XI – I’ve Been Here Before

I have discussed some of the maintenance themes surrounding our vehicles – the body – but thus far have said little about the driver itself. I have spent years uncovering who drives my vehicle so I challenge you to ask yourself the following questions… Are you driving and in full control of your vehicle goingContinue reading “XI – I’ve Been Here Before”

IX – Sunday Bloody Sunday

How has it been almost twenty years since it turned the year 2000? I remember the 90s and early 00’s -the “early aughts” – as they are called. I remember unplugging my computer on December 31, 1999 because I was terrified of Y2K and the doom that was supposed to unfold. Ah, my first tasteContinue reading “IX – Sunday Bloody Sunday”

VIII – Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I wrote to Ellen DeGeneres recently and shared my story with the show. Lmao. Mom loved that show and I’ve received so many signs recently that I felt compelled to do that even though I know there’s a slim basically zero chance anything will come out of it. I think out of any public figureContinue reading “VIII – Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign”

VII – Musings of a Millwright

Today is Halloween! The spookiest day of the year, although this year it crept up too quickly and feels like it’s almost over! Perhaps it is because I am a Mom now and have had zero party time this year. You know, dress up and party and forget all about it because you had oneContinue reading “VII – Musings of a Millwright”

VI – The Day Everything Changed

*Please Note: The following may be disturbing to some readers due to graphic imagery. The following is a recount of the traumatic experience of my mother passing away from my perspective. Read with caution. May trigger sensitive readers. I’d like to introduce you to Mom. She is, after all, the reason for my life’s purposeContinue reading “VI – The Day Everything Changed”

V – Spooky Stories

Please note: The following stories are true and may be disturbing to some readers due to graphic imagery. Since it’s October and the mood is creepy and spooky with Halloween around the corner I thought I’d share a couple of my own personal “experiences with the paranormal” that I have never shared before. I wasContinue reading “V – Spooky Stories”

IV – Mondays, Tests and Triumphs

I don’t know why Mondays have such a terrible reputation. I love Mondays! Wanna see me stressed to the max? Swing by my office on a Wednesday or a Friday. Lol. Mondays have the benefit of a two-day relax and recharge. I love it! By mid to end week I’m running on fumes and extendingContinue reading “IV – Mondays, Tests and Triumphs”