Thank you for your interest in The Mindful Millwright!

All readings are currently priced at $15.00 CAD.

To keep it short and sweet, the reason I charge despite working a successful career in steel manufacturing is because these take me a significant amount of time to do.

I used to do them for free.

It became so overwhelming that I abruptly had to quit offering tarot as a service and that hurts my heart since this is the best way I am able to help other people, connecting with your energies and guides while using divination tools to relay the message to you.

I’m pleased to say that I am now re-opened and am currently booking clients.

Email me at for any other questions, feedback or business related inquiries.

I will be accepting cash or Interac E-Transfer – Payment to precede PDF delivery.

I am happy to work with you if you’re not pleased with your reading, however there are no refunds for this service.

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