Hello, TikTok

When I say that I woke up and scrambled lol.

Thank you to everyone who commented words of support or shared your stories under that sorta-viral TikTok video that’s circulating right now pertaining to spirituality; this is where I can communicate frequently and most eloquently.

To recap, I created this blog at the direction of my spirit guides who insisted I share our story; my spirit guides are behind everything that I do and I credit them with saving my life.

A few of my spirit guides I knew personally as they were family members before they passed away.

Some of my guides I know from past lifetimes; I cannot describe them physically as I only know what their soul looks like and I cannot yet describe how that looks like in words.

Everything that I have learned has come from spiritual teachers and books; learning about spiritual practices within different cultures has shaped my perspective to what it is today.

Any hint of culture in any spiritual practice I discuss should be researched and revered in honor of those who created them long ago; I will reference any and all of my resources as applicable.

Most important to note going forward is that all human beings are capable of what I discuss.

Any spiritual healer that refuses to acknowledge personal bias ,offer up resources or solicits you for money ought to be blocked permanently; as spirituality becomes trendy and commodified we witness an increase of scamming individuals, so please practice conscious consuming in all aspects of your life to prevent heartache.

As humans we are interconnected and more-so than one would be led to believe; this is why networking and community is vital to an individual.

We were never meant to do this on our own; I have you, you have me, we have us, we’re in this experience together.

Religion and culture are direct interpretations of the human experience seen through the lens of individuals expressed over time; today’s New Age Spirituality is nothing but a mixture of ingredients taken from all over the world from different aspects of these things.

That is the foundation from which my spirituality rests.

I do not claim to hold all the answers; I encourage you to seek out different perspectives as we are all facets of the same diamond.

We are a beautifully constructed diamond, too.

There are so many comments under my video that I went through and liked them all but I cannot immediately answer but please know that I am trying to read all of them and will respond either on here or in a future video.

Many of the comments that struck a chord within me dealt with other experiences of death and grief; please know that your comments alone are a major reason I choose to do this.

To the kind people who offered words of support, thank you so much for saying such kind things to me.

I’m going to answer a couple of questions from TikTok :

Do you offer tarot readings?

Currently I am not offering personal tarot readings.

My personal obligations do not have room to offer this at the moment, but thank you so much for asking.

I miss my loved one. Why haven’t they reached out to me?

Please know it is so easy to mistake their guidance for your own thoughts, ideas, actions. etc.

It takes some effort to fine-tune your own personal intuitive skills but we all have them; some hear (clairaudient) some feel (clairsentience), some see (clairvoyance) and some do all of these things or different. I’ll discuss in detail some of the ways I hear my guides and offer tips for you to hear your own and understand how spirit works uniquely within you.

The short answer is that they probably already are, but there are factors like strong emotion or fear that could be blocking you from distinguishing their messages. Let’s see what we can do to help you hear them.

On comments about feeling “crazy” after witnessing a soul leave before the body:

If I had a dime for every time I have been called crazy, I would have at least one coin roller filled with dimes lmao.

But I have had healthcare staff reaffirm my beliefs and I take their experiences seriously because they are the people who see it everyday.

My mother laid in a coma for five days after paramedics resuscitated her. I know she died on our kitchen floor five days before her official declaration of death; I saw her spirit gone in her eyes when it happened.

Her body hung out for a while after that and then we had to let her go after they confirmed she had no brain activity.

For five days I begged her to stay alive. I left her bedside only to sleep and to eat and drink enough to stay alive. I wanted to go with her and I told her I would if she’d leave; I remember one of the nurses commenting to another (thinking I was asleep) that she’d never seen someone cry so much in her life. I believe her.

On one of those sad days as I was crouched beside her, listening to the machines breathe for her, I felt a hand firmly grasp my shoulder. I immediately looked up because I did not want to interfere with the medical process, but no one was there. We were far enough away from any door that there is no way someone could have walked up to me (so silently, too) and been gone before I turned around. Shortly after she died, I thought it was my grandfather connecting with me, but later on she told me that it was actually her trying to comfort me and tell me it was time. I’ll never forget it.

How did you first connect with your spirit guides?

It was in my darkest moment when I was overcome with a feeling that felt separate from me; kind of like how if you’re getting in trouble by a parent and feel embarrassed or ashamed for your actions, but know deep down that they still love you even though you’re being scolded momentarily? It was that feeling almost exactly.

Only I was alone and had no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about my thoughts; it felt like a foreign feeling and unfamiliar to me, and to this day I have trouble describing it, but I still use that same feeling to connect with my guides to this day because I know it’s not me , if that makes any sense at all.

It took some time to figure out who was who, what thoughts were actually mine, what were not, etc. That took years of inner-work trying to figure it out, and a hell of a lot of mistakes made in the process. And I still make them. It’s how we learn.

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to poke around my website or Instagram for more.

The place I update most frequently on social media is through my IG stories for anyone interested; it’s just where I’m comfortable.

Feel free to enjoy a tarot reading, piece of poetry or explore the reference list which I will update often in the meantime.

by Kaila A. Notto

Book Name: Inner Engineering
Genre: Spirituality and Mystic Healer
Author: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Comments: This man changed my life with his words. He is a humble, wise, intelligent human being whose perspective far surpasses our era. Highly recommend his online course and literature. Great start for those new to spirituality, esotericism, or consciousness.


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