I was always taught in school to credit my work.

I am an accumulation of knowledge from various outlets – including both people and personal experiences – And I feel compelled to share these resources that I have found extremely helpful along my journey.

Most often I find myself reflecting back to these people, their works, or my own personal experiences for information or clarity.

I will do my best to include all that I can to give you the best possible lift off point on your journey and will add to it as I discover more.

I encourage you to seek out and examine other people’s experiences, opinions and understanding of their own lives as you seek to unravel yours.

You are an individual and therefore should also keep in mind that your way may not look exactly like other people’s – I hope my entire website is proof that developing the individual using these resources as a tool rather than doctrine is imperative to self-growth.

I have read more than I am listing here – sometimes several works by several authors – so I strongly recommend to use these as first-stops rather than final destinations.

Acquire as much knowledge as you can – we have no limits to our development.

People are not religions. Their words are not bible.

Take everything with a grain of salt and intuit your own understanding and interpretation of the words of the other.

Jesus Christ was a teacher and a psychic but now he is viewed as godlike.

We are all godlike.

Frequently Mentioned Resource List

Many Lives Many Masters – Dr. Brian Weiss

Inner Engineering –
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – his website also offers a course

Doreen Virtue – She recently denounced her previous “New Age” lifestyle because she felt as though people were misunderstanding how oracle cards work – the magic is in YOU and NOT in the cards – however her literature is highly intuitive and valuable to learning

Deepak Chopra – Can’t think of a particular work here but I’ve downloaded several of his audio-books on my phone to listen in the car on the way to work

Here’s a video of Jenny Cockell who not only vividly recalled her past lives but found her former children and families – ranging from Dublin, Ireland to Japan! – all who accepted her accurate memories of them and her surroundings.

It’s fascinating to watch!

Influential Individuals:

Rudolf Steiner
George Carlin
Jordan B. Peterson
Joe Rogan

There are so many more – it doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything each person says, however they offer unique and interesting perspectives in my opinion so I put them all up there on a list for you to check out if you’d like to.

And lastly…

I caution each person to be highly discriminatory of the people they follow or look up to on social media or any social platform.

It doesn’t matter how many followers a person has – I am sniffing out more and more people who have underlying motives of greed and power masked as healers.

I totally understand creating material for public offer that will generate income.

Hawking useless product for profit is something I refuse to do, however I would never say no to a partnership between myself and brands for products that I use and love.

I am talking about individuals who are here to make profit on the current societal fascination with spirituality – which is becoming extremely prevalent on public platforms – not the writers or the artists.

You don’t need crystals to heal.

Not cheap nor expensive ones – all you need is yourself.

Buy that shit only if you have the disposable income for it.

Please don’t waste your money on material objects – you are the only thing required for healing – and these objects can be acquired when you are in the financial place to enjoy them.

Recently, I saw an individual claim that their “vision was at the forefront” of this new age movement and that is dangerous language because it implies that a single individual is responsible for collective growth.

We are all responsible.

Even you, living your ordinary life and mostly unaware of what is going on spiritually – you matter in all of this.

You are just as intuitive, just as worthy and just as valuable as these people.

Listen, if you think that you are your race or your age or your “identity” as a witch or a mom or a dad or a tradesman or whatever it is you think you are – I need you to understand that you are MORE.

Please forget about placing all the focus on label – we are too diverse for that.

We can respect our family or personal history but we are becoming far too attached to these new labels.

This attempt to identify subgroups is only causing further divide among us.

It is a repetitive message from Spirit.

“The fear of death, that hidden, constant fear that no amount of money or power can neutralize – this is the core. But if people knew that “life is endless; so we never really die; we were never really born,” then this fear would dissolve. If they knew that they had lived countless times before and would live countless times again, how reassured they would feel. If they knew that spirits were around them to help them while they were in physical state and that after death , in the spiritual state, they would join these spirits, including their deceased loved ones, how comforted they would be. If they knew the guardian “angels” really did exist, how much safer they would feel. If they knew that acts of violence and injustices against people did not go unnoted, but had to be repaid in kind in other life-times, how much less anger and desire for vengeance they would harbor. And if indeed, “by knowledge we approach God,” of what use are material possessions, or power, when they are an end in themselves and not a means to that approach? To be greedy or power-hungry has no value whatsoever.”

Dr. Brian Weiss, Page 122-123 – Many Lives Many Masters