Collection Time

Imagine yourself at your best
You have all that you want.

Your career is flourishing
Your debt finally decreasing.

Suddenly a person shows up
Waiting to collect their share.

You do not know this person at all
But they know exactly who you are.

“I have come for my share,” he says
As he smiles and holds out his hand.

“Why do you deserve a share?” You ask
This stranger has no part in your business.

Tireless hours spent away from your family
Overworked, over-stressed, but you made it.

“I don’t understand. Please explain!” You say
They are becoming angry at your resistance.

“I. Want. My. Money. NOW!” They shout
As the tensions begin to rise between you.

So you slam the door shut
Terrified of this stranger.

They have resorted to force and they’re mad.

You’re shaking, you’re crying, you don’t understand
You earned this money, right down to the penny.

“I worked so hard! I don’t understand! Go away!”
You decide to call for professional backup.

You see his hand move towards his pocket
Sliding his jacket aside, you spot the gun.

“Oh my god! I’m being robbed!” You think
You slam the door shut and call 911.

“Help me! Help me! I’m scared!” You tell the dispatcher
You explain the situation and tell them your name.

“I’m sorry, but we cannot help you. Pay them.” They say
You hang up the phone, shocked and in disbelief.

The knocks have grown louder
The shouting continues on.

This has become too intense for you to experience.

Terrified, unsure, unaware, you give in
Because it is only money, after all.

The gun is withdrawn and he accepts it with a smile
“I’ll be back around the same time next year.” He says.

You close the door and slide down its back
Crying in disbelief and unsure of what happened.

You just paid your taxes.

The Mindful Millwright

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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