Social Nightmares

Today I want to talk social media.

My TikTok shares relaxed content while my Instagram feed is more structured; I would be inclined to share a paranormal story on TikTok, whereas I enjoy talking about my career on IG.

Both apps allow me to connect to likeminded people and have provided me with unique sources of creative expression; welcome if you have come here from social media.

Recently I worked to use the “not interested” feature more often to better steer my algorithm towards more positive content.

The information we digest (even when scrolling mindlessly on social media) can be profoundly impactful on our mental health.

I was feeling the impact of that.

It seems to have worked out and my feed has been surprisingly positive in the last few weeks.

There is a noticeable positive shift in energy; I cannot tell if that’s universal or if it’s because I have been making extra effort in my life to turn things around a little.

When the pandemic started I got into the terrible habit of drinking beer every night after work.

Not good.

Now that my body has detoxed for eight days with some of the more uncomfortable symptoms like cravings, night sweats and low mood dissipating, I feel so good.

The focus has shifted from passive to preparation as I pump my vessel full of water and nutrients that will help it to sustain life soon.

Productivity has increased at work now that my mind feels less foggy during the day.

The energy shift that I felt in early January seems to be holding true.

My spirit guides keep bugging me to talk about The Flintstones and I think something might be up in Hollywood regarding a revival; Sex and The City was recently announced to return which made me happy as a fan of the original series with SJP.

The generation that I grew up with are our actors and directors and I’m excited to see what nostalgic content they choose to surprise us with going forward.

Noticeably increasing in the media are existential topics and documentaries about paranormal and alien experiences; our external world reflects our inner one, so as more people become consciously aware we will see this trend continue to rise.

Monitoring my thoughts (being consciously aware and in the present) used to be second-nature until I had a baby.

Suddenly I was afraid of everything; fears and intrusive thoughts crept around until recently when I was fed up and started to meditate more to clear out the nonsense.

I’m so sorry if you too suffer these thoughts; fear is exhausting to experience on a daily basis.

The world is changing into a more pleasurable place to live but the destruction and loss around us is illusory; it looks like the world is going to hell in a handbasket but in actuality we are crumbling structures that require a full rebuild.

The process may be uncomfortable but most importantly, please know we will succeed in this upgrade.

My guides channeled that straight out of my fingertips; I think that I will give them the last word today.

Hope you are enjoying this blog; talk to you soon.

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: The Hogtown Vegan
Service Type: Vegan Comfort Food
Location: College Street, Toronto, ON
Experience: My husband and I have been eating at Hogtown since we began dating in 2017; there is no other vegan place like it! Items that are a must try are the Un-Chicken Caesar Wrap, Mac’n Cheez and the Philly Cheesesteak. The Southern Combo is an excellent choice to try a few things at once. Delicious with an IPA!


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