Moving Along

My new thing on social media is to use it strictly as a means of creative expression; sounds are so fun to cover on TikTok and I really like to post my nature photographs on Instagram.

One of these days I will throw in a selfie to show off the Tom Ford lipstick color that I’m in love with that is called Casablanca; it is my first high-end lipstick purchase and the sample I received in a previous Sephora order is the culprit for introducing me to the luxurious formula in the first place.

My body is really appreciating the recent health-kick with my no alcohol – twenty days now! – and the differences between this coming pregnancy and my last are vast.

Consider the above photo the first in my growing belly series; hopefully come summertime we will be blessed with another little soul to join our family.

My husband and I were not actively trying with our first, but she blessed us anyway; I remember drinking in a club on one of our Saturday nights out while 5-7 days pregnant with our daughter, and I had no idea I was pregnant until later on.

Because I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum with her during the first trimester, I’m hoping this increases my chances at an easier pregnancy.

We have been out walking more, too; it is so beautiful out in nature in the surrounding Ancaster area.

Here is a photo I took while out today on the trail:

The cool, fresh air and smell of people’s fireplaces during this time of year is healing all on its own.

Focusing on my health is easily one of the better decisions I have made for myself in a while; though I was missing my beer and junk food I find myself craving water and vegetables, sleeping better and I’m a little mad because if I had known it would do wonders for my skin like it did, I’d have done this sooner.

Now I am looking forward to another productive work week and time spent with my family.

Check out the new tarot section for mini readings or the RAVE list for a complete list of local business reviews like the one coming up.

Have a great week & thank you for reading.

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: Beyond Meat (Meatless Meat Products)
Service Type: BRAND
Location: Grocery Store
Experience: As a vegetarian mom I was worried about my daughter missing out on some of the flavors I grew up with and am pleasantly surprised with the taste, price and variety this brand offers, especially for “beef” products. We eat the Hot Italian Sausage with perogies or pasta weekly and I love the crumble and burgers. Staple in our fridge and freezer!


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