I Can’t Explain It
It Happens
It’s Easy
Leave Something Behind
Morning Coffee
Round & Round
The Apothecary
The Fan
The Impostor
The More You Know
Well, Shit
The Secret
The Space Between
To Know
Well, Shit
When I Go

Spiritual Gurus

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Donna Eden
Dr. Brian Weiss
Jordan Peterson
Deepak Chopra
Rudolf Steiner
Eckhart Tolle

Literary References

Brian L. Weiss – Many Lives, Many Masters
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – Inner Engineering
Donna Eden – Energy Medicine
Glenn Wallis – Basic Teachings of the Buddha
How to Know Higher Worlds – Rudolf Steiner

Web References

Rudolf Steiner Literature Collection
Free Accurate & Detailed Natal Chart
Learn to Read Tarot Cards
Food Energy Test
Ego vs Higher Self

Divination Tools

Universal Tarot
Nightmare Before Christmas
Amenti Oracle
Wisdom of the Oracle
Tarot of the Divine

Metaphysical Shops

White Flame Company (Hamilton, Ontario)
House of Energy (Toronto, Ontario)

Skilled Trades

Program Example:

Manufacturing Engineering Technician – Mohawk College

Further Information:

Millwrighting Education in Ontario
Red Seal Certification Program
BC Millwright Manual (Study Guide)

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