Day 5 of 365 Days of Writing
by Kaila A. Notto

Ever since I was young, I have been obsessed with makeup and skincare.

My first dermatologist visit happened after being unable to get rid of my acne with topical creams and eventually I went on Accutane to cure it.

Still breaking out from time to time, I changed my eating habits and realized my diet accounted for a lot of my issues, too.

Eventually I combined better eating with a good skincare routine and have been tweaking that routine ever since.

Recently I noticed a lot of dryness, yellowing in my eyes and a greyish tone to where my glow used to be.

In as little as a week of pumping myself full of water, staying away from sugar and alcohol and starting a workout routine, the changes are noticeable.

The reason I was most excited for today’s entry is to talk a little bit about The Ordinary products which are available at Sephora.

This line intrigued me because the ingredients were that of expensive products but with much smaller of a price tag.

After spending about six months trying these products daily, I must say that they are worth the hype, in my opinion.

The items that I purchased (as referenced in the photo above) are:

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil
Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
Mandelic Acid 10% + HA (Hyaluronic Acid)
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Each of the items are used about four times a week, except for the oil which is used daily on my hair and dry skin spots.

The Mandelic Acid has noticeably helped to clear away the blackheads on my nose.

My goal is to try and age as gracefully as possible with caring for my skin; I try to stay out of direct sunlight and drink lots of water, too.

The condition of my skin is usually the first indicator of what I am eating and drinking.

For reference I am at age 32 and here is a photo I took with my dog Fred the other day:

The areas of concern to me are my cheeks where fine lines have settled the most and my lips which have lost a lot of volume.

When I am feeling down about my appearance I remember that my mom was self-conscious too, but to our family she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

When I was pregnant with our daughter I gained almost 100 pounds.

At first I really tried to accept the way I looked because I was growing a human inside of me, but then I panicked and attempted to go blonde in a last-ditch effort to feel beautiful.

My hair fell out.

The pregnancy had already made my body more sensitive and the chemicals in the bleach caused burns on my scalp where it remains thin in spots, hence the oil I use.

After that I told myself I would never bleach or dye my hair again; and I did end up dying it black twice but the itch has long since been scratched.

Today it is healthy, strong and soft and in a state it hasn’t been since I was a child; I can’t wait to see how long I can let it grow!

Thank you for reading, this blog has become spontaneous therapy for me and not only am I more accountable as I mentioned yesterday, but all sorts of avenues seem to be picking up in a positive direction. I hope some of that positive energy makes its way to you in your life.

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: Noodle Me
Service Type: In-House Asian Noodles
Location: Hamilton, Mississauga and Toronto (Wilson St. Location)
Experience: The noodles are UNREAL. I tried the Veggie Chow Mein ($12.99) and the portion size was large enough to have leftovers. The BBQ tofu was also surprisingly delicious and different; I will be doubling the order of that appetizer next round. My husband shared the Vegetarian Noodle Soup with our toddler and they devoured their order, too. Delicious and will keep returning to order.


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  1. I’ve tried a couple of their products, they don’t feel pleasant. Heard a lot about their AHA products and the daily moisturizer though. And hey, even I’m journaling each day too, this year!

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