Day 6 of 365 Days of Writing
by Kaila A. Notto

A world without Alex Trebek feels weird.

It broke my heart knowing that it was Alex’s final episode of Jeopardy last night and knowing that my kids will be raised without that special television icon speaking in the background.

It was on everyday in my grandmother’s home growing up.

The Price is Right with Bob Barker and Rod Roddy saying “Come onnnn down!” echo in my memory and remind me of the quick passing of years.

When I first had my daughter, I watched old reruns of the tv series I Love Lucy, Rhoda and Charlie’s Angels and was reminded of my age.

These shows were on television as reruns growing up and now they are classics.

The connection between myself and the characters feels almost as though they are extended family members who I watch on old video; as a woman working in skilled trades I connected with Rhoda, a strong female journalist in a male dominated industry and fell in love with her boss named Lou Grant and his soft side.

When I was in grade school my sister and I would walk to our grandma’s house nearby; I still remember walking inside after a day of kindergarten to the smell of dinner in the oven and Bob Barker asking contestants to bid on their Showcase Showdown prizes.

I miss that and my grandmother; though her spirit has been the best company since she passed away.

The way I perceived death was different with all three intermediate family members that died.

When Grandpa died it was semi-expected because he was in ill-health due to complications from a previous aneurism, but it was still shocking and very painful.

He was our family’s rock.

Then when my mother died we were all in shock as a family because she was only 56.

When Moo-Moo died it was hard emotionally because I loved her so much, but I knew she was absolutely heartbroken over losing my grandfather and her youngest daughter (my mom) and I knew exactly how desperate she felt to be with them because I was in the same boat.

My saving grave was that I had discovered spirituality that propelled my will to live.

While she was in the hospital and before she went in I had tried to teach her about what happens when we pass but I think she was too heartbroken to see through the pain and honestly, I can’t even imagine how that must have felt as a wife and mother to go through that magnitude of loss in such a short time.

There was a six month span between my grandpa’s and mom’s death while Moo-Moo died a year after Mom, just before Christmas because she “didn’t want to go through another one without them.”

She died of a lung infection in early December of 2015.

They have been imperative to my healing as guides ever since.

This video that I made about reincarnation went kind of viral on TikTok with a little over 308k views and other people shared their stories underneath in the comment section that were interesting to read.

Before she died, my mom and I had conversations about her coming back as my child should something bad happen to her.

It was a frequent conversation because my mom was sick and I was always most terrified she would die; when I became pregnant I was already speaking with her and my unborn child in spirit about the topic again.

In the video I say that my grandfather wanted to come first, but I don’t really think my daughter is my grandpa.

Actually, I think he’s another (female) family member who I will not name here out of respect for privacy.

This person was born after all three passed away and because of my grandpa’s character, lifestyle and lessons, it corresponds with the family he was born into.

My belief is that we reincarnate into what is called soul clusters and come back as clusters to grow and advance as souls.

I provided a link because spirituality has become extremely diluted through popular trendy websites.

Essentially, I think that my family is made up of a complex network of recycled souls.

However, my daughter strongly reminds me of my grandmother.

Time will tell; there are differences between inherited traits and interests and that of being the same soul.

Regardless of which soul has come into my life, my role as a parent is to facilitate a healthy and loving environment for these people to grow and learn and I’m honoured they chose me as their mother.

This writing project has been an incredible outlet as a writer and I hope to shed some light on great local businesses to support our economy during this pandemic.

Thanks for reading!

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: Moody’s Hamilton
Service Type: Restaurant and Game House
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Experience: We wanted to try Moody’s the summer before the pandemic after hearing they offered vegetarian fare and games, but totally forgot about it once lockdown happened. We had a friend recommend the pizza recently and it sparked our memory; we purchased the Veggie Mac Daddy pizza (like a Big Mac!) and it was unreal. I haven’t had that flavour as a vegetarian in a really long time and it was amazing. Will return anytime I am craving McDonalds! Can’t wait to try the other flavours they offer and try the games in the future.


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