When we’re under pressure
And can’t take anymore

With our wits neatly placed
Halfway out the door

Another second of this shit
And I’ll lose my damn mind

What is wrong with people?
Why am I undermined?

It is all in your head
These people may judge

But don’t take it to heart
And don’t hold a grudge

Don’t worry about those
Who have a loud voice

In my experience these people
Just want to make noise

You shake the foundation
Of what they think they know

And because it scares them
They let that fear show

They’ll comment and shout
About how you are wrong

“You can’t do/say this!’
Or that and beyond

There is always a critic
Someone to speak up

To shove you back down
When you’re trying to come up

The trick is to stop
And trust in who you are

You’re supposed to stand out
You’ve come very far

You have seen hurdles before
They looked differently though

You’re now farther along
But you’ve got father to go

Don’t give up just now
You’re about to poke through

All the dirt and manure
Piled on top of you

Trust your spirit and guides
They will not leave you

It’s still spiritual to say
“Hey man, fuck you too!”

If someone is an asshole
It is reflective of them

And not of your person
It does not matter when

People can’t handle their shit
They’ll take it out on you

Enlightenment will dawn
When you realize this too

Kaila A. Notto

Copyright © The Mindful Millwright 2020-21. All Rights Reserved.

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