Lady In Waiting

Things are really happening quickly now that I have made some minor changes to get where I want to be.

It’s important to note that small steps eventually accumulate into long distances; sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.

I think that’s a song lol.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with some good people who have shaped who I’ve become.

Supportive college professors who walked me through my final semester while freshly grieving my mom; mentors who taught me everything I know now but who have since retired.

The thing is that I have been grieving some of those people lately.

When I was hired on as a full-time apprentice, it was during a wave of employment to replace an expected generation of retirees.

Millwrights who worked at the steel mill for forty years were teaching us what they knew; we soaked in their information like it was liquid gold.

Even after seven years of studying and work experience I still learn something new each day at work; that is why I am a huge advocate for skilled trade work.

As a maintenance planner I work behind the scenes to assist the trades on the floor to maintain and repair our equipment.

Luckily I have been fortunate enough to work with people who were willing to help me learn; everything I know has come from my cherished mentors.

Knowledge transfer is crucial to apprentices who are learning a trade and I got very lucky with the guys I was paired with.

Lately my daughter has been super affectionate and it is so rewarding.

Having her little arms wrap around me for a hug is more healing than anything I have experienced before.

Pure unconditional love.

Learning also helps empower me to be a good role model for her; I aspire to show her that we can achieve a happy, healthy balanced life no matter what we decide to do.

In anticipation for my next little one, I can’t stop thinking about how this might be my last year as a mom-of-one.

Co-sleeping with my daughter has been tough but it eases both of our anxieties; the way she cries when I try to put her in the crib instead triggers panic attacks in me.

The look on her face reminds me of the way I felt about my mother and my mind spirals; I have learned to ride them out but they are still uncomfortable to experience.

These days won’t last long and time is so precious to me; the more developed her skills become the more I realize how quickly I am perceiving time because I’m happy.

I’m off to post one of the last selfies for a while as I try to shift my content on IG to more lifestyle-inspired content; I am excited to show some fresh content on there soon.

TikTok has exceeded my expectations to connect and create; I look forward to continuing my venture on there, too.

It’s been a lot of fun lately.

Thanks so much for your comments and support; talk with you soon!

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: Ruyi Garden
Service Type: Chinese Food
Location: Etobicoke, ON
Experience: We used to eat take-out Chinese food from here when we lived in Toronto and still make frequent trips to go pick it up. It can be so hard to find vegetarian Chinese food let alone cuisine that’s as good as this! Some favorites are the Shanghai Noodles, Spicy Fried Tofu, Ginger Tofu and Spring Rolls. Unbeatable and we eat for days after an order! Thankful for this place.


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