Over It

This world is entirely overstimulating at times.

And social media has got to be the worst culprit for making a person feel like shit.

I did some things to help combat that feeling of shittiness this week:

Unfollowed and blocked some people
Stopped caring about insights or follower count
Messages must be accepted via request
Accepted the fluctuating process

It is just social media.

It is not a measure of my worth, not a report card, not anything except for what I think it is.

Ultimately, it is an app.

And the beauty of apps are the features that allow you to tweak them to your desires.

So now my Instagram is a vision board filled with cute pictures and photography that I enjoy taking on our family walks; nature and urban photography is yet another one of my small-time passions.

It’s okay to not have a specific niche and it took me the longest time to really let that sink in.

People who have issues with it are the ones who are chained to the box society has placed them in and um…that is no longer an issue I am willing to deal with from my end lol.

My spirit guides are some of my biggest supporters; they cheer me on even in the darkest of times.

Yes, yours do too.

It can be very difficult to decipher their messages, but I think I am slowly getting the hang of our language.

They have been sending many a message through the moon, clouds and trees, lately.

Those are usual routes I have just been paying a lot more attention!

There are days when the grief from missing my loved ones is unbearable; for these moments my most honest advice is to be willing to let the emotions flood through you.

It’s easier said than done and the initial discomfort can cause some people to go down a rabbit hole without finding a way out.

Feeling what accompanies grief and releasing in a primal way (in a safe environment) is one of my top mental health healing tools; there is a difference between feeling and dwelling.

To dwell on an experience will cause madness; feeling through will enable you to heal the wound that requires attention.

The worst experience of my life ended up shaping the rest of it for the better.

Honestly I hate that I was so blind to the realities of life before my mother passed away.

It would be a shame to keep this information to myself if there’s a chance someone could advance without the painful experience attached.

Everything and everyone that surrounds us is what we perceive it to be.

If you think that everyone around you knows what they are doing that is because you perceive it that way.

Not because they do.

If you think that life ends after the body dies it’s because you perceive it that way.

Not because it does.

If you think…

It’s because you think.

That is a human function disguised as a curse sometimes.

You are not broken and your experiences are not meant to keep you down; they are meant to shape you into who you are to become.

If I die tomorrow and it is simply lights out as some people believe, my hope is that I left my children with the same amount of love my mom left me to be able to enjoy their short time here.

Because it really is a short time, and the world is a beautiful place that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your continued support.

by Kaila A. Notto

Business Name: The Ordinary
Service Type: Skincare Line
Location: Sephora (Store, App or Website)
Experience: After using this product line for about six months, I can honestly say that I have noticed an overall improvement in my skin and hair with regular use. I was skeptical of this line at first because of the low price-tag but find that this is no illusion; these products really are bang-for-the-buck and worth all the hype. I absolutely love the vitamin C suspension and Argan oil as two of my most cherished products. I look forward to featuring this line in full to express my gratitude for it! Stay tuned.


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