Leave Something Behind

Leave them something behind
Before it comes your time to go.

Paragraphs of memories shared on paper
Written for them to cherish forever.

They will miss your unique smile and your laugh
Remembering your voice through written words.

Remembering you
With what you left them.

Leave them something behind
To remind them that they’re loved.

Because the immeasurable pain of grief
Will cause them to forget that sometimes.

It will keep them from feeling you here
So please, leave them something behind.

For the hard days
To make it easier.

 I have written poem upon poem
To leave my loved ones something behind.

Small, written reminders of me
From my precious time alive.

How else would I let my kids know
That we’ve been together eternally?

How we have always been one
And will always remain as so.

Life is so very wonderful
With many complexities.

Things I cannot explain
Their explanation magical.

Like my relationship
With those unseen.

They whisper to us all
Until one of us listens.

To remind us
To write it down.

To remind us
To leave something behind.

Kaila A. Notto

©TMM 2020-2021

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