Day 7 of 365 Days of Writing
by Kaila A. Notto

Sundays are one of my favourite days of the week.

The mornings are used to put away laundry and to clean the house; I assemble five outfits for my toddler to bring to daycare throughout the week and get myself ready for another work week.

To go into Mondays with a clean house and with some preparation helps to settle my mind.

The only thing missing this week is a glass of beer afterwards, but that’s okay.

Last entry I discussed soul clusters and I feel inclined to explain it in my own words a little further for anyone interested in topics such as reincarnation and spirituality.

From what I understand through research and discussion with my guides, we are born into what are called soul clusters.

These are complex networks of souls who choose to advance together in groups; they go from as small as an intermediate family of parents, children and grandchildren to bigger networks of communities, societies and countries.

It was hard for me to wrap my mind around loving someone as deeply as I loved my mom and grandparents only to suffer their death and have to live out the rest of my life without them here.

It was exceptionally painful and deterred me from wanting to have children anymore.

“Why would I want another human to experience this level of pain?” I thought. I posed that question in my mind about three months after my mom died. Just as I thought about it, this song came on the radio.

It was called “Mom” by Garth Brooks.

The lyrics gave me chills; what are the odds of that playing in that moment?

I started to trust my intuition and make better choices and though it has been seven years since my mom passed away, it does not feel like there has been an abundance of time gone by; to me it feels like yesterday.

The beauty of knowing that time and death are illusions.

The purpose of life in my opinion is to love.

To learn how to love ourselves, to accept and love others despite differences, to love completely and without bounds.

Part of my self-love routine has been getting back into shape before trying for our next baby in the spring/summer.

This week I plan on adding some more weight to my workout and might do yoga at lunchtime at work.

Doing yoga on lunch breaks up the day and gets me out of the office chair; I walk around the plant during the day, but most of my job confines me to the computer desk and it has affected my back.

And most importantly, I need to drink more water.

There have been days where I have gone ten hours without a glass (only coffee or carbonated water) and I really want to flush my system with an uptick of intake.

Thanks again for tuning in to my daily blog and I look forward to what the fresh week brings!

Talk to you soon.

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: Paradise Subs
Service Type: Local Sub Shop
Location: Upper Paradise, Hamilton, ON
Experience: We eat here almost weekly the subs are that good. The buns are fresh-baked soft and I heard they get them fresh from a bakery every morning. The prices are affordable and the subs are delicious. We are vegetarians and enjoy a footlong with all the toppings and usually get an extra sub or two to take to work the next day.


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