Automatic Writing and Intuitive Reading

*Update: I am no longer doing collective readings but this is a great example of what one of my readings look like when booked by a client. Personal readings include details I am unable to share collectively.

Spirit has been especially loud recently.

It took me a long time to understand how I am able to intuit spiritual messages. The way I do it differs from other people; it is why there is no “manual” for these types of things but rather people like myself encouraging others to distinguish their own patterns of communication with the unseen world.

For me, spirit comes through in a few different ways. At first I could only “see” messages but after some research into different methods I successfully unlocked some of my other natural “abilities” which allowed me to utilize my body in different ways as conduit depending on what message is coming in or from who.

It is entirely too complicated to outline exactly how this works. I fear that the lack of language to adequately express the unexplained is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effectively communicating that we – and I mean everybody – can connect to things we cannot see.

This “thing” is energy.

I have concluded that many, many people will refuse to accept this. It is a touchy subject which is especially complicated when a person is experiencing feelings of guilt or grief. It can be hard enough trying to process the death of a loved one without some random person coming up to them expressing what is happening on the other side. In my experience, people will always reach out when they are ready. Some are never ready, some don’t believe it at all – but any way that people handle death when it eventually comes into their life is okay – so long as they aren’t hurting themselves or anyone else.

Grief and death can bring out the best and the worst in people.

I remember there was a time that I could not physically speak about my mother without crying. I remember when I could barely get the words “grandmother” out of my mouth without breaking down. I remember feeling like eternity was way too long to live without my loved ones here. I remember wondering why the hell people had children when dying hurts the living this much. I remember smiling and laughing with my loved ones one day and waking up to their silent rooms the next. I remember waking up day after day only to realize it wasn’t a nightmare and letting out screams that sounded primal upon realizing that.

But I also remember the first time I heard my mother’s spirit calling out to save my life. I remember watching the television with a question in my mind only to have my grandmother’s favorite character answer it. I remember listening to my guides and trusting them for the first time, which led me towards the life I am living right now. I remember doubting them and hesitating and watching them pick me back up after I fell, only to watch me heed their advice afterward.

It still amazes me what the energies of myself and others can do even though we cannot physically see it happening with our eyes.

Healing is not linear nor is it the same for each person. But there are so many similarities between us and our situations that we can call ourselves both individual and collective. It hurts me to watch others suffer yet I know I will have to endure this burden for the rest of my life. Not every person is in a spiritual position to understand the very complex energetic lives we lead…yet we continue to lead them upon our physical death.

When we die, there are guides there to support us. When my grandmother died alone in the hospital it really impacted me because I was five minutes too late. Five minutes too late to say goodbye to the person who helped raise me. But the vision that my guides provided me with at her time of death comforted me significantly and I knew that although my body was not there, my spirit was and she knew that. And that kept me going in those early hours of knowing death for the first time since becoming spiritually awakened.

When I “saw” the death of my grandmother it was so beautiful that I thought I was imagining her getting better. I fell to my knees on the kitchen floor as soon as I realized what I was envisioning and I thanked them for it as I cried. In a sense I was there, and I know that wasn’t the last time our energies will live in this world together. We will be together again one day but for now I am at peace knowing that we are forever intertwined energetically.

Ancestry has nothing to do with our souls/spirit. And souls/spirit are unique terms in themselves that I wish to clarify before moving forward. Soul is the part of us that connects us as a whole whereas spirit is unique to the individual; I connect with spiritual energies in the form of deceased loved ones, for example, whereas the soul remains connected to everyone else in the world (alive or not). Ancestry has to do with our bodily makeup and where our DNA has originated from. Though many people today place a lot of emphasis on ancestry, the energetic parts of us are not concerned with where our bodies came from.

In life, people grow attachments and can become too tangled up in certain themes or frequencies that may hinder their spiritual growth or advancement until “unmasked” and “eliminated” and these experiences are set forth in a person’s blueprint before they enter their mother’s womb. A contract of sorts. What we experience in our life is a direct result of the contract we set up before we got here. Some people, as we can observe, have been dealt a difficult life and most often times we look up to these people as symbols of strength, determination and perseverance; it is what we do with our life that matters. We have the power to change our situation and it is up to you to do so; people who succeed through the most tumultuous times will guide the people who come next.

We live in a technologically advanced society. The mere fact that I have created a website for others to view would have been nothing short of a miracle in Rudolf Steiner or Buddha’s time; the ease of communication nowadays is fascinating and deserved of recognition. It is the people who struggled through coding and computer problems to create these machines for us to use who I wish to thank; when I was a little girl computers and the internet were not common at all. It goes to show how rapidly we are developing in this day and age and we ought to be very respectful of that.

We use memes to communicate emotion whether it’s grief or comedy; you can find a meme for almost anything you want to look up if you really want to. Connectivity and communication will see the world change in ways we cannot even perceive right now; things that are being developed in workshops today will become commonplace tomorrow though the ideas may sound as far-fetched as smartphone technology once did to people in the past.

Even today we can see how technology connects us. Elderly people in the future (myself included) will communicate much easier with youth because of the technology we grew up with. We are further and further reducing the age gap by improving the way we live on into adulthood and beyond. The way nursing and retirement homes are set up now will be unrecognizable in the future and we will see a lot of themes like loneliness and disconnection with the outside world significantly diminished. We are already seeing improvements in the way Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients are accommodated by the work of innovative engineers who are creating familiar environments for these people to thrive in, rather than suffer through these experiences in fear.

Technology and communication is changing the way the world operates for the better.

Understanding the spiritual side of humans, in my opinion, can also help ease the tensions between opposing groups. Today we can see demonstrations of people trying to advocate for different sexual orientations. The acronym for identifying people’s preferences continues to grow as we identify groups of people who don’t seem to fit inside the already identified labels.

Are the choices and preferences of a person not so completely unique to an individual that collecting them into specific groups only serves to further stifle the person? Every individual has the divine masculine and divine feminine within. It depends on the individual to acknowledge where they fit in the spectrum of associating with one or the other; but to outline strict borders is essentially impossible. Society is attempting it, but it is impossible.

There are different soul groups that reincarnate on this earth. If you are reading this, you and I are likely involved in the same soul group. We can recognize the different soul groups depending on where they are in the world; “new” souls groups/spirits can be found in more remote areas of the world as hunter/gatherer groups and these soul groups/spirits are here to learn basic survival instincts.

We were once there, too.

All souls reincarnated into modern societies were once spirits living in a primal society that taught us our basic instincts during that lifetime. Older souls are placed in modern societies like the one we reside in and we are here to learn how to further upgrade ourselves so that we can reincarnate into higher energies/frequency next time. Neither group is lesser or more than the other; just as a child is no less than an adult except one has had the opportunity of several reincarnations to mature. We mature through lessons we learn during our lives here.

We can observe through research that primal societies are focused upon food, water and shelter with love and power less frequent yet still seen themes. Societies like ours, with its basic needs predominantly covered for the majority of the population, sees themes like love and power overtake basic survival needs because they are often already met.

I do not know what universe/planet/reality this prepares us for next as that information has not been given to me at this time.

We are here to understand how we are so deeply connected to one another. We are here to calibrate our love and powers to help the planet we live on and in turn help ourselves and future selves. We are but an expression of the great universe we live in; that we were created from. We are currently hitting some roadblocks because as we grow in technology, we are further distancing our connection with our natural selves.

I’m here to help bridge the gap and demonstrate how powerful we can be once we intertwine our rich spiritual history with the modern world we live in.

This part of the discussion has had me stumbling on my words for some time and I’ve asked my guides to help me write it as eloquently as possible. Because we have both the divine feminine and divine masculine within us, we tend to lean towards one or the other from birth. We lean one way or the other because we have spent lifetimes as either a man or a woman and until now, society did not have much tolerance for people who acted outside of societal boundaries so people typically forced themselves into one role or the other. Now that we are much more tolerant and accepting, we see an increasing number of people identifying outside of their biological sex and associated norms that they are born into. Our pre-birth and unique spiritual choice to try out a body of the opposite divine can be jarring and difficult to get used to. Other people may be content with the biological sex of their body but remain fully attracted to the same sex. And further still, a person may feel connected to the body and the traditional norms associated with it and not even realize the opposite divine within at all. It all depends on the person.

I’d like to use myself as an example here. I was an extremely feminine child who refused to engage with anything that could be considered masculine until I took a job as a millwright apprentice in my mid-twenties. I had to learn to activate the masculine qualities within myself and it took some time to get used to, but once I realized that I had it in me I was flabbergasted because I never for a second believed that I would be able to be a successful mechanic in a male dominated industry until I was. In the world of steel-making I had to learn to be sweaty and loud and assertive and strong; qualities within myself that I did not think existed. And knowing that I managed to find these qualities within myself helped me understand the divines further upon the death of my mother. It also helped me further understand why I find both women and men attractive; I remain balanced in my divines and have no shame expressing either the masculine or feminine traits I hold deep inside. I do not speak of anything outside of my experience.

We all have the capacity to enjoy the qualities of the other but many of us refuse to engage because it’s either “gay” or intimidating – and I do not use that word derogatorily but to emphasize a point. I think our society is on the verge of great change if we can shift the focus from identifying groups to identifying the fact that we can be cohesive with both divines should we choose to do so regardless of our sex. The sex we are born into ought not to define us but instead offer us a liftoff point to understanding ourselves further. Similarly, we can acknowledge and respect our DNA/ancestral heritage but we must know that we are more than all of these things…much more.

Whew. This message has been on my wire for a while but I have not been able to express it until now. To lighten the mood – lol – here is a quick little intuitive tarot reading to follow my guided writing. Most often I’m writing guided messages on here and I can distinguish who’s coming through depending on the language I’m intuiting. The above message comes from higher guides (overseers…another time) whereas my intuitive reading is supported by our personal guides – yours and mine.

I’m going to read the cards that I pulled for my wrench and hammer intuitive reading which can be read jovially like you would the horoscope section in a newspaper.

Take a look at both of the photos, take a deep breath and concentrate. Which do you feel more drawn to?

Feel free to read the opposite reading afterward…there are no rules for my divination reading except to enjoy yourself.

For those drawn to the hammer photo:

This is a group of people who employs strength in communication; in fact you may even work in a career that depends on the way you communicate to succeed. You have spent a lot of time on your own and have developed an empire of sorts; and now you’re looking for a mate to enjoy your success with! The only thing is, you’re terrified that you’re going to choose a dud. You want someone on the same level that you are, a teammate to work together with rather than someone to grow from. Your past relationships haven’t typically ended well but you’ve come out stronger because of them – do not be discouraged in trying again, after all, you have taken the time required to grow yourself first. You won’t be rewarded with a dud but you’re encouraged to use those communication skills, even in talking about uncomfortable topics like how you view your family dynamic in the future, to potential suitors. These people cannot read your mind and you will easily weed out the ones who aren’t right, making way for the one who is, by expressing yourself honestly from the start. As far as the person you’re looking for, it looks like they’re an exotic and refreshing person who is different from the people you are used to acquainting yourself with. They may lead a modern lifestyle with focus on animal compassion (veganism/vegetarian diet) or work with helping the planet (recycling/reusing items) or you may begin this work together. Either way, this new relationship has been in the works for a while and you’ll find peace and enjoyment with this person in your life. Exciting!

For those drawn to the wrench photo:

This is a group of people who love to have fun! You may even have some divination experience such as tarot reading or dabbling into some mystical practices, but you’re looking for something because you feel like the universe has hit the “stop” button. You notice that you need to make changes but can’t seem to pinpoint where. At this time, spirit indicates that a career change may be in the works for you, and it may include something that involves more travelling. To sit at a desk or to remain stagnant at work no longer works for you and the 9 to 5 is starting to drive you crazy. It may take some balancing at first as you make this change in career, especially since it looks like it may pay less than what you are currently used to making. But fear not, eventually you’ll bring yourself back up on the pay-scale once you gain experience in the field  and you’ll be thankful you made the decision to try out your true passion. It’s a “labor of love” of sorts; you know your dream and want to take the next steps but you’re hesitant because every time you try something new you fail. These failures are not to hinder you from growth but to acknowledge things that you can easily let go of; focus instead on your dream even though you’re thinking “there’s NO way!” because yes, there is, and spirit is having a hard time watching you fall over and over again trying the same thing and thinking the outcome will be different. Hey, isn’t that the definition of madness lol? You may be reluctant to make the move because it’s scary but if you put effort and drive into it you’re going to make it work – and it’s better than you can imagine.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear feedback; please know I appreciate all those who reach out to me after I post the divination readings to express their connection with them. You are why I write.

Kaila A. Notto

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