Intuitive Tarot

This is an overview about how I read Tarot.

This is supplemental information for those new to Tarot or who see such posts on my blog.

Anyone can read Tarot.

Anyone can Google generic card meanings and provide you with a bullshit reading.

I don’t do that shit here.

Here you will find the way I personally read and communicate with Spirit through the cards.

When I first began, I was truly overwhelmed.

78 cards. 4 Suits. Major Arcana. Minor Arcana.

I asked Spirit:

“Okay guys. I see you have guided me towards Tarot and I appreciate that. However, I don’t know how the fuck to read them and I don’t want to look like a woo-woo asshole trying to scam people. Please advise.”

My response was very clear.

There are avenues available for you to learn the traditional meanings of the cards. Luckily, there are people who have dedicated time to helping people understand how they work.

Biddy Tarot has to be the BEST resource for people (IMO) so far and she now has books out on the subject. You can also use her website for reference.

In the beginning, I was referencing her almost daily and some days when I am particularly stuck, I will pop back on her website to see what I am missing or just to read a card’s meaning afresh.

Thank you Biddy!

Ps. She doesn’t know I exist. Haha.

I just love her site – it’s a valuable learning tool for newbies!

I also do my best not to advertise Spiritual frauds – and boy, I’ve found a fuckin’ bunch of them especially on Instagram – so any time I reference a person or a website please know that at the time of posting, I believe them to be 100% non-fraudulent at that time.

My guides always reveal the frauds through intuition no matter how many the follower count a person has.

Use your intuition and don’t allow people to take advantage of you, please.

I have been following people on Instagram who are literally only popular because they google their shit and now have several followers to dupe but there is ZERO intuition present other than the intuition to get as much money from you as possible.

I’m not trying to shit on anyone, lol.

I just really hate when people fuck with other people, especially when others are in need of help.

Now that that has been said! Let’s go! Let’s read a card!

I am going to read a couple of cards the way I do for readings. This might help if you’re curious about trying me out.

I always offer FREE readings to first-time clients.

If you enjoy it and you wish for further information or guidance, I must charge for the service.

“Well that’s a rip off” …you say?

Hey! Would you give your time and energy away for free? I am no different.

I will always offer the service for free for first-time clients because I want people to know that it is a useful tool that can help guide you when you are stuck.

For those who are not comfortable reading for themselves, I provide subsequent readings to help out but I must charge a small fee for this.

It is not about they money. It is an exchange of energy.

Reading time varies and can take me anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours or more depending on the person or the message coming through.

I wrap everything up in a neat little PDF file that I send to your email. That way it is easy to print off for reference or simply delete it if you don’t want to keep it.

I found that the most valuable Spiritual readings that I received had some kind of tangible reference.

A clairvoyant woman that I have been seeing for almost ten years speaks directly to you as she writes down on paper what she receives and gives you the paper at the end.

She doesn’t even have to use cards, she simply talks without even having to ask any questions or anything.

She is who I aspire to be!

Tarot is the bridge that allows me a glimpse into your world using it as an interpretive tool. Some people don’t need the tool anymore, like my clairvoyant friend there, but instead receive the message(s) straight to her intuition and then relates that message verbally to you.

The way I do it is:

I ask Spirit to provide me with what is required and then let my guides know that I’m about to draw a card to get the conversation going.

Spirit keeps telling me to use the cards I photo’d for Instagram yesterday and to better expand on it here.

So I’m going to do just that!

This is a reading I’ve asked Spirit to apply to readers. Though we are individuals, we are also a collective, and generally much of what we experience translates to others. Reading cards drawn from my deck, I communicate with Spirit through my experiences and intuition to give the reader a message.

I invite you to read and distinguish if applies to you.

Direct message (slide into my DM’s) on Instagram @themindfulmillwright for your free first reading if interested.


Nine of Swords – Kaila A. Notto
Instagram @TheMindfulMillwright

I love taking artsy photos like this one here with my card pulls as a way to connect body and Spirit through visual appreciation.

The Nine of Swords

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life right now?

Does it feel like you’re being attacked from all angles, perhaps even causing you to lose sleep or giving you waking nightmares?

The Nine of Swords suggests so.

I’m reminded of a time where I couldn’t imagine myself managing all that life was giving me at the moment. My daughter turned one in May 2019 and I went back to work as a mechanical maintenance planner while shadowing an equipment specialist millwright. Each day I learn something new, and I would go home exhausted but ready to take care of my daughter and husband. Thank goodness I have a great teammate and husband. I.t was important for us to communicate with each other how we were to organize ourselves as individuals and as parents, splitting our duties to run our household most efficiently.

Tim took on the cooking and financial roles and also picks up overtime nearly each week as a Trade Specialist Millwright, as well as his Kendo practice, accounting study at McMaster University, helping me out at home and more. I do a lot of cleaning around the house and am Mila’s primary caregiver. Since she is only one and a half she’s still a handful but I can’t complain – she’s a dream come true!

Now, without this team work, I don’t think I’d be able to function with all I have going on between my career, Tarot readings and more. I have to eat well and keep on my toes for eight hours a day at work and come home to be a Mama which is another job in itself.

I commend single parents because it is a lot of work.

A lot of love, but a lot of work.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe talk to your partner or someone who can help delegate some duties off your shoulders and provide you with some self-care. Do what makes you most relaxed and stress-free and allow your mind to shut off for this time, releasing worries and stresses to your Guides to care for.

It takes a delicate balance of healthy eating, organization and down time to mend body and Spirit and maintain your personal efficiency.

Don’t burn yourself out. That’s the message coming through for this bad boy today! It applies to me as well and I am going to take a hot bath as soon as Mila naps since as I write this it is a Saturday afternoon in October.

Four of Swords – Kaila A. Notto
Instagram @TheMindfulMillwright

The Four of Swords

Minor Arcana, like the Nine and Four of Swords shown in this reading, signal daily life occurrences and not major life events.

These are a little easier to work with or change, in my opinion anyway. When we get a Major Arcana-filled spread, usually it is a little more profound and has to do with the bigger picture.

This is evident in the chores written about above, and the on-goings of my ordinary life as a tradeswoman, wife and Mom.

The Four of Swords here always reminds me of my Spirit Guides Moo-Moo, Gramps and Mom. This card comes up as a signal that our guides are always there to help us, though we must hold our own sword when it comes to our battles.

What does that mean?

It means that you need to let some of the things go and release it up to them. Sometimes our minds can focus on one particular thought, and if it is a negative one it could be hurting us over and over without the event happening more than once.

To further clarify, when I was first suffering the PTSD effects from performing CPR on Mom before she died, I would often be brought back to the moment and become hysterical. Or, when I’d finally manage to fall asleep, I’d wake up and it would be the first thing I’d think of, causing me to physically cry out a deep, almost primal roar each time I woke up.

It hurt more than I can describe.

I had to give that one up to my guides which has lead me to not experience an attack in months. As soon as the image of Mom creeps up in my mind as she was on the kitchen floor that dreadful day, immediately she yells “NO” (“yelling” is subject to interpretation since this is the closest I can describe what happens) and I am snapped back to the reality of whatever it is I am doing.

Start saying “NO” when these thoughts pop up in your head.

If the thought is being stubborn, tell the thought you promise you’ll return to it later but for now you’re giving it up and thinking only of the positive.

After a while, this practice becomes a little easier and the pain from said event (whatever it is you’re going through) will lessen over time.

That is healing.

Instagram @TheMindfulMillwright – October 2019

The Eight of Cups

This card is all about overcoming obstacles. You know what you must clear out and sometimes that means releasing yourself from the tangles of past relationships, perhaps a pesky ex that just doesn’t seem to go away.

It’s time to take a step back and ensure your cup is only being filled with that of your highest good.

What is your highest good? We are all put on Earth for a reason and even when we don’t realize it, our Spiritual team is always working behind the scenes for us to lead us to our highest potential.

I worked at a Tim Hortons chain for almost seven years during my school career in University. During that time, I got to regularly interact with customers, and I was in other food service industries and well as retail ventures which offered interaction as well.

I’ve maintained work since I was 16. My first job was at a Chinese food place I kept going to for their noodles until the owner offered me a job, haha.

While at Timmies, I could always “guess” what a customer was going to order.

Some days I’d say it out loud “double double coming” or some days I’d pretend I knew the person’s order so my “maker” – we had a maker to make the coffee and a “taker” to take the money – would make the coffee so the line would go quick.

99% of the time I was right or off by a little bit.

I can and still do this while waiting in line for my own orders now.

It was a way my guides were working with me before I even knew they existed and I always find it a fun little story to share.

If you listen to your gut you will be guided in the right direction.

When I felt like I wasn’t going to be happy with the path I was headed for I decided to go back to school and started over to have a job in the skilled trades.

It scared the shit out of me but I thought it was now or never.

It’s never too late to start over.

Plus I’d be fixing the machines when they broke down at Timmies – when I could! – and I knew I wanted to work with my hands.

I had no idea what a millwright was, what the difference between a nut and a bolt were, and I thought that shop class was going to get me killed.

These days, I can fabricate items on my own, grind and weld and do other hot work, identify who to contact for required maintenance and more.

I was terrified the first day I walked into the steel mill and now, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else until I retire.

So, the message here is to do what you think you will love.

I honestly couldn’t imagine leaving Mila for eight hours a day to go to a job I hated, I’d go out of my mind.

It brings me gratification to strive for success as a career woman, wife and mother.

It is possible for you to manage everything you’ve got going on, too, you’ve just got to sit down and organize yourself out using either a pen and paper or a computer.

It will help in the long run and you’ll be able to see physical progress as you go.

Thank you for reading!

I look forward to exploring Tarot in my blog and I hope you are enjoying yourself wherever in the world you are.

Talk to you soon.

Kaila A. Notto

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