The Mindful Millwright

2021 feels like it will be a good year, energetically speaking.

There are so many things that have helped me along my journey and as a way to offer my thanks, I have decided to start a mini-blog series to document my life to share with like-minded people.

My creative outlet is written media and I hope that it is both entertaining and inspiring for someone along their own journey in life.

We are interconnected as a species and this blog may be further evidence of how sharing stories can amplify those connections being made.

Why do I call myself The Mindful Millwright?

My sister created the nickname for me and it stuck.

In 2014 we lost our mom and the grief catapulted me into depression; including thoughts of suicide.

In a spiritual moment three days after she died, I connected with our mom’s spirit and have been thriving in my life since discovering conscious awareness and spirituality.

My career is millwright/mechanical maintenance planner…thus The Mindful Millwright was born.

My life in a nutshell

  • Born in 1988 and typical 90’s kid
  • Brock University BA in Sociology Alumni 2012
  • Mohawk College Industrial Mechanic 433A Alumni 2016
  • Was on antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds previously
  • Weaning from those meds caused me to suffer seizures and develop vasal vagal syndrome
  • Chose to be medication free after Mom died; depression spiralled
  • Thought spirituality was insanity at first but wanted to explore the feeling
  • Became consciously aware of my ego and higher self which changed my life

In 2018 I became a first-time mother and I communicated with my daughter spirit-side until she was born. It was one of the most beautiful and magical experiences of my life.

This time I will document my pregnancy to birth journey and share meals and practices to share my conscious parenting lifestyle.

So stick around if you are also expecting to expect!

My brain had convinced me that I had to be cured of mental health issues before speaking about them, but I think I have to accept that it might always be there.

I struggle with death anxiety in a way I never anticipated before and that is that I grieve my own death because I know not everyone I love perceives spirituality the way that I perceive it.

Just like a skilled-trade, anyone can learn spirituality. It’s all about language.

My mechanical knowledge is rooted in mentors who were able to reach me in ways others could not; similarly it is best to seek out teachers with whom you resonate and can learn from.

I learned all that I know about spirituality by downloading a library app, watching videos and meditating.

To update you on my current life, I work full-time in steel manufacturing while studying to become a fully-licensed Red-Seal Millwright in Ontario.

I am super excited to be pregnant again one day soon and already feel connected to my little being spirit-side.

I use tarot to guide me in my daily life and sometimes read for others when guided to.

My family and I live in Ancaster, Ontario and still own property in Toronto where we lived early on as a couple. We visit often and enjoy shopping and dining in the GTA.

Each entry will feature something for you to check out; feel free to comment any questions or topic ideas!

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: Touhenboku Ramen
Service Type: Restaurant – Traditional Japanese Ramen
Location: Queen West Location
Experience: Amazing! Miso Veggie Ramen was unreal. $14 for good portion size. Ultimate Spicy Mushroom Ramen was so good and ridiculously spicy. This place is a longtime favourite of ours!


©TMM 2020-2021

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