who you are and that may be tested from time to time, don’t let the actions of others shake the strong roots you’ve grown. The King of Cups suggests you’re a master of your own emotions so you may be able to put on a brave face in the midst of hard situations; remember to take the time when alone to sit and feel through emotions, even the more difficult ones. Good things are on their way to you and you’re going to be shown evidence of this soon.

Hello! The cards that were pulled are the 7 Swords and 10 Pentacles. This duo suggests a couple of things! First of all, you’re in store for such a magical and beautiful future that sees you in a good home situation and financial one as well. You may be feeling like other people are doing what you ought to be doing or “I could do that right now!” but you’re going to find your niche soon and be wholeheartedly acknowledged for that. The Hanged Man suggests that you are your own worst enemy in that you may be thinking “I’m not good enough” whereas you totally are and are so acknowledged by your guides (and me but I don’t count lol!). You may be guided towards pets like dogs and cats as they will help relax and guide you in this lifetime. You’ll be guided to someone who will help team up with you so that you bring out the good in one another…stay tuned for this wonderful connection which will help propel your journey forward. Enjoy!

The first two cards pulled for you are Judgement and Ace of Cups. This tells me that your guides want you to know that you may be feeling judged or under criticism right now but you’re loved for who you are and you need to know that. What you do counts. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Once you start living for you, the path forward will become much more smooth. I pulled Death as a third card which tells me that you may be undergoing a lot at the moment. Major and significant life changes. Lots of propulsion forward and it may be especially difficult; you are super supported by your guides, in particular a female presence and you’ll be given a sign very shortly to help encourage you forward. The sign will be in the form of a cross or a flag and you may be familiar with it already. If you are a person who prays, continue to pray as your guides help you in this way and acknowledge the practice. Your prayers are about to be answered. October will be a good month for you!

Two Major Arcana cards, which is big news! The Lovers and The Hierophant, for you. If in a relationship, your pairing is looked upon with favour from your guides. If single, you will be drawn towards someone who will help to amplify your gifts and illuminate your purpose while doing the same for them, a very significant pairing in this lifetime. Omg lol I pulled another card and it is The World, which tells me that for sure you are experiencing or will experience life-changing events. You are a kind person and this is looked upon with good experienced gifted to you; keep communicating to your guides through meditation, nature like birds and divination which will help you to navigate your way forward. You are truly gifted and are encouraged to use your gifts to help other people where you once were. Thank you for your service.

Two of Pentacles and 4 of Pentacles, respectively. Has money been tight lately or have you been asking for a little financial assistance recently? This is a sign that money will come to you after you change your mindset a little. Make sure you’re budgeting on paper and putting your finances to good use or investing now while you can, what you do now will impact the future in a big way. The Emperor and The Hermit suggest that it’s time to take some charge as other people may not have the same values or interests therefore letting you down; time to go inward and see what you can do to get yourself in a position of joy in a short time. It’ll happen, thats evident with the strong energy in this pull. You have the determination and steadfast approach to get you where you want to go, it’s just that you may have thought other people had the same interests at heart whereas they may have let you down. You got this. Good things coming for you early September, between the 2nd and the 6th in particular.

The Hierophant and the 9 of Cups for you, friend. You are someone who is an observer, and your willingness to look at things from different perspectives is acknowledged by your guides in this reading. I was shuffling for you and The Star popped out for you, and you just have that energy about you where you will mean a lot or make a huge impact on others if not already. Thanks for being who you are. You are encouraged forward and your personality and kindness are warranted. Hehe I pulled The Magician after shuffling and it is more validation that you are the curator of your life and will use your skills and talent to good things while you’re here. You may connect particularly through water and nature and keep doing that, but make sure you aren’t limiting yourself because you’re afraid something may not work for you. Your guides will always help you forward. You will be receiving some good news soon and your guides behind the scenes, specifically male energy, has helped to orchestrate this happening. Good luck going forward!

Ah, you may have been looking to the moon for guidance recently. The Moon and 6 Wands are pulled for you, signaling that the news you have been asking for are near. You have been on a path leading you somewhere you may be unsure of, but rest assured it is working out for the best so there are no mistakes. Only lessons. One thing that is encouraged at this time is journaling or keeping track of cycles that are personal to you, like moon cycles or anything that is meaningful as they will show you that things are more than they seem on the surface as you notice the patterns. The 5 of Swords tells me that you may have recently been hurt by someone (or more than one person) but this experience will only have shed light on who these people are, who you are and who you want in your life going forward. You will be hearing news soon as you have been asking and praying a lot recently.

Two cards immediately jumped out which are The Hermit and King of Pentacles. This is suggestive that it is time to dig further deeper into yourself and see what career will see you the most happy in all areas, financially, socially and emotionally. Remember that careers don’t have to be a drag and that finding a job that helps our society and you will benefit everyone while we’re here. The Page of Swords tells me that you may be waiting on communicating and will be receiving that soon, whether it is a raise or a new job coming your way. Congratulations in advance! The Page of Pentacles confirms this pull. You may be seeking apprenticeship or developing a new skill, you may be happily surprised with the way it works out. Keep keep working on yourself as you will only come out a stronger person which will be admired and acknowledged by others.

The Hermit and Strength were pulled. You are offered some encouragement at this time and your faith and hard work is much appreciated. You may be wondering which direction to go in, this is a sign to go inward and really dig deep to see where you see yourself in the very close future. The 6 of Cups and 5 of Pentacles were pulled as well, signaling that you may be seeing a fulfilling partnership come through soon. Remember that it’s okay to support others but be sure you aren’t somebody’s crutch. Finally, 4 of Cups confirms that you may be waiting on a sign and this is it; you’ll be gifted or drawn to white flowers soon to signify that you’re on the right path forward. Good luck!

Monday September 07, 2020. Thank you all for allowing me to read for you. I am exhausted and will be taking a couple week break to recharge and focus on work and another project which will be unveiled soon. Thank you so much, I will keep you posted on Instagram with anything new and all updates. Feedback video will be provided on TikTok and if you enjoyed your reading I encourage you to participate in providing me with a review on there. Thank you everyone!

Kaila A. Notto
The Mindful Millwright

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