Well, Shit.

People can be shitty.

In my experience, people can be shitty.

That doesn’t mean all people are shitty.

What can we do?

Be less of a shitty person to others.

At the mall, a stranger was shitty to me.

He yelled some shitty things my way.

He probably lives a shitty life.

Tried to make my day shitty.

But I don’t think life is shitty.

So his shittiness was ineffective.

Shittiness can be combated.

I simply did not give a shit.

Not giving a shit is hard to do.

I won’t tell you that it’s easy.

But it’s easier than giving a shit.

Give a few shits when it counts.

But don’t be a shitty person.

A coworker was shitty to me, once.

It doesn’t mean all coworkers are shitty.

Maybe he had a shitty day.

Too bad I don’t give a shit.

To each their own.

In life, we have two choices.

We can give a shit.

Or we can not.

Use this to your advantage.

You can watch what happens.

Suddenly, the little shit stops mattering.

And the magical shit starts to happen.

Because giving a shit where it counts, counts.

And the rest, well.

Who gives a shit?

Kaila A. Notto
©TMM 2020-2021

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