The Secret

Today I wish to tell you an important secret
A profound secret that found me successful.

It is the most important thing I do each day
Allowing for continuous growth and improvement.

This secret is a difficult feat to manage and maintain
But if you manage to maintain it you are golden.

It can be difficult some days to keep the secret
Some days it is harder to uphold the secret standard.

Alas, nobody else around me knows the secret
They remain chained to their mundane misery.

This secret has seen me make friends anew
People that I share my innermost secrets with.

People that already know this big secret
But choose to express it in their own way.

They know the ins and the outs of it
The tricks that make the secret viable.

They are the successful people, the leaders
The entrepreneurs, the happiest of us all.

Soon I will let you in on it
Our little secret to success.

The thing that saw me crawl back out
Of the dark, desperate hole I was in.

The secret to finding a perfect partner
The secret to landing the perfect career.

One that erases fear and doubt
One that adds acceptance and peace.

Before I let you in on the secret
You must learn one rule first.

Once you hear the secret
You must at least give it a try.

That is easier said than done
Even I slip up some days.

The secret is to stop listening
To the voices that always shout.

The ones that say you can’t
Simply because they couldn’t.

This may sound fruitless
Until you give it a try.

It is hard not to succumb
To the voices that scream.

Because they are screaming
While you quiet down for them.

They are screaming that you can’t
Because someone screamed at them.

Your mind will scream at you, too
This will not just be from an outsider.

It will try to stop you dead
Out of protecting you.

The Mindful Millwright was once simply Kaila
A broken, pain-filled girl desperate for death.

The Mindful Millwright was once like you
Wishing for the answers to come on by.

The Mindful Millwright is still like you
Thinking, healing, trying, fighting, living.

The voices outside are the loudest
Social media, parents, friends, family.

The voices inside are so constant
Negative, self-hate, self-harm, die.

The voices outside are the loudest
Fearful, unaccepting, unstable.

The voices inside are constant
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’ll be okay.

Where will you be tuning in today?
To the frequency of which noise?

To the babble of the outsiders?
Or quench your inner thirst?

You cannot change their voices
They will continue to shout.

They shout at me all day
They shout things like “No!”

“No! You can’t do tarot for free!”
“No! You’re not a true tradesman!”

What do I respond to these critics?
Get the fuck outta here, I know me.

I know me because I fought for me
While you stood there screaming.

I know me because I vouched for me
When the rest of the world sat silent.

You know you and they do not
At the end of the day remember that.

So please, let me tell you a secret
The voices are not worth your sanity.

Failure is not a stop sign on your journey
Failure is synonymous with “Go around!”

So when that failure hits you
Remember it will see you grow.

Today I ordered equipment for work
While examining engineered drawings.

The same drawings that once looked
Like airplane instructions to me.

The same drawings that I thought
I would never understand in my life.

What separates old and new me
Is the adherence to the secret.

I hear it all come through
I am not deaf to the insults.

I see it all come through
 I am not blind to heads shaking.

I hear it all come through
Angels guide me through it.

I see it all come through
They are my eyes sometimes.

Because I trust in my guides
In the soft, subtle whisper.

Instead of the screaming and yelling
That I had grown so accustomed to.

Suddenly the quiet becomes the loudest
While the loud voices become annoying.

Because you know that their biggest secret
Is that they let fear ground them here.

Anchored to a false human reality
Relying on attachments and materials.

Are you attached to the voices?
Attached to their validation?

Attached to the want for more?
For what you see on socials?

You may still have further to go
But at least you know the secret.

I promise that this secret
Is easier said than done.

One last secret before I go
Your guides visit me often.

Gently whispering to me
Asking me to relay support.

All of the voices I ignore
Except for the quiet ones.

So that I can tell you
Until you hear them too.

Kaila A. Notto

©TMM 2020-2021

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