Biddy TarotExcellent for those who are new to tarot or beginner readers!

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and Isha Foundation: Inner Engineering and this man’s teachings were where I started right after reading about Buddha. His words and wisdom are life-changing.

How To Know Higher Worlds – Rudolf Steiner: This person was way, way ahead of his time. His writing may be a little more advanced of material but dives into anthroposophy and very practical explanations of the ‘other worlds’ we experience. Lots of his material is available for free in PDF form. Highly recommend.

Buddha: This was the first philosophical book I read after my mom died and I met my husband – twin flame -shortly after finishing this book. Very good to introduce philosophical literature; was one of my sister’s university textbooks and is very valuable to me now.

About Twin Flames: Information if you are looking to understand twin flame relationships a little further.

Venlafaxine (Effexor) Information Package: This is one of the medications I was on to treat depression which caused me to suffer withdrawal symptoms after deciding to wean off. Brain zaps, nausea and seizures are some of the reasons why I did not want to retake medication after my mom died, but rather seek natural medicine. Please read below.


That being said, that same medication saved my life at one point. Never be ashamed to reach out to a medical professional upon experiencing mental health issues, especially when they are severe enough to cause suicidal thoughts. Please know you deserve the help.

Personally, If I ever found myself in a place wherein spirituality was no longer able to battle my depression, I would not hesitate to call and be reassessed by my doctor.

I wish you all the best.

Knowledge is power and sharing is caring! – TMM

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