Where Are We Going

Before my family died
I was blissfully ignorant.

One of those types of people
Who believed in eternity.

Thinking they’d be here
Through my entire life.

I was wrong.

Just yesterday they were all here
I ran up my grandparent’s steps.

Now, those steps belong to strangers
I do not know that home anymore.

That home was mine
For such a long time.

Now it’s theirs.

Before my family died
We spoke about this.

About what would happen if
Then it all happened at once.

I woke up in my bed
Screaming out for them.

No longer able to visit
No longer able to hug them.

It was so painful.

My grandparents were alive
They had a whole life built.

These days they live in memory
I cannot introduce my children.

They wanted to live
They loved us here.

Then, they were gone.

I remember the early days
When the wound was fresh.

The piercing, shattering feeling
Waking up to know they’re gone.

No longer able to call
No longer able to talk.


There were only two options
Figure death out or die, too.

So, I figured it out
It has been years.

We are all together, still.

It took a long time
To understand energy.

It took a lot of learning
About who I really am.

It took realizing I’m different
And that everybody else is, too.

We are all uniquely gifted.

We visit in my dreams
The most clear space.

The visuals immaculate
The feeling indescribable.

Connection to death
Life after the physical.

It is fascinating.

Today, I feel that pain
That I felt in the beginning.

Only lessened by the fact
That our connection remains.

The emptiness of never again
Replaced by eternal understanding.

We do not ultimately die
Only our bodies do.

Returning to earth
Recycling spirit.


Like the flower sheds its seeds
We too create new life here.

To keep ourselves going
To keep our connection.

Forever intertwined in life.

My naïve understanding of eternity
Replaced by existential knowing of it.

You must learn from within.

I did not learn in school
How to read tarot cards.

I did not learn in school
How to deal with death.

I did not learn in school
A lot of what I know now.

Institutions aren’t everything.

I learned from experience
I learned from reading books.

I learned by removing subjectivity
I learned by looking more objectively.

I am still learning.

Remove the rose-colored glasses
To see reality for yourself, now.

The tools used to create power
The tools used to oppress many.

Divided, we will be controlled
Together we remain in power.

We are under power
We are not empowered.

Do you see the way it is, yet?

The more you hate on the other
The easier it is to control you.

The more you fight
The less you win.

The more you feed into the animal
The bigger the predator will get.

We are feeding the wrong animal.

Money is the root of all evil
But money itself is not evil.

People with money who do evil things
Are the devils that walk amongst us.

We are illuminating them.

Next time a person is attacked in the media
Ask yourself “why” instead of believing it.

Instead, look at what they have done
Look at what they have done in entirety.

You are being fooled.

Please remember television is paid programming
Our governments are territorial over it, too.

We only see what they want us to see
This is why alternative media is important.

Alternative media like this.

Our government is not inherently bad
The corruption is being amended.

Slowly we are waking up
To see the real enemy.

We are in the middle of a war.

Are you hateful towards the other?
Acting out the fear fed to you?

Or are you extending kindness?
To support the light-working effort?

It starts with you in your community.

We have this immaculate technology available
We are connected more than ever historically.

Yet we use it to argue.

Careers and working is not the enemy
Another fallacy fed by an extremist.

Instead, we must learn to co-operate
To utilize what we have and what we know.

Creating cooperation between nature and tech
Combining skills and enhancing our communities.

Do not feed into the fear.

Socialism will ruin our society
Look at how crowdfunding works.

Instead of handing out things to those unwilling to work
We can create funds for people who are in need of it most.

Because socialism ruins economies
And we need economy to survive.

Some people are naïve.

Find a career that works for you
There are plenty to choose from.

Work where you enjoy shopping
Or eating, drinking or entertaining.

Millwrights fix, builders build
Engineers create our futures.

There are so many ways
We can help each other out.

Our future relies on our work ethic.

The more we attempt to create labels about identities
The further we extend the divide amongst ourselves.

We must pause and remember we’re all human
All meant to be here to live, love and enjoy life.

Working for someone does not mean defeat.

Jobs provide income and benefits for our usage
Things that were invented by people out of need.

Now we throw away these luxuries, for what?
Because some people are unwilling to work.

Thinking it easy to live off the land
The exact reason our luxuries invented.

Calling out injustice and hatred toward advanced society
While enjoying a hot shower and coffee each morning.

Please open your eyes and remove the illusory veil.

People do not need free things
People need purpose to survive.

Creating community for everyone to enjoy
Ought to be in the forefront of our mission.

Instead we keep arguing.

Labelling this and that; dividing you from me
We must close the gap before it’s too late.

We all die in the end, anyway.

Let us fix this while we’re here
Before we ruin it for our kids.

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Published by The Mindful Millwright

Kaila A. Notto

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