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Today let’s talk energy.

What does it mean when a person’s body doesn’t match their energy?

It has nothing to do with physical appearance.

It is a disconnect between what a person’s words or actions portray as opposed to what their energetic appearance portrays.

Some people can see this with their eyes physically while most have a general sense of innate “knowing” to assist them with this.

Every interaction we have while alive is meaningful, from the grocery store clerk to your life-partner.

There are mirrors; people who trigger you because subconsciously you need to heal that within yourself.

There are shifters: people who seem great on the outside but who are excellent at portraying a façade.

The latter type of interaction is the one I was talking about in the TikTok video.

It has nothing to do with someone’s physical appearance; let us now distinguish spiritual energy from physical energy.

Our physical energy coexists and depends on our spiritual energy and both work upon the body.

However, the body is simply a physical representative of the physical/spiritual energy combination.

Our physical energy comes from things like food and water; tangible items that provide our physical body with hydration and nutrients.

Our spiritual energy is derived from factors like self-acceptance, love, expression of relationships, etc.

There are SO many unique combinations available:

Fat x physically healthy x spiritually healthy
Skinny x physically healthy x spiritually unwell
Fat x physically unhealthy x spiritually healthy
Skinny x physically unhealthy x spiritually healthy

You can go on until the combinations run out.

Many of us fluctuate between these states at different points of our life.

Neither terms to describe physical appearance are meant in a derogatory way.

We can actively work upon factors that align with where we want to go after figuring out where your position is.

In simple terms, our bodies are a direct representation of what we think and eat.

To use myself as an example, for most of my youth I was overweight, struggled with acne and mental health issues which required medication.

After my spiritual awakening, my focus shifted from caring about other people’s perspectives to how I viewed myself, which began the domino effect on my body.

Instead of beer I chose water, for meals I ate vegetarian instead of meat-based ones and rather than watching the news I read spiritual literature.

Eventually my body caught up with the changes and I no longer struggle with diets or acne and have been off medication since 2014.

When talking about how a person’s energy doesn’t match the body, this is something different entirely.

It has nothing to do with what they look like but everything to do with how they come off to others.

Some people will inherently understand this, for others it might take some inner-work to develop the skill.

To illustrate it as an example, imagine the following scenario:

You and a crowd are sitting and waiting for a guest speaker to arrive. You were told this speaker is highly intelligent and empathetic and what they have to say will change your life. They walk in; everyone cheers. They are smiling a beaming smile and waving to the crowd that you sit amongst. They start to speak, and immediately you feel something is “off” about them. It isn’t what they are saying, in fact, what they are saying sounds reasonably plausible and positive. You can’t put your finger on it, and no one around you seems to notice. You try to engage about the speaker to others after the guest leaves, but they do not have a mutual feeling of discontent for the speaker. Now you feel ultimately “crazy” and “off-key” and wonder what is wrong with you.

Fast-forward a few months. The speaker flourished and became famous, and even more people disagree with your gut-feeling about them.

Skip a couple months past that. The speaker is now making headlines for operating an underground scam that siphoned money and time from people who genuinely needed assistance or direction. You now feel validated in your thoughts, but say nothing. “I knew it,” you think to yourself.

That is the feeling.

Hope this helps to clarify for anyone who is asking.

Thank you so much for reading.

by Kaila A. Notto

Book Name: Energy Medicine
Genre: New-Age Healing
Author: Donna Eden
Comments: This book will change your life. Talks about aura, chakras, energetic and lymphatic systems and more. Highly recommend and is a daily reference for me that I use to teach my children techniques from. 10/10 recommend for anyone diving into energy work or spiritual healing.


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