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How to receive a FREE mini tarot reading:

1. Comment under my latest Free Tarot video on TikTok.
2. Wait for your written tarot reading to be published here.
3. Enjoy your free reading! Rinse and repeat.

What is a free mini reading? How do I get one?
The free mini general readings I offer are written style tarot readings that I publish on my website for your viewing. To receive one, please comment under the latest video labeled “FREE TAROT” on TikTok. I typically choose between 15-20 people per video. People awaiting readings can find them here, or feel free to check out monthly horoscopes here.

I need a lot of help. Can you help me?
These readings are general and will be written on my website for public viewing. These are general readings which are not intended to go into depth about personal experiences or situations. If you require further detail or extensive assistance, you may purchase a reading here.

Can I receive more than one free reading?
Yes, I have no problem reading multiple times for a person; that tells me I am doing something right!. During higher volume periods, I will give preference to newcomers, but I am glad to offer subsequent readings for those who enjoy them. I tend to notice the people who stick around, so bear that in mind as well.

Why did you stop offering private DM readings?
For several reasons. The long and short is that the DM system was not working for me. Therefore I am offering your readings here to provide better clarity, length and accessibility. I am also offering paid readings as a way to go into more detail for anyone interested.

I really enjoyed my reading. How can I offer my support?
Offering feedback or constructive criticism either privately or via comment is best. Thank you for your support!

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