When I Go

If I were to leave this body today or tomorrow
This is what I would want my children to know.

This world is created around social constructs
Education and government systems are examples.

People are individuals
That make up a collective.

When our bodies die
Our spirits do not.

I will speak to you again
You must learn the language.

I will speak through the trees
Like my mother does for me.

I will speak through the water
Like my grandfather does for me.

I will speak through your third eye
Like my grandmother does for me.

I could never possibly leave you
We are eternally intertwined.

We have always been together
Since the beginning of time.

Since when we first conversed
Long before your conception date.

You whispered you’d arrive
Then suddenly you arrived.

My human-self in disbelief
My soul-self eternally knowing.

We will be together
Until the end of time.

Time itself is a man-made construct
There is really no such thing, after all.

Just a simple, useful tool
To help you out while here.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Are closer together than you think.

They are all now
There is only now.

When you learn in school
Derive skills from that learning.

Do not worry about memorizing facts
You must learn to learn the way you learn.

Learning to learn the way you learn
Will set you apart from other scholars.

I did not know this
I wish I had known.

So I will tell you
So that you know.

Imagine a bright red apple
The juiciest, most ripe apple.

That apple will look different
To each reader that reads that.

That space in which you saw apple
Is the space where you can find me.

Forever nestled in your mind
Smiling, crying, feeling with you.

Never alone in this lifetime
Despite sometimes feeling alone.

They whisper and communicate
Constant, daily attempts with us.

We ignore
Senses shut.

It is okay
We are open.

Opening ourselves back up
Due to increased technology.

There is a misconception
That we must pioneer again.

We can utilize these vast inventions
Simultaneously living in harmony with nature.

One or the other lifestyle
We do not have to choose.

We must not rely totally
On our beloved technology.

The pandemic teaches this
We must rely on community.

Let us look deep within
At our compromised selves.

Why are we fighting?
Why so much hate?

Why so many divisions?
Why all this global strife?

We all wait for a war
While in the middle of one.

Blinders on, unaccepting of the truth
We fight for our lives and futures.

Do the right thing
Be kind to others.

That is the root of it all
People can be very rude.

Trust me
Trust me.

It takes a skill to ignore the energy
Of the other that attempts to penetrate.

Fearful, dismissive, terrifying energy
They do not know how to fix themselves.

So, they latch onto you and give you some
Hoping that you will meet them down below.

Keep your shield and sword tight
Keep fighting towards justice of good.

It comes down to our lives as individuals
Who we affect and who affects us all.

No victimhood
Only experience.

We come here to learn lessons
We forget as we become deluded.

Deluded in thinking external goods are valuable
Rather it is who we are inside that is impactful.

The Ten Commandments are an example
Of some basic, seemingly natural rules.

Don’t be a fucking asshole
Work and help the other out.

That is what it comes down to
Parables will illustrate examples.

Parables understood people are ugly inside
So they tell you how to deal with those types.

Religion was misused but is valuable
You can learn a great deal about life.

Torah, Bible, Quran, all of the books
Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Muhammed.


I will never leave you
Despite your feeling alone.

I will speak to you in your mind
Once you learn my new tongue.

From where you and I came
Is where you and I will go.

There is no beginning
Nor is there ending.

There only is now
Please remember.

When you look into your eyes in the mirror
You will see my eyes looking back at you.

The same smile or the laugh will catch you
Reminding you of me, you may lose breath.

Take that breath back in deeply
Remember that I will never leave.

Those subtle reminders of love
My gifts to you from the other side.

Until we meet again
I love you more than life.

Kaila A. Notto

©TMM 2020-2021

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